FPD Chapter 691

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Girls’ War (2)


In the end, the time I could use to prepare disposable powerhouses was limited. Unlike Emilia, whose only purpose was to create strong soldiers to defeat the empire, I wasted a lot of my time training my girls.

It did not mean that my approach was wrong, it was just different. However, it did mean that when it came to the number of powerhouses prepared for this war, Emilia was superior.

And that difference was made clear as soon as the disposable powerhouses clashed.

The beastkin disposable powerhouses were twice as many as the powerhouses of the empire!

I prepared around one thousand disposable powerhouses, but Emilia had prepared more than two thousand!

In that situation, the empire’s powerhouses were quickly overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there were some surprises among the powerhouses of the empire.

One of them was Anson Garde. He was the general in charge of defending Fort Mist from the daemons. We met when I was sent by my father to Fort Mist, and after that, we forged a good relationship.

Back then, I had realized that he had the potential to be an Irregular. In fact, he could already be considered a pseudo-irregular.

And now, even though just a few months had passed, that potential had blossomed even more.

His cultivation rose to the fourteenth layer, and his combat strength was already way beyond the fifteenth layer!

He alone had killed ten beastkin powerhouses already, and he did not show any trace of tiredness.

Even I was slightly surprised.

Most likely, after experiencing the events in Fort Mist, he had surpassed his limits once more.

But even so, he alone was not enough to change the situation.

Less than five minutes after the powerhouses appeared, the empire’s situation was already turning pretty bad. One hundred powerhouses of the empire had already been killed, while the beastkin had lost less than thirty.

At this rate, the situation would turn worse and worse with every passing minute.

I fell deep in thought for an instant before looking at my women.

Then, I called out five of them.

“Louise, Marana, Akilah, Nana, and Clarice. Can I trust you with this situation?”

The five girls I mentioned looked at each other before smiling.

“Leave it to us,” Louise said.

I nodded. The five of them were fifteenth-layer powerhouses. None of them managed to become an Irregular during our training.

But even so, their strength could not be compared to normal fifteenth-layer powerhouses.

Just like Anson, they could be considered pseudo-irregulars. In fact, I was confident any of them could defeat Anson in combat.

The girls did not hesitate. As soon as they received my orders, they flew towards the battlefield.

“I will start,” Louise spoke up.

Immediately, her mana was roused up. Hundreds of magic circles appeared behind her, filling the entire sky.

Then, she extended her hand and opened her mouth.

“[Invisible Prison].”

In the next second, her mana covered the battlefield.

The beastkin powerhouses felt as though an invisible hand was grabbing them. For an instant, their movements were forced to stop.

It was just an instant, but it changed the situation completely.

The empire powerhouses counterattacked as soon as they noticed this opening. Just after Louise used her spell, more than twenty beastkin powerhouses were killed.

The other powerhouses quickly realized the situation and circulated their mana around their bodies, breaking from Louise’s spell, but it was just the start.

“[Force Expulsion]!”

Extending her hand, the enemies felt an invisible force hitting their bodies, blowing them away.

Once more, it created an opening for the empire’s powerhouses.

“Kill that woman!” One of the beastkin powerhouses hurriedly cried out as several beastkin rushed towards Louise, but she remained calm.

She was not alone in this battle.

As soon as the beastkin approached, Nana and Clarice brandished their weapons.

Both of them were wielding one-handed swords. I had used one month of training to teach them as much as I could about swordsmanship.

And thanks to the connection of our souls, they learned a lot.

Even if they could not use [Reality Render] or my more powerful swordsmanship techniques, what they learned was still enough to take care of normal fifteenth-layer powerhouses easily.


Sword intent erupted out of their bodies, filling their surroundings and surging towards the charging beastkin from all directions.

The beastkin opened their eyes wide. They hurriedly tried to protect themselves from the sword intent, but then, Nana brandished her sword.

“[Infinite Silence].”

Without any noise, her sword created a line in the sky, cutting everything in front of her.

Including the bodies of five beastkin.

The beastkin powerhouses charging towards Louise froze when they saw that. They were so astonished that they did not notice that Clarice had moved as well.

She appeared in the middle of the beastkin powerhouses with her sword unleashed and pointing to the ground.

Then, blood erupted from the bodies of several beastkin as they were cut into pieces.

Seeing that, the beastkin became afraid.

But Nana and Clarice did not have any intention to stop.

“… These two girls sure became strong, huh.” Akilah raised an eyebrow in admiration. “I guess we can fall behind them, right sister?”

Marana nodded. She then grabbed her belt-sword and swung it softly.

With a thought, her belt-like sword was wrapped in a violent wind. That wind quickly extended, turning into a one-hundred-meters long wind whip.

Then, Marana swung it, and the wind whip cut towards the beastkin powerhouses.

Three beastkin powerhouses died immediately, and another two were injured, before dying to Marana’s next attack.

At the same time, Akilah thrust her rapier forward, sending invisible mana attacks that killed several beastkin in the distance.

As soon as the five girls appeared on the battlefield, the situation changed completely!

I could not help but smile and look at Emilia. What do you think, my dear daughter?

You created a lot of disposable powerhouses, and I, on the other hand, created a small group of elites.

My wives did not disappoint you, right?

Then, what is your next move?

Show me, my daughter.

I’m going to crush anything you try.



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