FPD Chapter 69

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Duel (3)


“… You win.”

I curved my lips up after hearing those words. To be honest, I felt a bit excited after this fight.

Even though I was suppressing my cultivation to the fourth layer, the truth is that I went all out. In fact, I even used some techniques I was not planning to use.

[As expected of a hero, huh.] I chuckled inwardly. I was truly surprised by this girl’s talent. I counted ten different breakthroughs in just one fight. I could only sigh in envy facing such a beloved of the world.

Her swordsmanship advanced more than three levels, and her comprehension of magic leaped to the grandmaster level. Moreover, she grasped a little bit of the laws.

Facing such a level of talent, even I entertained the thought of killing her. However, each time I showed the slightest killing intent, I felt the world’s consciousness focusing on me. I would have to pay a very heavy price if I wanted to kill her.

Fortunately, I have a better way to deal with her.

“Many thanks for your advice, miss Rose.” I smiled.

“… I’m the one who must thank you.” Rose said with a complicated expression. “I never thought that swordsmanship could be so beautiful.”

“… If you want, we can talk about our sword arts later.”

“Really!?” Rose put on an excited expression and almost jumped towards me, but she then realized that her behavior was unbecoming and blushed.

“Of course.” I smiled. “I never saw someone with so much talent with the sword as you. To be honest, I felt a bit envious.”

“… Don’t jest, I’m nothing compared to you. I truly think that your sword is very beautiful.” Rose put on an embarrassed expression.

“Then, are we friends?”

Rose hesitated slightly. “Don’t you mind that I’m a commoner? You are a prince after all.”

“Of course not.” I denied it firmly. “To be honest, I don’t care much about nobles or commoners. Moreover, my prince’s identity is not so great as you think.” I smiled wryly.

Rose stared at me with a stunned expression before making a soft smile. “You are different than the other princes.” She said.

I was more than a bit surprised. “You know my brothers?”

“… It was not a good experience. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Damn, now I understand why this girl had so much animosity against me.

Is it the patron where a prince harms the hero and then the hero swears revenge against the imperial family? In the end, we two would end facing each other as bitter enemies.

… But there is something wrong with this. My relationship with my brothers is very bad. If the world wants to use the hero to destroy me, then this is not a good plan.

Is there something I’m missing?

At that moment, a woman’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“… You two, how long are you going to continue flirting?!”

We then remembered that we were not alone.

All the students were looking at us as if we were monsters. Some of them could not close their mouths after seeing a fight at such a high level.

Instantly, Rose turned red. She stared at me with an embarrassed expression and then bowed towards our teacher.

“Sorry, teacher Tear, I was a bit excited after the fight.”

I put on a bitter smile and apologized too.

Tear looked at us with complicated emotions and sighed. “Ha… I don’t know what to say. To be honest, I’m truly surprised by the lever of your battle. I never saw someone using magic and swordsmanship together so smoothly. And prince Claus, your swordsmanship is one of the most incredible things I have seen in my whole life.”

“Thank you.” Both of us thanked Tear.

“… I have a question, though. Claus, how did you manage to find Rose’s spells’ weakness?”

I tilted my head and feigned a surprised expression.

“Huh? I simply searched for the place that felt wrong and cut it.” Yeah, it’s a lie. I’m not that kind of monster.

Tear’s expression cramped. “Geniuses truly are different.”

“… But you are a genius yourself, teacher.” My expression twitched.

Tear was speechless. She looked at me coldly and grunted before moving her gaze away.

I shrugged. So sensible.

If you are wondering how I found the spells’ weakness, it was pretty simple actually. I just used Akashic Sight and focused it on the spells. I then found the weakest link on the spells’ mana and struck it.

Pretty simple, but at the same time difficult. You need incredible mental strength and a very powerful soul to do something like that.

By the way, monsters able to find a spell’s weakness just by seeing it truly exist. I met a few of them in some of my lives. One of them, in particular, was especially troublesome. He could find the weakness of any technique after seeing it once.

I wonder if that monster is still alive. He achieved immortality after all.

Whatever, the world is better without that fool around.

After our fight, another two fourth-layer students dueled. Unfortunately, their fight was far from comparable to ours. Even although they used some showy techniques, almost nobody paid them attention.

Instead, most of the students were focused in Rose and I. I was pretty cool with it, after all, I was accustomed to receiving attention. But Rose was visibly uncomfortable.

Once the fight ended, teacher Tear clapped her hands to get our attention.

“Students, I’ve already gotten an idea about your abilities. I’m going to prepare the adequate curriculum and tomorrow I’ll tell you about the content of this year’s classes.”

All the students nodded.

“Very well, you are dismissed. Remember to come early tomorrow.”

Once the class finished, Daisy and I walked towards Rose. Rose was being surrounded by some students and seemed a bit uncomfortable, but when the students saw me, all of them left.

“Rose, do you want to come with us? We can talk about our training experiences while walking.” I asked Rose

Rose showed a look of expectation, but in the next second, she remembered something and put on a depressed face. “I’m sorry, I promised senior Katherine to find her once the class ends. It’s to talk about my duties as part of the guard committee.”

I put on an understanding smile. “Such a shame, I wanted to talk with you a bit more… Okay, see you tomorrow in class then.”

Rose put on a brilliant smile. “See you tomorrow.” Then, she turned around and departed.

Once she was gone, my face twitched.


Daisy, who had been pinching my waist from the moment the class finished, looked at me coldly. “Your highness seems very interested in miss Rose, huh.”

I looked at her with an amused smiled. “Jealous?”

“Hmph! Who is jealous?… But thinking about it, that girl is pretty good. I’m sure she will be a good addition to your highness’s harem.” Daisy licked her lips.

Okay, how am I supposed to reply here?


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