FPD Chapter 721

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“It’s checkmate, dad.” Emilia’s smiled impishly.

I did not reply. I just closed my eyes and used my senses to observe the situation.

Just as Alice told me, another army had appeared at the west of the empire through a space gate.

This army was made of a race unlike the races in this world. They were scaled humanoid beings with reptile-like eyes. Their bodies were taller than humans, the smallest one being over two meters tall, and their scales were of different colors, including green, red, blue, yellow, and black.

I remember that these beings were called [Draconians] in some worlds. A race of innate warriors with a great talent for martial arts.

Around twenty thousand draconians had appeared. This number did not seem like much compared to the empire army or the beastkin army, but every draconian had mana equivalent to a tenth-layer powerhouse of this world at the very least. In terms of individual power, they were much stronger than the armies of this world.

With a swept of my senses, I counted more than two hundred beyond-twelfth layer powerhouses and more than twenty Irregulars.

That was not something that a normal army could deal with.

“… She got me.” I sighed to myself.

I must admit that this time, Emilia surpassed my expectations.

You must never underestimate an Immortal. Every Immortal is a prodigy that overcame the limitations of lifespan. A one-on-a-trillionth genius. Calling them monsters is not enough to describe them. This kind of being can easily do what nobody else can do.

As an Immortal myself, I’m well aware of that. Thus, I never underestimated Emilia. From the moment I knew that we were going to face her, I thought about every possibility carefully to increase our chances of victory as much as possible.

But I never considered the possibility of Emilia bringing troops from another world.

In the first place, I did not know that Emilia had the ability to do something like that. According to my knowledge, Emilia’s mastery over space laws is shallow at most. She should not be able to create this kind of portal that can connect worlds.

But she managed to do something like that, and without me noticing.

The reason she created the portal at the west of the empire instead of creating it directly in the capital was probably to avoid it being found out by me.

I looked at the smiling fox girl in front of me and sighed.

“… When did you become so well-versed in space laws?”

“I practiced a lot during the last one hundred years, dad. I’m not that talented in space laws, so it can’t be used in battle. But space is one of your specialties, so I thought that it could be useful at some point time. And look, I was right~”

“I see… I must admit that I was not expecting this.”

“Then, are you going to give up, dad?”

I did not reply and just looked at the distance, my gaze piercing through space to see the situation in the west of the empire.

Right now, the draconians were starting to advance towards the capital. With their might, there was nothing in their way that could stop them.

And to be honest, I did not have many options either.

[Prince! What are we going to do!? We need to stop them!] Alice’s voice sounded in my mind, making me sigh.

‘… Should I send Raven? But if I send her, I will reveal my final trump card.’

Raven is my greatest trump card. If I use her in the right place, she can turn around the situation completely no matter how difficult it is.

But once her ability is revealed, she will lose most of her effectiveness.

I could send her to resolve this situation, but if Emilia is still hiding any other trump card, I could lose the game.

Just at that moment, a voice sounded in my mind.

[I will go.]

‘Rose?’ I was startled.

Currently, Rose is fighting Selena together with the other girls, and they are isolated inside a barrier created by Emilia.

Our souls are connected, so she and the other girls heard my conversation with Emilia and the words of Alice. They knew that we were in trouble.

But I did not think Rose would offer herself to take care of this situation.

[Do you have a way to leave the barrier?] I asked.

Rose nodded. [I do. Don’t worry, I will take care of them. Katherine, I leave Selena to you.] [Will you be alright?] Katherine asked in a concerned tone. [They have more than twenty Irregulars.] [Trust me. I will take care of it.] Rose said with a confident expression.

Then, without waiting for my answer, she stopped fighting Selena and flew away.

When she arrived before the isolation barrier, her eyes became sharp. She then raised her sword and gathered mana into it before releasing a powerful slash!

“[A Hero Sword]!”

In the next instant, her sword cut through the barrier, creating a hole in it.

Rose immediately rushed through the hole, leaving the barrier as the hole closed itself behind her.

Once she left the barrier, Rose looked towards the west of the empire.

“Wish me luck.” She muttered, then, she flew through the skies towards the draconian army.


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