FPD Chapter 669

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Hero Conquest (2)


“I’m not sure, though. Should I make sure then?” I asked with a teasing tone and smirked. My tongue then slid across her collarbone as I used my hands to stroke her skin as though I wanted to determine the temperature of her body.

“That… Mm… Has… Haa…”

My index finger and thumb grazed the tip of Rose’s nipples, making her pants slightly faster. Meanwhile, my other hand went further down, rubbing her abdomen gently as though I was scouting the area out.


Rose’s shoulders trembled. The tip of my hand touched the edge of her lower cave, making her shiver.

Realizing that she was a bit nervous, I brought my mouth to her ear and breathed softly.

“Are you scared?”

“T-That… Uu…”

Rose tried to reply, but I breathed on her ear again. I licked the edge of her ear and bit her earlobe softly, as though I was tasting it.

“Nn! Hnn! Ah… N-No, that’s…”

“That’s? That’s what?”


What do you mean it’s weird?

I chuckled inwardly as I focused on my assault on her nipples. I didn’t pinch them too hard but instead rolled them between my index and thumb like they were peas.

“Ah, ah…! Claus… Aan…”

At that moment, Rose was being attacked in her ear, breasts, and the place between her legs simultaneously.

She was probably struggling to keep her mind clear. This kind of touch that meticulously stimulated all of her senses was a first for this innocent hero.

I chuckled and bit her ear again.

“Ah? Aaah…?”

Her small ear entered my mouth and I bit down gently. Rose’s body tensed up completely, and goosebumps appeared on her skin. It seemed like her ears were very sensitive.

The rougher my hand that was teasing her nipple was and the softer my hand rubbing her clitoris became, the stronger she hugged my back. It felt like all the strength of her body had focused on her arms. I gave her ear a light kiss and then brought my tongue to her nipple this time.

“Hua… Uuu… C-Claus… Hnn, Claus…”

“It is wet here.” I chuckled and touched the place between her legs.

My fingers caressing the vicinity of her clitoris had become wet and a sticky liquid had drenched her clothes, creating a very erotic scene.

I could not help but smile in amusement.

“To think that Rose would be this erotic.”

“You are wrong. T-This is because of yo-Uuu”

I pinched her nipple before she could finish her sentence.

“Uu! Uuuuu… Haaa… Ahnnn… Uuu…”

My index, middle, and ring fingers joined to fondle her clit. They started softly, but slowly, their speed increased, and suddenly, they invaded her cave slightly.


Rose’s moaned in surprise, and her voice went up by an octave.

“Claus… Not… Hauh… Not there…”

She was soaking wet. Through her clothes, you could see a patch of wetness between her legs.

“You are overflowing.”


Rose’s looked at me with a pitiful expression.

“… P-Please… C-Claus…”


God, she was so cute that I wanted to kiss her.

So I did.

“Mm… Uu… Mm.”

Our tongues were intertwined together. Rose’s tongue was on the passive side while I attacked her. Without pulling our lips apart, I increased the strength of my hands rubbing her chest and vagina respectively.

“…! Uuu!?”

Rapidly, Rose, whose lips were being sealed by me, moaned helplessly. Until suddenly, her back bent back like a bow.

This was her first climax.

“Uuh! Uuu, uuuu…!”

Her orgasm didn’t last long, though. Before long, her back went back to normal as she panted heavily.

“Mm, uu, uuun, ha, haa…”

I removed my tongue as a long trail of saliva connected our lips.

“Rose. You are lovely.” I whispered in her ear, making Rose turn red and lower her gaze.

The innocent hero did not know how to reply to my compliment in this situation.

Seeing that, I chuckled and kissed her lips again. Then, I stared straight into her eyes with a bad smile.

“This is not a good place to continue. Come, let’s go to my room.”

With these words, I teleported us to my mansion in the capital, directly inside my room.

As soon as we appeared, I started to kiss Rose crazily as I removed her clothes one by one.

The shy and embarrassed girl did not dare to resist. She could only watch as this big bad wolf got ready to devour his meal.

Once I finished taking off her clothes and took off mine too, I threw Rose on the bed.

“I will enter you now, Rose,” I whispered gently.

“Uuu… B-Be gentle, please.”

Rose looked away nodded.

I nodded and kissed her lips again. Then, I opened her legs and got ready to invade her.

Rose clung to me with a scared expression. Seeing this beautiful and talented girl like this, a feeling of conquest filled me with excitement.

I wrapped both of my arms around her slender figure and caressed and kissed her body softly for a few seconds. After I finished caressing her carefully, I slowly, and gently, inserted myself.

“Nnn… Uuuuu.”

I felt a slight bit of resistance, as though her walls were pushing my penis out. But I continued forward regardless, to lands where no one had ever set foot before.

When I pushed my penis in about 60%, I felt a layer of flesh breaking and a bit of blood trickled out of her cave.

“Claus… It hurts.”

I had broken her hymen.

“Sorry,” I whispered gently and kissed her nose.

Rose would most likely only feel pain if I tried to move in and out now, so I decided to wait a bit until her insides got used to my rod. Meanwhile, I continued caressing and kissing her.

“Aah… I-I feel full…”

Rose’s brows were slightly furrowed in pain, but even like that, she seemed lovely.

A few seconds later, I felt that her body had adapted to my tool; thus, I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth.

“Mm… C-Claus…”

Her walls clenched my penis tightly, leaving no gaps. The place that nobody else had experienced was slowly getting used to my shape. Meanwhile, I increased the range of my thrusts so I could reach the deepest part of her body.

“Hmm… Uu!”

As soon as I reached her womb, Rose’s entire body stiffened.

At this moment, I finally had reached the deepest part of Rose’s body.

Her body must have been alarmed by the sudden intrusion because it was clamping my penis tightly. The feeling of her walls pressing against my penis was very pleasurable.

“Ah… Ah…”

Rose continued to moan and groan as I thrust my penis in and out once and again. Eventually, her moans became louder as her body became hotter and redder.

“Auh… Nnn…”

By this point, Rose had started to get lost in the pleasure of sex.


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