FPD Chapter 702

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News From the Daemon Empire (2)


Going back in time to a few months ago.

After the war in Fort Mist, Princess E’Athar returned to the capital of the Daemon Empire.

The Daemon Army had suffered a crushing defeat and thousands of demons died during the war. But despite that, Princess E’Athar suffered next to no repercussions. In fact, her position had improved after the war.

After all, she had been against this war since the start and had opposed to the attack to Fort Mist. Plus, her actions during the last battle had saved the Daemon Army from being exterminated, and she even managed to negotiate a cease to fire with the empire with relatively good conditions.

Furthermore, the daemons that returned with her had become her staunch supporters. It could be said that despite the Daemons losing the war, Princess E’Athar had gained a lot.

However, her greatest gain was the man waiting for her in the empire.

Princess E’Athar touched her lips while remembering her time together with Claus and smiled softly. Then, her expression became determined.

She was not the same princess that left the capital. Now that she had returned, she had the ability to make her words to be heard. She planned to stop the growing war sentiment that had been growing in the empire and led the empire in a different direction.

Not only because she did not want to face her beloved as an enemy, but also because she knew the consequences of such a war.

After witnessing Claus’s abilities, the daemon princess was sure that her empire could not win a war against him.

But very soon, the princess realized that the situation was much worse than she thought.

Contrary to her expectations, the defeat in Fort Mist did not diminish the desire for war of the daemons. Quite the opposite, it strengthened it.

It seemed like every person in the empire had become war maniacs. From the commoners to the nobles, every daemon seemed to want war.

Fortunately, their reason had not disappeared completely. After the defeat in Fort Mist, the Daemon Emperor was wary of starting another war right away.

But the emperor decision did not satisfy many nobles. Mainly the nobles under the first prince.

The situation became worse when news about the empire’s civil war arrived. And when the daemon nobles learned about the Beastkin Alliance’s declaration of war against the Arcadian Empire, the situation worsened even more.

Practically every noble was supporting the idea of attacking the empire again. The pro-war faction had become stronger than ever.

The princess hurriedly persuaded her father against a war. She advised him against being rash and putting the lives of his subjects into risk once and again.

And her efforts gave fruit. After persuading the emperor incessantly, the emperor finally agreed with her.

But when E’Athar sighed in relief and thought that she had succeeded, a drastic changed happened.

Six days before the first battle between the Arcadian Empire and the Beastkin Alliance, a coup happened in the Daemon Empire.

Unsatisfied with the emperor’s decision, the first prince and the nobles under him revolted.

In just one night, the capital of the daemon empire was engulfed by the fires of war. The First Prince’s faction and the Emperor’s faction clashed violently in the capital, and thousands of daemons died in one night.

The First Prince’s faction easily won the battle. After a surprise attack, they routed the forces of the emperor in the capital.

But unfortunately, the emperor managed to escape. The next day, the nobles loyal to him had started to gather troops to face the prince’s men.

In just a few days, the entire empire was swept in a tragic and bloody civil war.

Facing this situation, Princess E’Athar decisively left the capital with her men, creating a third, neutral faction. She knew that remaining in the capital in the current situation was suicide.

Ideally, she should support one of the two factions and quickly end the civil war. However, the princess was torn between her brother and her father. She knew that if she decided to support any of them, the other most likely would die.

But her indecision doomed her.

Both the emperor and the first prince knew that Princess E’Athar’s forces were an unstable factor that could decide the course of the war. If she decided to support the opposite side, they would be doomed.

Thus, both of them made the same decision almost simultaneously.

They first needed to get rid of her.

Five days after the start of the civil war, the soldiers under the first prince and the emperor attacked Princess E’Athar’s troops at the same time.

The princess’s troops quickly collapsed, suffering grave loses as they retreated. In just one day, the princess’s forces were halved and forced to barricade themselves inside a city as they defended against the attacks of both the prince and the emperor.

Aware of the gravity of the situation, the princess decided to ask for help from the only person she thought could help her in the current situation.

Thus, she sent a twelfth-layer powerhouse to bring me a message.

And after the messenger met Headmistress Evelyn coincidentally, she was brought before me.

I finished listening to the story with a pensive expression.

What a troublesome situation.

Right now, I’m in the middle of a showdown against Emilia. To be honest, I don’t have the leisure to help E’Athar.

Moreover, if I made a move personally, Emilia will take advantage of that to corner me.

For an instant, I wondered if this was one of Emilia’s plans.

But I quickly shook my head. Although I had not paid close attention to the Daemon Empire recently, I repeatedly used my senses to keep an eye on it and learn about Princess’s E’Athar’s condition, and I never noticed a trace of Emilia there.

I can’t rule out the possibility of this being a part of Emilia’s plan, but the probability of that is very low.

It could be a plan of Bringer of End too. That is more likely.

Even so, I must help E’Athar.

I don’t plan to see one of my women to die without doing nothing. Now that I finally achieved my dream, I want to make this life as perfect as possible.

Then, how can I help her without creating an opening that Emilia can use?

I closed my eyes and fell deep into thought. And soon, an idea appeared in my mind.

Opening my eyes, I looked at the daemon girl in front of me and nodded.

“Don’t worry, I will help her.”


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