FPD Chapter 670

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Hero Conquest (3)


By this point, Rose had started to get lost in the pleasure of sex.

“Auh… Nnn…”

She moaned softly, and her eyes became glazed due to the pleasure. I changed my movements in answer, breaking the rhythm now and then and gradually increasing the intensity and speed of my strokes while making sure to reach Rose’s deepest part every time.

“Ah… Hua… Nn… Uu…!”

Every time I moved my hips, Rose’s voice went up a pitch. Her slender body moved desperately in order to match my movements; however, since she was not used to sex yet, we continued to be slightly misaligned.

I paid it no mind as I continued to move, savoring her deepest place carefully.

“Haa… Uu…!”

Beads of sweat appeared on Rose’s neck. Her moans became stronger, and her panting hastened. Slowly, even her inexperienced movements stopped as she lost strength in her entire body.

“Oh dear.”

I grabbed her by her hands and pulled her towards me. Her entire body was powerless, so Rose was pulled towards me like a doll. I matched the movement as I thrust my penis up, reaching her womb in a stroke!


Her entrance tightened around my penis and an incredible pleasure rushed through my spine.

“Do you feel it? Rose, does it feel good?”

“Yes, I feel it…! It feels… good ah… Hnn!”

“Where does it feel good the most? Is it here?” I asked with a teasing tone and rubbed a certain zone of her vagina.

“Mmm! Hn… That…!”

“Is it not here? Then does it feel the best here?”

I thrust until her womb this time.


Her body stiffened briefly.

“I do not know… I do not… Huaaah!”

“This does not seem to be the spot either. This is troubling. Then how about here? Does this spot feel good?”

“Nnnn, Mm… Uu… I don’t know, I do not know, aaah… Haaaauu!”

I grabbed Rose’s small bottom and moved her up and down on my own. My rod got buried deeper and deeper into her vagina than before.

“Hiik! Ah… Uuuuuun!”

All of sudden, her body shivered again and her vagina clenched my penis tightly as a flood of love juices rushed out of her womb.

Oh? Did she come?

“Did you climax?” I asked with a smile.

Rose looked at me with a red hue in her cheeks and buried her head on my chest, too shy to reply.

“It has not been that long since we started, but you have already climaxed, huh?”

“T-That is… B-Because of you… Claus, wait… Uu!”

Instead of answering her, I thrust my waist upwards again.

“… Aaa!?”

Rose’s legs straightened out. Her entire body shivered from the sudden pleasure, and to my surprise, another flood of love juices gushed out of her.

Oh? Did she cum again?

“Again! I am… Aaaaah… Again…”

This girl… She is more sensitive than I expected.

“Hua… Ha… Aan… Hnn… Hua… Huuu! Uu…! No… I… I cannot continue… I…!”

I pulled my penis out almost completely before thrusting it back again. I repeated that movement quickly with brief intervals, making Rose shiver and groan every time.


My penis was inserted deeply and messed her insides. Every time I thrust inside her, Rose’s body trembled as she hugged my back tightly.


Hearing her moans, I pulled my penis out and thrust it deeply again.

“Uu… Uu… Uu… Huah! No more… Claus… Again…!”

Rose’s body convulsed heavily. She bent her back and straightened her legs as her feeble moans continued. The sweat-covered girl had lost complete control of her body and could only shiver before the pleasure rushing through her spine.

“Uuuuuu… Aah… Uuuuu…!”

Her insides tightened around my penis as though they intended to crush it. It felt as though all the strength that had left her body was being focused on her vagina. No other part of her body could move properly.

Each time I entered her, Rose shivered and groaned. She could barely think as her mind tried to cope with the soul-melting pleasure.

“Uu… Ah… Uugh… Aa…”

At this rate, she would pass out soon.

I looked at her with a mischievous and loving smile and whispered in her ear.

“One more time. We will finish after one more time.”

“Aa…? One time…?” She mumbled like a child.

I gave a light kiss to her fragile lips and nodded.

“That’s right. Rose. One last time, let’s cum together this time, okay?”

“O-Okay. W-We will…” Rose looked at me with a lovestruck expression and her hands tightened around my neck.

I smoothly pushed my hips upward before Rose could finish her sentence. My rod, which had been on standby at the entrance of her vagina, pushed its way in forcefully. This alone made her spine tremble.

“Uuu… One last time… Just one more…!”

I let out a small laugh. How can this girl be so cute?

It seemed like she intended to climax quickly to end with this pleasurable torture, as she mustered up the last bit of her strength to move her hips on her own.

This effort looked incredibly cute to me, as, despite her efforts, she had no strength left in her knees, so she could only squirm her bottom.

Thus, I decided to take the initiative.

With Rose in my arms, I suddenly stood up. Rose’s thighs and calves instinctively wrapped around me like a snake in order to not fall. Then, I thrust my penis up powerfully.


Rose’s eyes opened wide. The sudden pleasure left her dazed.

I grinned and continued. My member impaled her insides erratically, bringing her close to her orgasm!

At the same time, I was also about to cum. I was ready to shoot my seed inside her womb.

Grunting, I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts, reaching her deepest part with every stroke.


Her hips trembled with every hit. Rose’s sweaty body stuck to me as she hugged me tightly and her interior walls squirmed without rest. The pleasure of the approaching orgasm made her unable to think about anything.

Finally, she felt her orgasm coming.

“…Uuu! I’m coming… Hiu… Coming…!”

It’s here!

“… Rose. I am going to cum as well.”

“… Huah…  Claus, I love you… Aa!”

“I love you too…!” I groaned and kissed her lips

The last spurt!

“Mm! Mm! Huuu⎯⎯uh!”

I forcefully thrust my penis up to her womb. Her inner walls tightened around my penis as it twitched all of sudden.


Then, semen erupted out from the penis, filling Rose’s womb.

“… Haah… Hauuu… Uuu…”

Rose’s shoulders trembled. Her insides squirmed as her vagina swallowed my semen greedily.

After panting and shivering for several seconds, she closed her eyes and her body lost the last bit of strength left on her, falling asleep in my arms.

“… I love you.” Smiling lovingly, I kissed her forehead and put her on the bed. Then, I let out a sigh of satisfaction.

What a great day.


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