FPD Chapter 674

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The Only Person She Will Ever Love


Alan’s head rolled on the ground with his eyes filled with indignance, resentment, and unwillingness.

With just a slash, I had killed him.

Finally, my relationship with him had come to an end.

I stared at his dead body in silence for several seconds as Christine looked at her dead fiancée with a complicated expression.

Then, she sighed and walked towards his head, crouching down and closing his eyes.

At that moment, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

It was just a tear at the start. But soon, it was as though a dam broke, and she could not stop her tears from falling.

Soon, she was sobbing bitterly.

I sighed when I saw that.

Alan could have been a bastard and a horrible elder brother, but at the very least, he tried to be a good lover.

Even the worst scum has a redeeming feature.

I did not console Christine, nor I mocked her. I just watched silently as she cried.

Finally, after almost five minutes, she stopped crying and just stayed silent.

Eventually, she spoke up to me.

“Thank you.”


“You could have made Alan suffer much more. You could have humiliated me in front of him, or you could have tortured him, but instead, you gave him a clean end.”

I smiled wryly to myself.

It feels strange to be thanked for killing someone.

To be honest, I thought about doing what Christine said. I thought about having sex with Christine in front of Alan to show him how I played with his fiancée.

Perhaps, I would have done so a few months ago.

But now… I don’t see the need to do that.

I’m going to spend eternity with my loved ones soon. Why should I lose my time with someone as unimportant as Alan then?

Plus, he heard from Christine that I had sex with her before dying. That should be enough to make him die resentfully.

When Christine stood up after crying, I looked at her.

“What do you plan to do next?” I asked.

Christine fell silent before shaking her head.

“I don’t know.”

“How about coming with me then?” I extended my hand. “Become my woman then. To be honest, I find you beautiful. Plus, I had sex with you once. And I can promise you that I will treat you well.”

Christine smiled wryly.

“You are really a womanizer, huh, Prince Claus.”

I shrugged. “What can I do? That is who I am. So, what is your answer?”

Christine hesitated for a moment before looking at Alan’s body with a tender expression.

“… I hate Alan. I can’t forgive him for betraying my family… But at the same time, I love him. He is the only person I have loved, prince; and I think he is the only person I will ever love.”

“Love can be built, Christine. I’m confident that I can make you fall in love with me.”

“Perhaps you are right, but I don’t want to.” Christine then stared at me with a determined expression. “Please, prince. If you care about me even a little bit, then please allow me to leave.”

I fell silent before sighing.

“I see.”

For a moment, I felt a bit complicated.

Do I love Christine? I don’t. I just asked her what I did on a whim.

I thought that perhaps I could make her one of the women that will accompany me throughout eternity.

I don’t really like her that much either, and unlike my lovers, she doesn’t seem to like me either.

Thus, there is no need to force it.

“I will ask Dina to release your family as I promised, but they won’t recover their noble status. You should know that something like that is impossible.”

“It’s more than enough.” Christine nodded. “We will just leave the empire to a faraway place where we can leave everything that happened here behind.”

I stared at her for a moment before waving my hand. Using my powers over space, I grabbed a bag filled with money from the palace treasury and gave it to her.

“Consider this a gift from me. Your family will need money to settle down.”

Christine’s expression was complicated as she received it.

“Thank you, prince.”

“Goodbye, Christine. I hope you can find happiness someday.”

With these words, I turned around and stepped across space, disappearing from the room.

“… Goodbye, prince. I wish you happiness as well.”

That was the last time I saw Christina Hera.

However, I learned that until the day she died, she never fell in love again.


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