FPD Chapter 713

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Three-Way Battle (3)


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“[Absolute Edge].” E’Athar took one step forward.

Using her soul as the guide, and her mana as the edge, she swung her sword, facing her father’s swordsmanship head-on with a seemingly ordinary strike.

“This is…” The emperor furrowed his brows in doubt.

He could see that this ordinary-looking sword strike was not part of the Daemon Swordsmanship. It was an attack full of flaws, that he could counter easily.

But when he was about to use his sword to parry it, his expression changed.

At that instant, his instincts rang louder than ever in his life. A feeling as though death was about to kiss him overwhelmed his entire body.

Frightened, he hurriedly urged his mana to form a barrier in front of his body as he used the flat side of his sword to defend against E’thar’s attack.



As though cutting through butter, E’Athar’s sword severed his sword, before cutting his protective barrier and piercing his flesh.


An expression of astonishment appeared on the emperor’s face. With no hesitation, he jumped as far as he could, only stopping when he was sure that E’Athar’s attack had ended.

“You…” The emperor looked at his daughter in shock.

His mana was in disarray, and his clothes were slightly disheveled. A sword wound could be seen in his right shoulder, the result of E’Athar’s last attack.

That sword strike… What in the hell was that?

It gave him the feeling that it could neither be blocked nor avoided.

It was as though that strike had locked on him a could chase him until the underworld.

Just remembering it brought a trace of fear to his mind.

Not far away, after observing that exchange, Dyrroth erased his relaxed attitude from before.

Only now did he take this younger sister of his seriously.

Even when E’Athar showed mana at the peak of the fifteenth layer, he did not consider her a true threat. But this sword strike changed everything.

Although he did not experience it personally, the fact that it broke his father’s sword and injured him was enough to tell Dyrroth how threatening that strike was.

Meanwhile, E’Athar had closed her eyes.

In her mind, she was replaying her last attack once and again, comprehending every one of the intricacies behind it.

New information was coming to her mind every second, increasing her understanding of [Absolute Edge]. She was confident that if she released the same attack again, it would be stronger.

After several seconds, she opened her eyes with an expression of understanding.

“Will, huh. So that is the key.”

The secret of [Absolute Edge] was in the first half of its description.

Using the soul as a guide.

And the soul here was one’s will.

Will was an order, a decree, and a command. It bent the world around the user according to his wishes.

At the highest level, it could alter reality itself.

Of course, E’Athar could not reach that level, but [Absolute Edge] did not have such high requirements. To use absolute edge, you only needed to use your will to decree that your sword was unavoidable and unstoppable.

Although it was the first time that E’Athar came into contact with the concept of Will, strangely, she felt very comfortable using it. She had already thought about several other ways she could use this power.

She was sure that once she mastered it, her strength would grow by leaps and bounds.

This was E’Athar’s first step into forging her own path. If her understanding of Will reached a certain level, she could use it to become an Irregular.

But right now, it was only enough to even the playing field between her father, her brother, and her.

“What is the name of that attack?” The emperor asked at that moment.

“Absolute Edge,” E’Athar replied.

“That is a good name. Did you create it?”

“I didn’t.” E’Athar shook her head calmly. “My boyfriend taught it to me.”


“When did you get a boyfriend, sister?”

E’Athar’s father and brother were confused.

“Are you talking about your fiancée, Ryley? Why didn’t I know that he had created such a powerful technique?” The emperor, Ky’Ere Deora, asked in confusion.

“It’s not him. He doesn’t deserve to be my fiancée.”

The emperor and the crown prince were stunned.

In other words, E’Athar had gotten herself a man other than her fiancée without their knowledge!?

One second later, the crown prince smiled amusedly.

“So my little sister found love and didn’t tell us. I’m curious about what kind of man managed to catch the eye of my outstanding sister.”

“He must be a very outstanding daemon. I would like to meet him.” The emperor nodded.

E’Athar rolled her eyes. She could not help but wonder how her father and brother would react if they learn that her boyfriend is the crown prince of the human empire.

‘They will probably become crazy, right?’ E’Athar let out an unintentional smirk at that thought.

For some reason, she got the impulse of telling them right now.

However, she quickly erased that thought. If the news that she was in a relationship with a human prince were made public, she would lose her qualifications to become the Empress.

‘I guess I’ll reveal it later.’ E’Athar smiled mischievously to herself before staring straight into her father and brother’s eyes.

“It looks like the two of you are underestimating me. Did you think that you could defeat me easily and then decide the final winner between the two of you?”

The emperor and the prince became embarrassed.

“Yeah, it looks like we underestimated you.”

“Sorry about that, little sis. However, don’t worry. Frown this moment on, I won’t underestimate you anymore.”

“Good.” E’Athar’s eyes became firm. “That way, you will be convinced once I defeat you.”

The emperor and the crown prince narrowed their eyes. In an instant, their auras became sharp and piercing.

“I admire your courage and determination, my daughter. But that is impossible.”

“I guess I should get serious too then. Be careful, sister. I don’t want to hurt you.”

In the next instant, the auras of the three of them clashed again.

This time, the intensity of the clash was much greater than last time, making every daemon in hundreds of kilometers around them have difficulty breathing.

Then, father and children clashed once more.


With a thunderous sound, their mana clashed violently.


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