FPD Chapter 708

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Meeting E’Athar Again (4)


E’Athar’s face was red. Her eyes were slightly hazy, and her breathing was faster than normal.

Looking into her eyes, I could see her desire and anticipation clearly. Just like me, she also wanted to have sex.

We had not seen each other in around a month, plus, I had just fused my soul with her. So, right now, E’Athar was very eager to be intimate with me.

I was just as eager as her. Seeing her beautiful body lying on the bed, I wanted to eat her whole.

Kissing her lips, I decided to stop thinking about anything else and just focus on E’Athar. I knew, however, that we could not afford to lose time in the current situation, so I distorted the time around us to make it ten times faster than on the outside.

That way, even if we play for one hour, only six minutes will pass in the real world.

Now that everything was ready, I only needed to focus on the beautiful woman in front of me.

Kissing my lips, E’Athar looked at me with sweet, upturned eyes as she used her gaze to ask me to love her. The mix of seductiveness and shyness in her gaze was enough to make me completely hard.

“Okay. Let’s do it” I said and continued taking off her clothes.

“Claus…” E’Athar panted as she used her hands to take off my clothes as well. “Love me…”

Soon, both of us were completely naked as we kissed and caressed each other’s bodies.

“… Let me try something.”

E’Athar said and grabbed my penis gently with both hands before lightly kissing the tip of my erect penis.

The feeling was so good that I could not help but take a deep breath.

E’Athar looked at my expression with upturned eyes and smiled. Then, she started to service me with her mouth.

“Hamu…~ Nn… Haaa… Chu…~”

Honestly, her blowjob was not that good. It was obvious that she was inexperienced, and sometimes, she touched my glans with her teeth.

But even so, the feeling was amazing. Just knowing that she was servicing me like that filled me with excitement.

Furthermore, E’Athar learned very fast. She observed my reactions to every one of her movements and slowly improved her technique. In less than two minutes, her initial lack of experience seemed like something of the past.

I slowly stroked her head and enjoyed her service. E’Athar seemed to like that, because she sped up her movements and wrapped her tongue around my penis.

“Mmm… Good… You sure learn fast…”

“Huuu… That is because I want to make you feel good.” E’Athar replied with a soft tone as she licked my penis carefully.

My arousal was heightened after listening to her words. Before long, I was unable to suppress my feeling of ejaculation.

“I’m cumming…” I held E’Athar’s head softly and spoke up. Understanding my meaning, E’Athar increased the intensity of her movements.

The blowjob quickly got more intense, filling the room with a nasty sound.

Eventually, I reached the end of my patience and held her head firmly as I ejaculated inside her.

*Spurt! Spurt!*

A huge amount of semen fell inside the daemon princess’s mouth. The princess tried to swallow it, but in the next moment, she started to cough.

She then spat out the semen on the ground with a bitter face.

“So thick… I-It doesn’t go down my throat.”

I laughed loudly and caressed her beautiful white hair with an amused expression.

“Don’t worry. We can practice that later.

The princess nodded shyly.

“Did it feel good?” She asked.

“It did. But it’s my turn now.”

I pressed E’Athar’s body against the bed and kissed her ear, making E’Athar squirm with an adorable expression.

My hands moved all around her body as I kissed her neck, shoulders, and breasts. The bed creaked and squeaked softly due to the intensity of my actions.

Rolling the naked E’Athar against her back, I made her raise her hands above her head and grabbed her wrists together.

Then, I started to tease her breasts, legs, waist, and vagina with my fingers and mouth, causing E’Athar to pant softly.

E’Athar’s vagina was soaked with love juices.  Even though I had not teased her for long, she was already prepared to receive me.

It seemed that she was already ready

When I pushed my penis against her tight vagina, E’Athar let out a soft gasp.

With a grunt, my penis entered her.

A tight feeling surrounded my rod. I felt the walls of her vagina wrapping and squirming around me, bringing me indescribable pleasure.

“… You’re so tight…”

“Mmm… Ahh… T-This is…~”

The feeling of her vagina was so good that it was unbelievable. It made me want to stay like this forever.

Feeling E’Athar’s vagina tightening around my penis, I started to move my waist.


“Nnnn~ Ah…~No…~ C-Claus…!”

With just one thrust, E’Athar’s body curved up!

She was so sensitive that she climaxed immediately.

How cute.

I looked down at the trembling E’Athar with a smirk. Then, when I felt that her orgasm ended, I brought both of her knees up and continued thrusting my penis inside her.


E’Athar opened her eyes wide when she felt my thrust. I chuckled and kissed her cheek as my penis reached her womb.

“Ah~ It’s great…~ C-Claus…!”

E’Athar’s vagina clenched my penis harder than before. With every thrust of my penis, her vagina tightened it as though it did not want to let it go.

Love juices splashed out with every thrust of my penis, and when I withdrew it, the love juices overflowed and slid down to the bed.

Feeling my weight over her, E’Athar let out a loud groan and hugged my neck. She then started to pant heavily as she closed her eyes.

“Ahn… Uuu… Haa…~ A-Again…!”

Before long, she climaxed again.

I immediately changed her position once more. This time, I turned her body around and pressed her chest against the bed. Then, I inserted my penis in her vagina from behind.


In this new position, I could reach even deeper than before. Every thrust reached E’Athar’s womb. The stimulation of it made her let out embarrassing squeals of delight.

E’Athar gripped the bedsheets as her face was pressed against the bed. Right now, she could do nothing but endure my endless attacks.

Once and again, I reached her deepest part, stimulating every inch of her wet cave.

Finally, after pistoning for almost five minutes, I felt the urge to ejaculate.

At the same time, I noticed that E’Athar was about to climax again.

“E’Athar, I’m coming!”

“Annn… Y-Yeah… M-Me too…!”

Grunting, I accelerate my movements.

E’Athar let out a loud moan and raised her face. Soon, her body tensed up before quivering violently.

At the same time, I shot my semen directly into her womb.


Feeling the hot sensation on her belly, E’Athar let out a loud yell, and her body collapsed powerlessly on the bed.

I let out a sigh as I admired her beautiful grey skin. I then bit her nape gently, making her shiver in pleasure.

“It was great.” I breathed on E’Athar’s ear

The daemon princess hummed and nodded shyly.

Seeing such an adorable expression, my libido was rose once more.

“Then, should we do it again?” I asked teasingly.

The daemon princess bit her lips and looked away. But after that, she nodded embarrassedly.

I grinned and held her waist. Then, my still rock-hard penis started to move inside her vagina again.

“Ahnn…~” With a soft moan, E’Athar closed her eyes and gripped the bedsheets tightly.

Just like that, our intimate time together continued.


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