FPD Chapter 71

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Clara (1)


“Your highness, please go in.” The servant opened the door with a respectful expression. I frowned and entered the room. In fact, I also wanted to meet Clara.

Clara was my fiancée and childhood friend. We were very close when we were children, but after she became my fiancée, our relationship slowly drifted apart.

One day, Clara suddenly started to avoid me. She tried to avoid going to places where I go, and if she needed to attend an event where I was going, she would excuse herself with the excuse that she was sick.

Moreover, the few times we met each other, Clara tried to keep a distance from me. She would put on a polite expression and plaster a fake smile on her face.

In fact, just a few days ago, I heard a rumor that Clara wanted to cancel her engagement with me.

Even now, I’m not too clear about what happened. When we were children, Clara always would be glued to me, pulling my shirt and holding my hand with a shy expression.

So, what did cause the change?

Once I entered the room, I was a bit surprised.

Clara was not the only person in the room. She was being accompanied by a woman a bit older than her. The woman was wearing a white habit that covered most of her body, and her face carried a compassionate smile. She put on a surprised expression when she saw me, but in the next second, her expression returned to normal.

As for Clara, she was also wearing a religious habit. Hers, however, was a bit less formal than the woman.

Her auburn hair was hidden underneath the habit’s hat and only a few strands of her hair fell outside her habit and covered her ears.

I furrowed my brows instantly. It looks like things are worse than I thought.

“… Clara?”

Clara’s expression turned complicated when she saw me. “Claus.”

I nodded and stared at the woman beside her. “She is…?”

“Allow me to introduce myself, prince Claus.” The woman showed an elegant expression and nodded towards me. “My name is Safelia Ainida, the current saint of the Church of Order.”

I put on a startled expression. “Saintess Safelia? Clara, what is happening?” I looked right into Clara’s eyes.

Clara’s eyes met mine before she hurriedly avoided my gaze. She then looked at the ground and bit her lips.

“Claus, I hope you can cancel our engagement…”

My expression turned cold “… Clara, I need an explanation.”

Clara looked towards me briefly before moving her gaze away. I could see an expression of guilt and pain on her face. The current Clara was much more expressive, different than the polite mask that she had been using recently.

But precisely because of that, I have a bad premonition.

Clara opened her mouth, but she failed to form words. I could see an expression of struggle flash through her eyes.

Seeing Clara’s expression, Saintess Safelia wrinkled her brows. She then coughed and heaved a sigh after shooting Clara a concerned look. “Let me do the explanations, Prince Claus. A few days ago, the goddess chose miss Clara as the new Holy Daughter. As you know, a Holy Daughter cannot marry, so it’s necessary to cancel her engagement with you.”

“Holy Daughter?” My expression turned dubious. “If I’m not wrong, the church can’t force anyone to become a member.”

“You are right, but miss Clara agreed to become our Holy Daughter.”

“… Is it true, Clara?” I asked Clara with a dark expression.

Clara’s expression turned guiltier, but she nodded firmly.

“I see…” I sighed and fell silent. To be honest, I’m still a bit confused.

“… I’m sorry, Claus.” Clara gritted her teeth and said. “I’m really sorry…”


“… I’m sorry Claus. Don’t worry, if you are the one that cancels the engagement then I’ll be the one that carries the shame of being rejected. I’ll make sure that this doesn’t affect you.”

I remained silent. Clara opened her mouth, but she was unable to continue speaking. In the end, the saintness was forced to continue the conversation with a sigh.

“Prince Claus, I hope you understand that miss Clara is making a great sacrifice for your sake. If she wants, she can use the power of the church to cancel the engagement and she will not suffer any consequences, even if you are a prince.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose and heaved a sigh. “Saintess, can you give me a bit of time alone with Clara?”

Saintess Safelia was startled. She then stared at the two of us and gave a soft sigh. “I’ll be outside.”

I nodded. Safelia then exited the room and closed the door behind her.

Once she was gone, I stealthily put on a soundproof barrier in the room and spell on the door to ward off people that wish to enter.

The ward is a pretty convenient spell. It affects the subconscious mind of the people nearby, making them avoid entering the room without them noticing.

Once I was sure that nobody was going to enter the room for a while, I looked at Clara.

“Now, will you explain to me what is happening?”


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