FPD Chapter 684

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Time for Training (2)


Around one month after we started the training (time of the pocket dimension), a small problem became apparent.

Just like some of my women progressed at an astounding speed that even surprised me, another part of them showed almost no progress at all in their abilities.

Some of them, like Aunt Dayana, had no idea about where to start to forge their path. In fact, she barely knew the basics of spells or martial arts.

And she was not the only one with that problem.

In the end, a great part of my women had almost zero experience when it came to combat. Even if they had impressive cultivations due to the mana I transferred to them, their usage of it was at a very low level.

In truth, I already expected this.

Not everybody was suited for combat. Plus, I could not expect that people who knew nothing about combat until a few days ago become expert fighters after just a month of training.

Even so, I decided to train all of them in combat regardless of that. I knew that not all of them could become expert combatants, but perhaps some of them had potential as fighters, and this was the best way to discover it.

And as I expected, I found two hidden gems.

Nana and Clarice.

The two girls never received any formal training on mana, but in just one month, they showed considerable talent wielding it.

Even if they were not at the level of the girls used to fighting, I was sure that when the ten months of training finish, they will be considered strong even among fifteenth-layer practitioners.

As for Aunt Dayana, Andrea, Hope, and the others who showed little talent and motivation for magic and martial arts, I decided to change the focus of their training.

From today onwards, I would only teach them self-defense plus a little bit about magic and martial arts.

It will be enough if they are able to defend themselves by the time that Emilia’s challenge starts.

Anyway, the format of Emilia’s challenge is a war. And in a war, you need more than just combatants.

Backline support is just as important.

I plan to let them take this role.

Aunt Dayana, Andrea, Iris, Susan, and Clara had experience managing people, organizations, and businesses, so they were perfect for logistic roles. They could also teach Hope about it during the next nine months.

After I was done explaining to them about the training they were going to realize from today onwards, I shifted my attention to another three of my women.

Louise, Marana, and Akilah.

Unfortunately, although Louise, Marana, and Akilah had made progress during their training, they were still a bit far from finding their path.

Judging by their progress, unless they gain a sudden insight that allows them to find their path suddenly, they will be unable to find it before the ten months in the pocket dimension ends.

Thus, I decided to give them a role different from fighting.

Commanding the troops.

Louise, Marana, and Akilah had experience in this field. Louise with the men of the Riea Family, and Marana and Akilah with the men of the Red Skull Gang.

If I transfer to them my knowledge about wars and train them for the next nine months, they can become great generals.

Plus, my woman can communicate with each other instantly regardless of the distance due to the fusion of our souls. This was a great advantage during war.

I needed to teach them how to use that to its fullest.

Someone else who surprised me was Claire.

Louise’s little sister had not found her path yet, but she had achieved a lot of progress during the past month. She had a high chance of finding her path before the ten months ended.

I decided to spend a little more time training her. If she managed to become an Irregular before the challenge started, it would be a great addition to the girls’ strength.

Just like that, the days of training continued.

Occasionally, I left the pocket dimension to check what was happening in the outside world. Dina also left sometimes to check the situation in the empire, but we spend most of the month inside the pocket dimension.

I even forced myself to not spoil any of my women during this time. It was a month without kisses or sex, just training.

Little by little, the results of the training showed themselves. As the date of the challenge approached, the girls became stronger and stronger, and their confidence increased.

Even I started to become confident in their chances of victory.

However, I knew that Emilia would not be an easy enemy.

The slightest carelessness could mean a complete defeat.

I just hope that the girls don’t underestimate her.

Just like that, the time passed.

And finally, the date of Emilia’s challenge arrived.


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