FPD Chapter 690

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Girls’ War (1)



Emilia’s voice extended throughout the entire battlefield. Immediately, thousand of beastkin rushed towards the empire’s army.

Foxkin, wolfkin, tigerkin, bearkin. Members of every species of beastkin could be seen in the giant army, looking like an endless flood of people charging towards the humans protecting the borders of the empire.

For an instant, the human army could not help but be intimidated. After all, so many beastkin charging towards them was a fear-inducing scene.

But a few seconds after the beastkin started to charge, a clear a determined voice rang out from the back of the human army.


Dina opened her mouth, her mana allowing her voice to reach the ears of every human on this battlefield.

“Every one of you is a proud member of the empire! You are here to protect your families, your homes, your villages, your cities, and your empire! There are not cowards among the Arcadians soldiers, only men of courage!

“Now, it’s your turn to show these beastmen the strength of the people they dared to provoke! It’s your turn to show them that we are not prey, but powerful beasts waiting to devour the naïve cubs that thought they could defeat a dragon!”

Dina’s voice seemed to carry magic on it. Every word filled the soldiers with courage, and in an instant, their waning morale increased quickly.

But that was just the start. When Dina saw that the morale of the soldiers was restored, she looked in the direction of the charging beastkin and her eyes became sharp.

“Now, my soldiers! Fight! Fight and show them our might! Today, I, Dina Quintin, as your Empress, will fight with you to show these filthy beasts the power of our empire!”


“Shields! Get ready to receive the enemy! Archers! Unleash your arrows!”


As soon as Dina finished speaking, the human army got ready to face the beastkin.

Every commander gave orders to their men according to their situation as expressions of courage and determination appeared in the face of every soldier. In this instant, the fighting will of the empire’s army seemed to be tangible.

And in the next instant, both armies clashed!

Humans and beastkin meet on the battlefield, brandishing their swords and spears and holding their shields as blood and limbs filled the battlefield.

In the next instant, arrows were shot from the two armies, falling like a deadly rain over the soldiers struggling in the middle of the battlefield.

The mages in the human army raised barriers over the soldiers, trying to stop as many arrows as possible. The beastkin, on the other hand, relied on their powerful bodies to resist the arrows, not caring about their wounds.

Just one minute after the war started, thousands of people had already perished.

At that moment, I was observing the entire situation from the command center.

My senses extended through the entire battlefield, watching every nook and cranny carefully to respond to any unexpected situation. At the same time, most of my attention was on the fox girl hovering in the air, carefully observing every one of her movements.

At the same time, I could feel Emilia’s senses on me as well. Just like me, she was the wariest of my intervention.

Both of us were powerful immortals. Our abilities were enough to change the course of the battle in an instant, and both of us were aware of that.

Even if both of us promised not to interfere in this war, we knew that such verbal promises were nothing in front of our kind. If we could interfere without the other noticing, we would not hesitate to do it.

In fact, since the start, this war was not as simple as Emilia testing if the women I chose were worthy of being by my side or not.

Instead, it was a game of chess between us. Emilia never put my girls in her eyes. To her, only I was worthy of her attention.

That was her arrogance as an Immortal.

And she had enough power to support her arrogance.

For several minutes, the battlefield remained as a stalemate. Neither the humans nor the beastkin gained the advantage, and instead, the battlefield had turned into a meat grinder where thousands of people died every few minutes.

But at that moment, my senses caught a small curve on Emilia’s lips.

“Go.” She spoke.

In the next instant, several powerful auras rose all over the beastkin army.

Every one of these auras was incredibly powerful. The weakest of them was at the twelfth layer, with several auras reaching the fifteenth layer.

I immediately understood that Emilia had turned serious.

“I will go.” Katherine took a step forward, but I stopped her calmly.

“It’s not your time yet.”

Even though the auras that appeared on the battlefield were powerful, I knew that they were nothing but cannon fodder.

Every one of these individuals had received Emilia’s power forcibly. Even if they did not perish today, they would perish shortly after this.

They were disposable weapons that Emilia had created for today’s war.

However, the sheer number of powerful individuals was overwhelming.

With my senses, I counted more than two thousand of these disposable weapons. They charged towards the empire’s army, their eyes bloodshot as they swung their weapons crazily.

But just like Emilia, I had also prepared several trump cards for today.

As soon as these powerful auras appeared in the beastkin army, similar powerful auras appeared in the empire’s army.

Yes, they were also disposable weapons.

Training my girls was not the only thing I did during the past month. I knew that just that was not enough to face Emilia.

Just like her, I chose several humans and infused my power on them forcibly, allowing them to become extremely powerful in a short period of time.

It was a great way to create disposable powerhouses.

Even if it was cruel, neither Emilia nor I cared about that. As Immortals, we did not mind sacrificing thousands of people to achieve our goals.

I restrained myself a little bit, though, and tried to transform only evil people into disposable powerhouses. Even if I don’t care about the lives of normal humans, several of my wives have a strong sense of justice. I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

As soon as the disposable powerhouses of both camps appeared, the already cruel battlefield became even crueler.

The powerhouses of both camps attacked each other, but just the aftershocks of their battles killed thousands of soldiers around them. For an instant, the battlefield was filled with cries of pain and fear.

But as the battle intensified and more people died, the situation on the battlefield started to change.

Once the disposable powerhouses of both camps appeared, a camp started to gain the advantage.

The beastkin were winning against the empire.



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