FPD Chapter 667

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Six Plans


“Big brother, are you alright?” Raven hurriedly rushed towards me once she killed Ysnay.

I nodded with a smile and stood up.

With Ysnay’s death, the threads of fate she used to tie me up disappeared. Now, even if she revives, she won’t be able to complete her plan.

And speaking of reviving–

“… I lost again, huh.”

Ysnay’s figure suddenly appeared again, as though she was never killed.

Raven was surprised and immediately stood in front of me protectively, but I just smiled. After all, I already knew about Ysnay’s ability to resurrect.

Every time Ysnay dies, she can consume the traces of her fate across the universe to revive again. In other words, as long as there is a trace of Ysnay’s existence in the entire universe, she will never die.

It can be someone that remembers her, a drawing of her, and even an ancient text recording her name. Any of that can be used for her to resurrect.

Of all the Immortals I know, she is definitively the hardest to kill permanently.

I nodded to Raven to tell her that everything was alright before walking towards Ysnay.

“You failed again, Ysnay. Are you finally ready to give up?”

Ysnay forced out a smile.

“I was not expecting this. To think that you could use your dependents as a vessel for your powers. But then, why did Rave wait for so long to kill me? She could have done it much sooner.”

“I was pretty angry, you see. So, I wanted to give you hope, only to destroy it at the last second.” I stated coldly.

Ysnay’s expression became complicated.

“What a bad taste.”

“You are not one to talk,” I smirked.

A bitter smile appeared on Ysnay’s face and then, she sighed.

Perhaps even now, she was thinking of a way to turn the situation around, but unfortunately for her, there was nothing she could do.

She was really close to succeeding this time. Even though I managed to pass my powers to Raven, it only worked because Raven’s soul is special, and even then, it could have failed.

I guess I was lucky.

Raven sure is my lucky start. My greatest fortune in thousands of years has been meeting her.

She gave me the key to achieving my most desired wish, and she also saved me when I was about to lose to Ysnay.

I only hope that this is the last of Ysnay’s plans.

“Will you finally give up?” I asked Ysnay again.

She stared at me for several seconds and chuckled.

“Yeah, with this failure, I don’t have anything else to try.”

I sighed in relief. Finally…

Of course, I do not believe Ysnay completely, and I still need to be wary just in case she tries anything funny. But at the very least, she should not do anything for a while.

In fact, she told me before that this time was her last attempt to recover a place by my side, and that if she failed, she would ‘disappear’.

She would end her own life, and this time, forever.

I don’t doubt that she will keep her word. Immortals are like that.

Perhaps, that is the best result.

When that thought appeared on my mind, my expression became complicated.

She will die, huh.

Regardless of my relationship with her, it’s true that she is one of the few people I can consider a ‘friend’. Or at the very least, a well-known acquittance.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’ll miss you.”

“I’m happy to hear that, but you don’t need to worry.”


“After all, I did not fail.”

My expression froze.

What the hell…?

I instantly narrowed my eyes and stared at Ysnay fixedly.

“What do you mean?”

“Just like you heard, Willian. I did not fail. In fact, I was successful in my goal, although not in the way I would have liked.”

I frowned. Is Ysnay speaking the truth?

But it should be impossible. I have been very careful, and I’m sure that none of her plans succeeded.

As though reading my thoughts, Ysnay curled her lips up in a mischievous smile.

“I prepared six plans, Willian. Five plans failed, but one succeeded.”

Six plans?

Wait a moment…

The first plan was when Ysnay tried to use the other Immortals to trap me and take over the contract of one of my women, and she failed.

The second plan was when she tried to replace the contracts of all my women at the same time, and she failed this time as well.

During the third plan, Ysnay took Dina to a pocked dimension and tried to steal her contract there, while her fourth plan was to fuse her soul with Alice’s soul. Both plans failed.

Finally, her fifth plan was to disguise herself as the Will of the World and use Rose as a bridge to forge a contract with me. This plan ended with her trapping me using the fate of the entire world, and then, Raven killed her, causing her to fail again.


“These are just five plans,” I muttered with a grave expression.

“Right? It’s as you think. You never noticed when the sixth plan was underway.”

I was dumbfounded. Are you joking with me?

But looking at Ysnay’s face, she did not seem to be lying.

I fell silent before putting on a bitter smile.

“How and when?”

“You don’t need to know yet, my love. But you will understand soon enough. Oh right, I returned your beloved hero back to normal, you don’t need to worry about her.”

With these words, Ysnay disappeared, leaving me deep in thought.

What in the hell is this sixth plan about?



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