FPD Chapter 715

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The Birth of a Empress


The plan to challenge the Emperor and the Crown Prince was something that I proposed after analyzing the entire situation carefully and using my senses to observe both of them.

In other words, I already knew that both the emperor and the crown prince were hiding their power.

I even knew the source of their power. It obviously came from that bastard, Bringer of End.

That was also one of the reasons why the emperor and the crown prince accepted E’Athar’s challenge so easily. Both of them were confident that they would win after receiving the power from Bringer of End.

I can’t understand what Bringer of End is trying to do, though. On a hand, he gives power to the emperor, and on the other hand, he gives power to the crown prince. Then, he makes the two of them fight each other.

I don’t know what he gets from this.

It’s as though his only purpose is to cause war and make it as bloody and intense as possible.

‘Crazy bastard…’

As expected, no immortal is sane.

Anyway, I knew since the start that Bringer of End had powered the emperor and the crown prince up and that their true strength surpassed the fifteenth layer.

Thus, I knew that E’Athar’s strength alone was not enough to defeat them.

I could not increase her strength anymore, though. If I used forceful means to turn her into an irregular, then it will impact her future greatly. There is a high chance that she will be unable to improve again.

I could also lend her my powers temporally. Unfortunately, this clone doesn’t have much strength. If I give my strength to her, there is a chance that I will be unable to respond if Bringer of End appears or another unexpected situation happens.

Thus, I thought of a crazy method.

Using most of my mana and the fragment of my soul in the clone, I cut a fragment of space and used it to create a second Reality Render.

Then, I put the fragment of my soul and the mana in my body inside the sword and used it as my new body.

Yes, the sword on E’Athar’s hands right now is me.

This sword is not just as sharp as the original Reality Render, but it also links my mana pool with E’Athar, allowing her to use it.

Moreover, as E’Athar’s soul and my soul are one and the same, I can also my powers through her if I want.

That means that right now E’Athar and I are fighting together.

Can it be considered cheating?

But the emperor of the crown prince won’t be able to discover it. As the saying goes, it’s not cheating if you are not caught.

The emperor and the crown prince were astonished. The mana coming from E’Athar right now was unlike their dark and destructive mana, but it was just as strong as theirs. No, perhaps it was stronger.

“… Were also blessed by the Daemon God?” The emperor could not help but ask.

E’Athar snorted coldly.

“I wasn’t. My boyfriend gave me this power.”

The emperor and the crown prince were stunned.

The boyfriend again? Who in the hell is him?

I can imagine their reactions if they learn about my identity. It will be hilarious.

“It’s time to end this farce, father, brother. I’m sorry, but it will hurt a little bit.” With an ice-cold voice, E’Athar moved.

She took one step forward, compressing the space in front of her with that step and appearing in front of her father and brother and the same time.

Then, she swung her sword towards them.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself!” The emperor shouted. Destructive mana erupted out of his body, creating a dragon-like creature that surged towards E’Athar.

At the same time, Dyrroth released a powerful sword slash that seemed to cut the sky into two.

But A’Ether remained calm. Now that she was using my power, she did not need to be afraid of these attacks.

Reality Render passed through the neck of the dragon, beheading it easily. Then, it continued and cut through Dyrroth’s sword slash.

The emperor and Dyrroth were shocked. They immediately flew in different directions to avoid the sword.

But to their dismay, their actions were futile. Reality Render ignored the concept of space and continued chasing after them.

It was just a sword, but strangely, it was chasing after two different targets at the same time.

“How is it possible!?” The crown prince put on an expression of disbelief. Realizing that he could not escape from the sword, he gathered all the mana in his body into his sword and unleashed an attack.

“[Lonely Moon!]”

It was the crown prince’s strongest attack! This sword slash was so powerful that it seemed able to cut the world into two.



Reality Render easily neutralized it.

Under the astonished gaze of the crown prince, the transparent sword easily destroyed his attack, then, it continued forward and pierced him.

“Impo… Sible…”

Looking down, he saw the sword piercing his chest and E’Athar’s indifferent gaze.

Then, she pulled the sword out as blood gushed out of Dyrroth’s wound.

“… Well… D-Done… Sister…”

With a smile on his face, the crown prince closed his eyes and fell from the sky.

E’Athar looked at that scene indifferently before looking towards her father.

Reality Render had stopped attacking after piercing Dyrroth, so the emperor witnessed everything clearly.

“My son…” The emperor sighed and closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, his eyes had become completely cold unfeeling.

“E’Athar. You have become incredibly strong. As your father, I’m proud of you.

“My next attack will be the most powerful attack I can release. If you can defeat it, you will be the next empress of the daemons.”

E’Athar fell silent before nodding.

“Go ahead.”

The emperor stroked his sword and raised it over his head, filling it with as much mana as he could.

“I created this move based on the Daemon Sword. It’s my first time performing it in front of someone else.

“I call it, [Eclipse].”

As soon as the emperor finished speaking, he swung his sword.

And darkness descended.

It was as though all the light had been absorbed by the emperor’s sword. It filled the world with darkness, just like an eclipse.

Even I was slightly surprised by that sword move. It was an attack that showed an inkling of a path.

If the daemon emperor managed to perfect this move, he could become a true Irregular.

But even that was not enough against the current E’Athar.

Facing the sword engulfed in darkness, the princess thrust Reality Render forward in a seemingly slow manner.

Next, the darkness was breached, the eclipse was broken, and the emperor’s chest was pierced.

Everything happened in an instant.

Looking at the image of his daughter piercing his chest, the emperor smiled.

“I’m proud of you.”

Then, he closed his eyes.

That day, the Daemon Empire witnessed the birth of their new ruler.


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