FPD Chapter 671

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Night Talk


Now that Ysnay’s plots have been dealt with, I was much more relaxed. I did not lower my guard completely, but I was not as tense as I had been the last few days.

Of course, I was still troubled by her claim that one of her plans had succeeded, but if Ysnay was saying the truth, then there was nothing I could do besides wait.

Thus, I decided to resume my previous style of life. A life of debauchery.

Rose was the first victim; and after I devoured the lovely hero, a black-haired cat girl entered the room with a shy and expectant expression, becoming my second victim.

My other women soon heard the commotion, and before long, Daisy, Iris, Susan, Clara, Claire, and Louise had joined the party. In the end, we continued having sex until it was late in the night.

It was a pity that my other women were busy, either with the reconstruction in the capital, or taking care of the aftermath of the civil war; so they could not participate in our orgy. But as a fair man, I decided to make it up to them later.

After several hours of sex, and when all the girls fell asleep, I stood up from the bed and walked towards the window of the room, observing the garden of the mansion and gazing at the stars in the night sky.

I stayed like that for a while, thinking about what had happened recently, about Ysnay and Emilia, and about what was coming next.

For an instant, my expression became complicated.

Just then, I heard a rustling coming from the bed, then, a pair of arms hugged me from behind.

“You are awake, Louise,” I spoke to the blonde girl behind me.

She nodded and kissed my back. “I did not feel you on the bed, and when I opened my eyes, I saw you here. What are you thinking about?”

“Just… The future.” I smiled at my beloved lady and grabbed her hands gently. “I’m thinking about what we are going to do after all of this is over.”

“You said that we are now Immortals, right? There are many things that I want to do, but living forever is a lot of time. I think I will become bored with all that time.”

I chuckled softly. “Don’t worry, the universe is huge, and there are many places to explore. It will take a long time before we become bored.”

Immortals can live forever, but actually, most Immortals die after a few dozens of thousands of years.

The main causes of death are either boredom or loneliness.

Boredom is easier to cope with. After all, the universe is very big, and there are many things that you can try. Loneliness, however, is very different.

When you live forever and see everybody close to you dying while you remain alive, it’s impossible not to become lonely.

Moreover, the stubbornness and pride of Immortals make them very unsociable creatures, thus, it’s very unusual for two Immortals to have a lasting relationship, either as lovers or as friends.

Due to it, loneliness becomes something that wears down Immortals slowly, until they decided it’s time to die.

I was like that, and that was the reason I tried so hard to find a way to share my Immortality with others.

Fortunately, I was lucky.

I don’t know how many other Immortals have tried the same, but at the very least, I never heard of anyone that succeeded.

My goal was that difficult.

But now that I achieved it, it was definitively worth the effort.

From now onwards, I and my women will be able to wander the universe together for all eternity.

Loneliness? What is that?

Yeah, I was really lucky.

Now, I only need to take care of the problems in this world.

Starting from Bringer of End and my daughter, Emilia.

“Is him very strong?” Louise asked when she heard me talk about Bringer of End.

I nodded. “Very strong. But don’t worry, I’m stronger.” I said with a confident smile.

“Then, why are you so worried?”

I smiled wryly. “Well, it’s not so simple.” I then explained to Louise the problem.

Even if I am stronger than Bringer of End, it doesn’t matter as long as I can’t kill him.

If I can’t kill him, I will be unable to stop him.

… Actually, I don’t really care about killing Bringer of End or not. But his goal is to destroy this world, and if he succeeds, I’m sure that my girls will become sad.

I’m going to spend an eternity with them after this. I don’t want that our first memory together ends in a sad way.

When Louise finished listening to me, she giggled.

“So you are doing it for us.”

“Of course. Nothing is more important to me than all of you.”


I smiled and turned around, pulling Louise towards me and kissing her lips intensely.

Louise happily returned my kiss, and soon, we were about to start another round of sex.

At that moment, though, Louise touched my chest and put on a hesitant expression.

“Claus… About my father…”

Right, Earl Riea… And there is also my cousin and Louise’s brother, Al Riea, and my eldest brother, Alan Quintin.

Yeah, it’s time to put an end to our ill fate.

I sighed.

“We will go to meet him tomorrow. Claire and your mother will come with us, okay?”

“… How are you going to punish him?” Louise asked with a complicated expression.

I fell silent.

To be honest, I want to kill him. And I’m sure that Dina, my aunts and cousins, and many of my lovers want to do the same.

But in the end, Earl Riea is Louise and Claire’s father. I can’t bring myself to kill him knowing that it will make them unhappy.

Fortunately, I already have an idea about how to punish him.

I’m sure he will wish to be dead after that.


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