FPD Chapter 695

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Alice’s Abilities


“It looks like Evelyn met with three enemy irregulars.” Alice frowned with a grave expression. “Hey, my prince, will she be alright?”

The other girls looked at me after hearing Alice’s words. Although none of them said anything, their gazes were asking me if they should go to help her.

Evelyn was strong. Among my women, she was in the top five when it came to strength. However, facing three irregulars was not going to be easy.

But despite that, I shook my head.

“Trust her. Evelyn won’t lose to something at this level.”

Nobody knew Evelyn better than me. Even against three irregulars, she should be able to hold her ground.

If she is lucky, perhaps she will emerge victoriously.

Plus, this was in my expectations, and we can’t afford to send more people to help her.

We are already disadvantaged when it comes to manpower. We need to use it as efficiently as possible.

“What are we going to do now then?” Daisy asked worriedly.

I fell deep in thought as I observed the situation on the battlefield.

Right now, the situation had stabilized. Thanks to the men of Eternity’s Fangs, the empire’s army has gotten a slight advantage on the battlefield, and with Evelyn taking care of our rear, I don’t need to worry about it for now.

I moved my gaze towards the fox girl hovering in the sky over the beastmen army. Emilia still must have several trump cards she has not shown, but it doesn’t matter now.

It’s time for us to gain the initiative.

“Alice, it’s your turn,” I spoke to my beautiful white-haired girlfriend.

The petite Seer was startled. But then, her lips curved up and her eyes shone with excitement.

“Really? Can I finally use my abilities?”

“You can.”

As soon as she heard my confirmation, Alice’s aura changed completely.

In an instant, her innocent beauty was replaced by an ethereal feeling, and her glass-like eyes became focused, as though they could see through all the lies in the world.

Countless threads emerged around her. Every one of these threads was connected to the fate of this world. At this moment, everything seemed to be in Alice’s grasp.

Then, her finger moved to one of these threads.

And very softly, she stroked it.

Nothing happened initially, but in the next instant, a scream of agony resounded through the battlefield.


The scream came from a twelfth-layer male wolfkin. The wolfkin grabbed his head in pain as his body twitched violently and his eyes became bloodshot.

His screams scared the beastmen near him. At that moment, a beastman that was his close friend approached him concernedly and grabbed his shoulder.

“H-Hey, Ciel, are you alright? W-What happened to you?”

But suddenly, the wolfkin turned abruptly towards him.




Before his friend could react, the wolfkin used his sword to cut him into two.

The beastman died with his eyes opened wide, unable to understand why his good friend had killed him.

But that was just the start.

“… It’s so painful.” The wolfkin shivered in agony. At the same time, his bloodshot eyes moved towards the beastmen around him.

When he saw how they moved backward while looking at him in fear, his bloodshot eyes regained a bit of clarity.

At the same time, a thought appeared in his mind.

[They should feel the same pain you feel.]

As soon as that thought appeared in his head, it filled his entire mind.

“… Yes, they should.”

And it refused to disappear.




“Ciel! What are you doing!?”


Screams of rage, pain, and despair filled his surroundings, but these screams made him more excited. He had discovered that the screams made his pain weaker.

Thus, he decided to make them scream more. They need more pain, more despair.

At that moment, the entire beastmen army was wrapped in chaos.

Ciel was not the only beastman rampaging through the army. More than two hundred beastmen had suddenly turned against their allies, killing them mercilessly.

In fact, their means were much crueler than the humans’ means.

I sighed to myself when I saw that.

As expected, Seers are terrifying.

Even if Emilia had found a way to inhibit Alice’s ability to calculate the future, that was just a portion of Alice’s abilities.

Seers could not only ‘see’ fate, but they could also change it. They could affect ‘reality’ directly.

Like just now. With just a small gesture, she had overwritten the ‘information’ of several beastmen powerhouses. She had turned them into mad beasts that attacked their own allies.

Of course, this ability was not without limits. Changing the information of people relatively weaker than her was easy, but affecting powerhouses of the same level as her was practically impossible.

Plus, there was a limit to how much she could change the world’s information.

If Ysnay would have been here, just a thought would have been enough to make the entire world crazy, let alone a few beastmen. But that was impossible for Alice.

But even if Alice could not do something like that, her current abilities were enough to change the course of the battle.

Plus, she also made small changes to the battlefield. She changed the direction of the wind, making it oppose to the beastmen. She also made the dust fly towards the beastmen’s eyes, and the weapons on the ground to pierce them accidentally. It was as though the entire world was against them.

Just one minute after she acted, the beastmen army fell into chaos.

One after another, beastmen fell dead as the empire’s army advanced bravely. It seemed like nothing could stop them.

Seeing that, Emilia’s furrowed her brows.

Her blood-red eyes narrowed as she looked in Alice’s direction.

“I hate seers.” She snorted.

Immediately, a powerful pressure assaulted Alice, making her turn pale.

But before the pressure could touch her, I directed my gaze towards Emilia.


With just that, Emilia’s pressure disappeared completely.

Emilia pouted and looked at me with a wronged expression.

But then, she lifted the corner of her lips and made a beautiful smile.

“But dad, I already knew that you had a Seer in your side. I was prepared for this.”

Before her words finished, an immense killing intent filled the entire battlefield.

Then, a beam of light fell from the sky.

And hit the place where we were staying.


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