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Pitiful Fiancée


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In the end, the two of us were entangled together for one and a half hours.

When we were done, Princess E’Athar and I lay on the bed silently as she put her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest.

“Hey, Claus.”


“I love you.”

“Me too.”

The princess smiled gently and kissed my neck, then, she closed her eyes.

“… I’m tired. I will rest for a bit.”

I caressed her hair lovingly and nodded. A few seconds later, the soft and even breathing of the princess reached my ears.

I shook my head gently and sent a bit of mana inside her body to help her to rest better. E’Athar had gone through a lot in the last few days, plus the intense exercise just now, she was really tired.

She needs to rest a bit.

Anyway, less than ten minutes have passed in the real world. Even if she sleeps for one or two hours, less than half an hour will pass outside.

Unfortunately, although I wanted to let her rest, her sleep was interrupted around one hour later.

“… Princess, are you there?” A daemon servant knocked on the door, waking the daemon princess up.

“What is it?” E’Athar opened her eyes with an annoyed expression.

The servant outside hesitated for a moment, but then spoke up.

“An envoy from the Crown Prince is in the hall.”

“An envoy from my brother?” E’Athar frowned slightly before shaking her head. “Tell him that I’m not going to see him.”

“About that…”

“What? Is there anything else?”

“… They envoy is your fiancée.”

E’Athar immediately froze.

She hurriedly looked at me, but when she saw that my expression was normal, she sighed in relief.

“… Tell him to wait. I will go to see him soon.”


Once the servant was gone, the daemon princess looked at me with a hesitant expression.

“Claus, about my fiancée… Don’t misunderstand. There is nothing between him and me.”

I chuckled and pinched her nose.

“Silly girl. I know. You don’t need to worry.”

“That is good.” E’Athar let out a relieved sigh. “It’s a good opportunity. Let’s cut off my engagement with him directly. Anyway, I’m yours. There is no way I will marry him in this life.”

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

This girl…

Poor fiancée. I wonder how he will react if he learns that E’Athar gave herself to me.

Well, it’s not as though I care about that. In fact, I had forgotten completely about this fiancée.

“Let’s get dressed. I want to meet this fiancé of yours.”

E’Athar rolled her eyes before standing up from the bed and searching for her clothes.

Seeing her like that, though, made me unable to resist hugging and kissing her, which led us to another round of sex.

Finally, after half an hour, the two of us left the room and walked towards the hall.

It was still raining. In fact, the rain seemed stronger than before. It did not show signs of stopping anytime soon.

It will only stop when I want.

When we arrived at the hall, a handsome daemon was waiting for us.

The daemon smiled happily when he saw E’Athar and walker towards her. But in the next instant, he felt a huge pressure on his body, forcing him to stop.


“Tell me why you are here and leave. I don’t have time for you.”

“… E’Athar, I’m your fiancée. Do you think this is the right way to receive me?”

“You are not my fiancée anymore.” The daemon princess looked at the handsome daemon coldly. “Your family betrayed the emperor, so there is no reason to abide by the marriage contract. I’m sorry, Ryley, but you are no longer my fiancée.”

The young man frowned and his expression became ugly.

“Do you think you can break off our engagement just like that? Don’t be naïve, E’Athar.”

“I can. And I did. Now speak if you have anything else to say. Otherwise, get lost.”

The young man scowled in ranger, but he then took a deep breath and calmed down.

“I know that you are angry about what happened, but listen to me first, okay? I talked to the crown prince. He promised me that if you surrender immediately, he will guarantee your safety and you will retain your rights as a princess. Plus, once we marry, you will have the support of my family too. By then, your position in the daemon empire will only be below the future emperor.”

“I see.” E’Athar nodded, making the young daemon’s face brighten. But the next instant, he saw E’Athar turn around to leave.

“If that is everything you want to say, then leave. I’m busy right now.” She said coldly.

The young man was stunned. But when he realized the meaning of E’Athar’s words, his face distorted in fury.


A powerful wave of mana erupted from his body. Surprisingly, it was at the fifteenth layer!

Moreover, I found traces of Bringer of End in his aura. Obviously, this young man had been influenced by Bringer of End.

The young daemon’s face was ice-cold. His aura filled the hall, pressing against E’Athar hostilely.

“Stop!” He shouted. “I’m doing this for you!”

But in the next instant, a huge sense of danger filled him.

With a swift movement, E’Athar unsheathed her sword and slashed towards him!

The sword cut through his aura as though it was paper. It advanced ruthlessly towards the young man, making him turn pale.

He hurriedly grabbed his own sword and used it to stop E’Athar’s sword slash, but then, he felt a painful blow on his stomach.


With a gasp of pain, he was blown away by E’Athar’s kick.

“Get lost and tell my brother that I don’t plan to surrender.” E’Athar’s cold voice reached the young man’s ears. “As for our engagement, it’s better if you don’t mention it again. You are not worthy.”


The young daemon shouted in fury. He stood up and rushed towards E’Athar with a cruel expression as he filled his sword with mana.

“I’ll kill you!” He shouted.

But suddenly, another figure appeared in front of him


With a look of disdain in my eyes, I waved my hand.



An arm holding a sword flew in the air.

“The princess told you to get lost, ant.” I glared at him with a condescending gaze.

The young man became pale and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Y-You… W-Who are you?” He asked while stepping backward involuntarily.

“Your rival in love.” I sneered and kicked him, sending him flying out of the hall.

E’Athar then called a soldier and pointed to the young man.

“Escort him out of the city.”

“Understood, Your Highness.”

As soon as the soldier left, E’Athar looked at me with a snort.

“Are you happy? Now, I’m a free woman.”

“I’m happy, of course. But you are not free. You are mine.”

E’Athar blushed, but she did not deny it.

“Idiot… Anyway, you told me that you had a plan to end the war. Are you going to tell me about it now?”

I grinned and nodded. I guess it’s time.

Let’s make E’Athar the empress of the daemons.


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