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Three-Way Battle (2)


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Daemon Sword was the exclusive sword technique of the Daemon Imperial Family.

It worked by coating a sword with mana and using this mana to execute different sword moves named after the moon.

This sword technique was considered one of the most exquisite sword techniques in the world. Successive generations of Daemon Emperors polished it one after another, slowly perfecting it and turning it into a deadly work of art.

Just practicing this sword technique required overwhelming talent. Generally, only one or two people in every generation had enough talent to learn it.

This time, though, three daemon powerhouses were using the same sword technique to face each other.


Three sword rays were shot from three different directions, clashing in the middle and creating a blinding explosion.

But that was just the start. As though they were aware that this move would not be enough to decide the battle, the three of them were already releasing their second attack.

“[Full Moon]!”

“[Crescent Moon]!”

“[Cutting the Moon]!”

E’Athar, the emperor, and the crown prince released different sword moves at the same time.

E’Athar’s attack was the fastest, arriving in front of her brother and father in an instant, but her father’s [Crescent Moon] hit the attack at a tricky angle, redirecting the entire power of the attack towards the crown prince.

But as though he was expecting this, Dyrroth’s [Cutting the Moon] cut E’Athar’s attack into two as his sword continued towards E’Athar.

The daemon princess avoided his attack calmly, but to her surprise, her father’s sword was moving towards the direction where she just moved.


Startled, she used her own sword to parry the attack, but the power behind her father’s blow was much stronger than she expected, forcing her to retreat.

Fortunately for her, her brother took advantage of his opportunity to attack the emperor, stopping him from chasing her.

E’Athar narrowed her eyes and circulated the mana inside her body. Taking one step forward, her figure appeared in front of her father and brother silently as her sword cut towards them.

Daemon Sword, [Lonely Moon]!

Like the moon in the sky, her sword light seemed to illuminate the entire world. It blocked all the escape routes of her father and brother, making them change their expressions.

But both of them were powerful powerhouses. In fact, in terms of swordsmanship, they were above E’Athar.

Daemon Sword, [Moon Mirror]!

Daemon Sword, [Illusive Moon]!

One of them created a mirror of sword energy that blocked E’Athar’s sword light. Meanwhile, the other released countless sword stabs that erased the sword light coming towards him.

But during that instant, E’Athar had already released a new attack.

Daemon Sword, [Waning Moon]!

This time, her sword seemed to fade away, hiding behind her previous attack and becoming almost undetectable as it flew towards her brother and father.

But to E’Athar’s surprise, both her father and brother smiled.

“Good sword!”

“Great trick, little sister. But it’s not enough.”

Twisting their wrists, they redirected the energy of their sword moves towards E’Athar’s [Waning Moon].


E’Athar was greatly surprised. Waning Moon was the stealthiest move of the Daemon Sword, but neither her father nor her brother had any difficulty noticing it.

“I guess it’s enough for a warm-up.” The emperor grinned. Then, his body disappeared.

Startled, E’Athar quickly jumped away, and in the next instant, a sword cut the place where she just was.

Her father did not stop and continued attacking her. Several sword moves were connected seamlessly into a deadly sword dance that slowly cornered her.

This time, her brother did not bother to stop their father. It seemed that he thought that it was better to get rid of E’Athar first, so she did not interfere during the battle between his father and him.

“[Half-Moon]!” E’Athar gritted her teeth and released a sword ray to stop her father, but he was much more experienced than her on using the Daemon Sword. In just an instant, he found the weakness of her sword ray and hit it, shattering her attack.

At the same time, a wave of mana erupted from his sword, cutting towards her.

[Crescent Moon]!

“Damn! [Elegant Moon]!” She shouted flusteredly, creating a curtain of sword energy that blocked the emperor’s attack.

But as though expecting that, the emperor waved his sword, releasing a line of sword energy that cut through E’Athar’s defenses easily.

[Full Moon]!

E’Athar’s eyes opened wide.

Gritting her teeth, she held her sword in front of her chest and used it to resist the attack.


The power of the attack caused an explosion in the sky, blowing her away. E’Athar barely managed to keep her stance, but a trace of blood slid down her lips.

Panting, she looked ahead of her and saw her father walking towards her calmly.

“You have grown stronger, but you are still far from reaching my level.”

E’Athar bit her lips, but she could not deny it.

Although their levels of mana were similar, her father’s swordsmanship overwhelmed hers. Furthermore, due to her sudden increase of mana, her control over it was below her father’s too.

In this battle, she was at an overwhelming disadvantage. At this rate, she would lose soon.

‘Should I use that? No, not yet!’ E’Athar’s took a deep breath and looked at her father with a determined expression.

“That is a good look, my daughter.” The emperor nodded. Then, his body flickered.

Countless sword stabs appeared around E’Athar suddenly, every one of them coming from a different direction.

Daemon Sword, [Illusive Moon]!

“[Moon Mirror]!” E’Athar shouted in a panic, creating a barrier in front of her. But the barrier was shattered in less than one second.

Fortunately, E’Athar managed to use that instant to barely avoid the sword stabs of Illusive Moon, but before she could sigh in relief, a sword ray pierced towards her neck from behind him.

The daemon princess moved her head aside, once more avoiding the attack, but this time, a sword slash attacked her from the right.

It was followed by a sword wave, a curtain of sword light, and a silent sword slash.

Half-Moon, Full Moon, Crescent Moon, Waning Moon, and several other sword moves came towards her in succession. Every sword move was lethal, and every one of them could kill her if she was slightly slower.

With every attack of her father, the pressure she was feeling increased. At this point, she seemed like a boat about to capsize.

But strangely, with each passing second, E’Athar’s gaze was becoming calmer.

Right now, several unknown sword moves and countless fighting experiences were appearing in her mind one after another. They helped her to avoid her father’s attacks with the slightest movements while teaching her what to do next.

Neither the sword moves nor the fighting experience belonged to her. But she knew who the owner of these was.

Her lover.

‘Is this what he meant when he said that our souls had become one?’ E’Athar wondered to herself in her mind.

She could feel it. Right now, her swordsmanship was becoming stronger at an overwhelming rate. She was like a sponge absorbing everything it could absorb.


‘It’s not enough.’

Her father’s swordsmanship was much stronger than hers, and his understanding of the Daemon Sword was close to perfection.

She felt that she could not injure him no matter what move of the Daemon Sword she used.

‘Then, I won’t use the Daemon Sword!’

At the moment that thought appeared in her head, a smile formed on E’Athar’s lips.

Just then, the information about a sword move flashed through her mind.

‘Using the soul to guide the sword, and mana as the edge, cut everything in the way.’

E’Athar grabbed her sword and filled it with mana. A layer of fine mana formed around the sword, creating a droning sound.

Then, she raised her sword.

“[Absolute Edge].”

And a sword slash cut through the sky.


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