FPD Chapter 717

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Warning From the World


At night, in the battlefront against the Beastkin Alliance.

My true body opened his eyes and looked at Alice.

“It’s done. My clone managed to get the help of the daemons.”

Alice smiled softly and nodded.

“That is good. That way, we will be prepared if Emilia has a hidden army.”

“Have you found the whereabouts of the hidden army?”

“Not even a clue.” Alice shook her head, her eyes filled with helplessness. “You know that my abilities over fate can’t be compared to Ysnay’s. I wanted to try my luck just in case, but I failed to find anything.

“However, if I have to guess, I’d say that the hidden army is in the territory of the elves. That is the best place to hide them.”

I nodded in agreement. That was exactly my guess as well.

However, the fact that we did not know the exact location of Emilia’s hidden army puts us in a passive position.

The hidden army can attack from anywhere, but we can’t guard the entire empire.

The only solution is to find a way to arrive at the place where the hidden army appears as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, we have a way to do that.

After discussing some things with Alice, I teleported to the pocket dimension that I created to help my girls to train and found Headmistress Evelyn. I then explained the situation to her.

When I was done, I told her what I needed her to do.

“Do you think you can transport the entire Daemon Army to the place where the hidden army appears?”

Evelyn thought for a moment before nodding.

“I can do that. It will be a bit hard, but I’m confident I can pull it off.”

“That is good.”

With this, we can reduce the impact of Emilia’s hidden army as much as possible.

Just at that moment, one of my girls approached us.

It was a beautiful black-haired and black-eyed girl holding a sword in her hand.

The hero, Rose.

Unlike usual, she was not smiling. Instead, she had a deep frown on her face, as though she was worried about something.

“… Claus, I’m uneasy.”

I was startled by her words, but immediately, my expression became serious.

“Is it the will of the world?”

“Yes. It’s sending me warnings like crazy. It seems like a cub crying for help.”

“When did it start?”

“A few hours ago. But it’s becoming worse quickly.”

“Could it be that Bringer of End is already in this world…? But it should not be possible. I did not feel his arrival… Rose, come with me.”


I grabbed Rose’s hand and went back to the real world with her.

After that, we went to Alice’s location.

“Emilia, can you feel if Bringer of End’s main body is already in this world?”

“Huh? Let me check…”

Alice immediately closed her eyes to observe the fate of the world.

She remained like that for several minutes, but eventually, she opened her eyes and shook her head.

“I found nothing. Well, an Immortal at the level of Bringer of End can shield himself from my scrying easily, but I should be able to find a clue if he is already in this world.”

“As expected. He is not here yet.” Rose and I looked at each other with pensive expressions.

But suddenly, Rose grabbed her head with a painful expression.



“Are you alright!?”

“… I’m alright. It’s just that… The pain became much worse all of sudden. Claus, I can hear the world’s screams in my mind.” Rose smiled at us, but her face still had a painful expression.

I instinctively looked in Alice’s direction, but she shook her head, meaning that Bringer of End had not arrived.

But there is no way the will of the world is just messing with Rose.

In other words, it wants to give us a message.

Bringer of End is about to arrive.

My expression immediately turned grave.

Perhaps he will be in this world in a few hours or even minutes.

That is the worst news possible right now. It will be bad if he arrives while we are still fighting Emilia.

It looks like we have to hurry up and finish this game soon.

“Girls, get ready. We are going to attack the beastkin camp.” I used the connection of our souls to tell my girls.

I would have liked to wait until tomorrow and give my girls more time to digest their gains from the previous battle, but it looks like we don’t have the luxury for that now.

The girls immediately started to get ready. Twenty minutes later, all of us were gathered to discuss the plan.

“We are going to make a surprise attack,” I explained quickly. “Emilia will notice immediately if the army moves, so the girls will infiltrate the enemy camp first and cause chaos in it. If possible, we will kill some of their Irregulars before they can react. Emilia, can you find the location of their Irregulars?”

“I will try… No, I will do it. Leave it to me.”

“Good. Evelyn, get ready to teleport our army. Once the beastkin discover our attack, you will teleport our army in front of them to take advantage of the chaos.”


“Daisy, get ready to cast your strongest spell. We need to deal them as much damage as possible before they react.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Good. As for the others.” I looked at every one of my women with an encouraging expression. “Good luck and take care of yourselves. Remember, your safety is the most important. The operation will start two hours later.”

The girls looked at me and nodded with determined expressions.

The time of the decisive battle against Emilia was quickly approaching.


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