FPD Chapter 696

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Cosmic Winds and the Hero’s Strength


“Above us!” Alice’s shouted with an ashen face.

An immense amount of mana suddenly appeared in the sky. Then, it turned into a beam of light that fell on the command center.

This beam of light had enough power to instantly vaporize even a god!

“Leave it to me.” Katherine’s determined voice sounded at that moment.

The green-haired girl looked at the sky and extended her hand. Immediately, a gust of blackish wind gathered around her, before turning into a dome that surrounded the command center.

In the next instant, the beam of light descended!


But surprisingly, as soon as it touched the gust of wind, it disappeared as though it never existed!

It was due to Katherine’s new ability and path, [Cosmic Winds].

Among my women, her path was the most unique one.

Before meeting me, Katherine’s specialized in wind magic. Her talent to wield wind was pretty good, to the point that she managed to become one of the Imperial Institute’s renowned geniuses thanks to her mastery of wind.

But unfortunately, there is a limit to the power of the wind.

Hardly anyone will be able to become an Irregular just by using it.

That was why I decided to show her something.

A more powerful wind.

Cosmic winds are not truly wind. Instead, it’s a cosmic force made of photons and energy able to influence the formation of celestial bodies.

However, thanks to her own talent, and to her connection to my soul, Katherine found a way to upgrade her understanding of wind and turn it into cosmic winds.

Right now, her cosmic winds are not enough to influence celestial bodies. However, if she uses her entire strength, it’s not impossible for her to cause an apocalyptic level of destruction to the world.

Furthermore, her cosmic winds have a wide range of uses. Just like now. She created a barrier of cosmic wind around us, using it to wear down the power of the beam of light descending from the sky.

She alone managed to defend against an attack that could easily have killed a god!

At that moment, she looked up and saw a group of three beastmen looking at her with surprised expressions.

These three beastmen were the ones that created the beam of light. It was combined magic cast by three Irregulars with the purpose of catching us by surprise.

Just like before, Emilia used the fact that I was using most of my senses to observe her and hid a few subordinates from me before using them to attack us by surprise.

Unfortunately for her, her plan failed.

She underestimated the abilities of my girls.

In fact, this time, I had detected this attack beforehand.

The reason I said nothing was that I judged they were not really a danger.

Emilia most likely wanted to use it to force Alice to stop using her powers over fate, but now that Katherine stopped it, her plan had failed.

But at that moment, several extremely powerful auras emerged from the beastmen camp.

One, two, three, ten, twenty, thirty.

Every one of them belonged to a powerful Irregular.

“A shame that attack failed, but it doesn’t matter.” Emilia’s giggling voice reached my ears. “We just need to attack again.”

In the next instant, more than thirty irregulars charged towards us!

“I won’t let you!”

Rose, who had stayed quiet until then, moved again.

In an instant, it was as though the entire world bent before her.

Mana from the entire world gathered around her, and then, she brandished her sword.

The expressions of several beastmen irregulars immediately changed. Feeling the immense power of Rose’s sword, they hurriedly defended themselves.

In the next instant–


A thunderous sound resounded through the entire world.

Rose’s sword seemed to divide the entire world into two. It advanced unstoppably towards the beastmen powerhouses, cutting several of them into two.

Just that attack alone killed five beastmen powerhouses and injured another three.

All the beastmen powerhouses stopped moving immediately. They looked in Rose’s direction with expressions of astonishment and dread.

For the first time, they realized how powerful this innocent-looking girl was.

She was this world’s Hero. A prodigy above anyone else in this world.

Even Emilia frowned at this moment. She did not expect Rose would be this strong.

She had seen my women before, and she could see that Rose was a Hero. But before this, she did not pay much attention to her.

As an Immortal, Heroes were nothing but slightly more special mortals. Even if her talent was a bit better than most, it should not influence her plans that much.

But Rose was not just a hero.

She also shared a soul with me. In other words, she had immense talent, the blessings of the entire world, and the knowledge of an Immortal.

Thanks to that, her growth was enough to catch an Immortal by surprise.

Rose was a monster powerful enough to face tens of Irregulars by herself.

She was one of my trump cards.

My lips curved up slightly. Seeing Emilia’s frowning face, I could not help but chuckle.

What do you think, my cute daughter? This lover of mine sure is exceptional, right?

In terms of combat power, Rose should be one of the strongest people in this world, only below Immortals.

Well, it doesn’t matter. Whether she is a mortal or not, she is not someone that your fake Irregulars can defeat.

Understanding that, Emilia’s frown became deeper.

But then, she sighed.

“… I never thought I would use this card so soon. Selena, it’s your turn.”

The wolfkin girl beside her was startled. But then, her face broke into a beautiful smile.

“As you will, Your Majesty.”

Excitedly, the wolf girl took one step forward. She then spoke up to the Irregulars that had been intimidated by Rose.

“Brothers and Sister, it’s time to show them our strength.”

Surprisingly, the expressions of dread immediately disappeared from their faces, replaced by unshakable determination.

“For the Alliance!”

“““For the Alliance!!!”””

Suddenly, their auras changed completely.

Mana erupted out of their bodies. Then, it turned into chains of mana that connected every Irregular, creating a giant net that covered the entire sky.

At that instant, the Irregulars in the sky had stopped being individuals.

They had become ‘one’.


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