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The Will of God


During the training before today’s war, ten of my women managed to become Irregulars.

The first one was Raven, followed by Rose, Little Lina, and Daisy.

After them came Headmistress Evelyn, Katherine, Alice, my sister Dina, Doctor Elene, and Saintess Safelia.

Headmistress Evelyn was taking care of the beastmen infiltrating the Empire, and Alice was using her powers over fate to interfere with the battlefield on the ground.

Thus, I could only send eight people to the battlefield of Irregulars.

Compared to Emilia’s over one hundred Irregulars, the difference was like night and day.

But despite it, I did not believe we would lose.

Because when it came to quality, my girls were much better.

Not just Rose, but every one of the other girls was much stronger compared to the Irregulars on the beastmen’s side. Any of them could easily fight against three or four enemy Irregulars.

And when they entered the battlefield, they did not disappoint me.

Katherine protected Rose, little Lina disrupted the enemy irregulars, Doctor Elene used her [Lonely Night] to immobilize them, and Dina used her [Emperor’s Way] to lend a sword with her power to Rose.

And when Rose attacked, the world showed its support. Her slash gathered all the mana in thousands of kilometers and it was blessed by Dina’s power over fire. It was such a powerful slash that it was night unstoppable!

In an instant, it cut through the curtain of darkness that Doctor Elene created, incinerating it completely and consuming the beastmen trapped inside.

“It’s the end!” Rose stated.

But the beastmen were not easy prey.

“I won’t allow it!”

Selene’s voice raged from inside the darkness. With a roar, mana erupted from every beastmen Irregular, gathering on her body.

Then, she turned it into a giant wolf claw that clashed against Rose’s slash!


The world shook, and the clouds in thousands of kilometers were dispersed. Thousands of the soldiers fighting on the battlefield below were instantly annihilated.

The clash between the two attacks was as though doomsday had arrived. It was so powerful that the world seemed to cry in pain.

When it ended, both parties were standing across from each other.

It had been a tie.

No, Katherine had been forced to create a barrier of wind around the girls, and it had been almost destroyed. Even though I did not want to admit it, the beastmen gained a slight advantage.

“You are strong, but you can’t stop us.” Selena’s voice was filled with confidence. “Today, the empire will fall, and the beastmen will become the rulers of this world.”

“Dream on. I won’t allow it.” Dina snorted coldly and mana gathered around her. “As the Emperor, I ask my subjects to fight!”

“““I comply!””” Rose and the other girls nodded. Immediately, armors of fire appeared on their bodies, and their auras increased remarkably.

It was Dina’s path, [An Emperor’s Way]!

Using her will, she forced mana to follow her orders. Through this method, she could forcibly compress mana inside her body and increase it beyond the limit of the fifteenth layer.

Moreover, an Emperor never fought alone. Using this concept, she could share her power with her ‘subjects’ to bless them and increase their strength for a period of time.

This time, her blessing was enough to increase the abilities of the girls by twenty percent.

Don’t underestimate this twenty percent. At their level, it was more than enough to turn a battle around.

Plus, Dina had focused most of her blessings on Rose.

In terms of combat power, Rose was the strongest of the group. Thus, Dina’s main goal was to make her as strong as possible.

Right now, Rose was almost twice as strong as before.

Wielding a fire sword and wearing an armor of fire, Rose looked like a brave Valkyrie wielding flames as her weapon.

“Ready for round two?” The hero asked Selene.

“Die!” In the next instant, the two charged towards each other!


Selena’s claws and Rose’s sword clashed. However, even with Dina’s boost, Rose’s strength could not compare to the strength of hundreds of Irregulars that Selene was wielding.

After the first clash, Rose was pushed back, but when Selene wanted to pursue that opening, she felt her vision darken.

“[Lonely Night].” Doctor Elene’s voice sounded.

“You again!” Selene shouted in rage as mana erupted out of her body. The eruption of mana blew the darkness away, but it restricted her movements for an instant!

That instant did not seem like much, but it gave Rose the opportunity to attack again!

Without hesitating, the black-haired hero charged towards the wolfkin girl, thrusting her fire sword towards her heart!

But the reaction of the wolfkin girl was astonishingly fast! She gathered mana around her body, enduring Rose’s attack forcibly!

“No way!”

The scene was so ridiculous that Rose opened her eyes wide in astonishment!

Seeing that, Selena smirked and gathered mana on her palm, creating a sphere of destructive mana that she thrust towards Rose’s chest!


In that instant, a barrier of colorful wind appeared in front of Rose, blocking Selena’s attack for an instant before being shattered into pieces. But it bought Rose enough time to retreat.

And when Selena wanted to chase after her again, darkness engulfed her once more, interfering with her movements.

“Dammit! Someone! Kill that woman!”

The other beastmen Irregulars nodded and charged towards the other girls.

If they could kill Doctor Elene and Katherine, Selena was confident she could defeat Rose in less than one minute.

But it was not going to be easy.

When they tried to attack Elene and Katherine, a figure engulfed in flames appeared in front of them.

“I won’t let you continue!”

Lina held her sword with a determined expression. Her petite body seemed filled with power as flames flowed out of it, dying the sky red.

Of course, she alone could not defeat so many Irregulars. But she did not need to defeat them. She only needed to stall them long enough.

And she was not alone.

“God said, [Thou Shalt Not Pass]!”

A tranquil voice reached the ears of the Irregulars. Following the voice, they saw a woman wearing a nun habit and staring at them calmly.

The Irregulars were wary of her, but they continued attacking regardless of it. But to their surprise, they realized that they could not advance.

No, they were advancing, but no matter how much they advanced, they could not close the distance between the girls and them.

It was as though space itself was being distorted.

[The Will of God].

Saintess Safelia had also appeared, and this was her path.


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