FPD Chapter 714

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Three-Way Battle (4)


For the second time today, the emperor, the crown prince, and the second princess clashed.

A powerful shockwave was created as the result of their clash. The shockwave blew away several of the daemons that were observing the battle and destroyed some trees and houses nearby.

But none of the three warriors fighting in the sky cared about that. As soon as they realized that they did not gain any advantage during this clash, they proceeded with their second attack.

The emperor used Illusive Moon, creating countless sword stabs that filled the sky, and Dyrroth responded to him with a variant of Half-Moon that shot several sword rays towards his father and sister.

Both of them showed their extreme mastery of the Daemon Sword.

E’Athar, on the other hand, didn’t use the Daemon Sword.

Instead, she used another technique she just learned from Claus’s memories.

“[Dream Touch]!”

Waving her sword softly and infusing her will into it, she created countless petals made of sword energy that blanketed the sky.

Every one of these petals was filled with an absurd amount of mana. They floated gently with a harmless appearance, but when the attacks of her father and brother were about to reach E’Athar, the petals became like piranhas that smelled blood and rushed towards them, disintegrating them in an instant.

After that, the remaining sword petals rushed towards them like a torrent of deadly flowers.

The white-colored sword petals cut through the sky in an instant!

The unexpected attack took E’Athar’s two opponents by surprise. They tried to use their defensive moves to stop it, but the mana in E’Athar’s sword petals easily consumed their techniques and continued towards them!

“What is this!?” Dyrroth was flustered and hurriedly flew backward as he released several sword attacks against the petals, but even after he destroyed thousands of sword petals, more of them were still advancing towards him.

The emperor, on the other hand, was more experienced. With a glance, he knew that using normal techniques to attack the petals was useless.

So instead, he kicked the air, increasing his speed to the extreme as he charged in E’Athar’s direction.

The emperor arrived in front of E’Athar in an instant. The demon princess hurriedly tried to call her petals back to block him, but when she realized that they would not move in time, she used her sword to stop him.


The clash between their swords created a powerful explosion that blew E’Athar away. To E’Athar’s surprise, the emperor’s power was not affected by the fact that part of his sword had been cut by E’Athar before.

Quite the opposite, his attack just now seemed much stronger than his previous attacks.

Fortunately, she had put a bit of her Will into her sword before the attack reached her, so she was not injured.

But she could not sigh in relief yet, because her father was once more coming towards her!

This time, though, her sword petals had already arrived beside her.

In an instant, most of the petals turned into a circular barrier that protected her while the rest of them surged towards the emperor like a tide!

The emperor snorted and easily avoided them. At that moment, he felt a sense of danger and decisively used his sword to block behind him.


A metallic sound was heard as his sword clashed with the sword of his son. Dyrroth had ambushed him while he was distracted by E’Athar!

But the emperor was worthy of his reputation as one of the strongest experts in the world. Even in this situation, he easily parried Dyrroth’s sword away as he countered with a swift slash.

Dyrroth twisted his body aside dexterously, avoiding the sword as he prepared a second attack, but at that moment, E’Athar’s sword petals attacked again.


The white petals glowed sharply as they drowned the two men.

“[Everlasting Moon]!” The emperor shouted. Sword energy surged immediately out of his body, spreading in all directions and clearing every sword petal around him.

Dyrroth, on the other hand, released a powerful sword slash that opened a way through the torrent of white-colored sword petals, allowing him to escape.

But when he escaped, he saw that his father’s sword was coming towards him!


He raised his sword to block the attack, but the strength behind it sent him flying away.

Before he could recover, he felt an immense sense of danger coming from behind. Turning around, he saw his little sister raising her sword in his direction.

“[Absolute Edge].”

‘It’s the same move from before!’ Dyrroth became pale. Unable to avoid the sword slash, he was forced to use his sword to receive it.



With a soft metallic sound, E’Athar’s sword cut through his sword, advancing towards his body unimpeded.


Dyrroth shouted. Mana erupted out of his body allowing him to stop E’Athar’s sword for an instant and move away.

But then, he saw his father looking at him indifferently.

“[Lonely Moon].” His father said and released a sword strike.

In less than one second, it arrived in front of Dyrroth.

‘He can’t avoid it!’ E’Athar thought to herself. She was sure that her brother would be eliminated by this attack.

But just at that moment, Dyrroth sighed.


He said.

And following that word, an enormous amount of mana immediately erupted out of his body, erasing the attack coming towards him.

It was a dark, destructive, and aggressive mana; so violent that it could harm even the user if he was not careful.

“This is…!” E’Athar opened her eyes in shock. She felt the mana of her brother rising wildly. In an instant, it surpassed the fifteenth layer and continued increasing.

It was already at the level of an Irregular!

“Surprised?” Dyrroth smiled when he saw the expressions of surprise on his father and E’Athar’s faces. “I was keeping my true strength a secret to catch my father by surprise. A shame that I was forced to reveal it early.”

“You… What kind of power is that?” E’Athar asked cautiously.

“This is the power that the Daemon God gave me. Do you understand now, sister? Our god is in my side. With this power, I’m the strongest!”

E’Athar fell silent. At the same time, the emperor looked at his son with a serious expression.

“Is this the reason why you are so confident in defeating me?”

“Yes. Not even you can defeat me right now, father. Of course, you still have a chance if you join hands with E’Athar. But even then, I’m confident in my victory.”

The emperor stared at his son for several seconds before shaking his head.

“I won’t join hands with E’Athar.”

Dyrroth was surprised. “… Could it be that you are going to give up?”

“You misunderstood.” The emperor’s voice was calm and even. “I won’t join hands with E’Athar because I don’t need to.”

All of sudden, an enormous amount of mana erupted from the emperor’s body too.

It was just as dark, aggressive, and destructive as Dyrroth’s mana! It was a power that far surpassed the fifteenth layer!

“You… How can you…”

“It looks like you are not the only one favored by the Daemon God, son. Now, how are you going to defeat me?”

Dyrroth’s expression became ugly.

But just at that moment, the emperor and Dyrroth heard E’Athar’s voice.

“… So both of you were hiding your strength, huh. Claus was right after all.”

The two of them were startled and looked at E’Athar, only to see her using her hand to grab something in the air.

A transparent sword made with a fragment of space and with the power to cut reality itself.

“But you are not the only ones with a trump card.” E’Athar’s mana urged out.

Grabbing the sword with the name of Reality Render, E’Athar took one step forward.

“I’m sorry, father, brother. It will be a bit painful.”


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