FPD Chapter 724

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Soul Reaping Slash


Emilia was crazy.

She had given a portion of her energy to Selena, weakening herself and in exchange making Selena much stronger.

It was not just a small portion of her energy like when she made Selen and Irregular. No, she gave her over half of her energy in one go.

Even someone at our level would need a few months or years to recover from something like that. Moreover, Selena couldn’t receive all that energy. More than ninety percent of the energy that Emilia gave her was lost.

And after receiving the last ten percent of Emilia’s energy, Selena’s lifespan was reduced to almost nothing. Judging from her aura, she only had a few hours of life left.

But during these hours, Selena’s strength was enough to destroy this world several times over.

It was not something that Katherine and the others can resist. Even Rose would be helpless against this level of power.


“… Is it worth it?” I could not help but ask. “Is it worth sacrificing so much just to win?”

Emilia should know. Even if she wins, I won’t allow her to allow to harm my girls.

Instead, I will kill her directly. And now that she is weakened, she will be unable to resist it.

But to my surprise, I saw a faint satisfied smile on Emilia’s lips.

“It’s worth it.”

At that moment, I understood Emilia’s intention.

She never planned to become one of my dependents. She could not accept the fact that she had to share me with someone else.

However, she could not bring herself to kill my women either. Not when she knew that it was going to make me sad.

Thus, she decided to use this method to show me her determination. She wanted to show me that she was worthier than any of my girls to stand by my side.

And after that, she was going to die by my hands.

For Emilia, being killed by me was a satisfying end.

When I understood that, a complicated expression appeared on my face.

“… Silly girl.”

Emilia smiled. She approached me and used her hand to touch my cheek as she stared at my face gently, as though she wanted to remember it forever.

“Dad, I love you.”


“I hope you never forget me.”

I closed my eyes. At this moment, Selena’s aura finally stabilized. She opened her eyes and looked at my girls with a bloodthirsty gaze.

In the next second, she was going to wave her hand, releasing a wave of energy so powerful that it would erase my girls from existence unless I intervened.

But if I intervened, it would mean that Emilia had won the game and her death was set in stone.

“Well played, my dear daughter. This time, your plans were very throughout, far superior to mine.”


“But–” I interrupted Emilia and heaved a sigh. “Unfortunately for you, my luck was better than yours.”

Emilia was startled, but at the next instant, her expression changed.

All of sudden, a figure appeared behind Selena. A petite cat girl holding a dagger in her hand.

It was Raven!

The cat girl walked towards Selena slowly. Her steps were calm and silent, and her eyes were completely indifferent.

Strangely, nobody seemed to have noticed her. Even Selena did not sense that Raven had appeared behind her.

It was as though Rave was in a completely different time and space.

“NO!” Emilia shouted in a panic, but it was useless.

Reaching behind Selena, Raven raised her dagger.

And stabbed Selena’s back.

The dagger broke through Selena’s defenses as though they didn’t exist. Even at this moment, Selena had not noticed Raven’s attack.

But Emilia’s shout had alerted her that something was wrong. Although she failed to notice anything, she instinctively released her mana as a shockwave around her, pushing everything nearby away.



It did not manage to stop Raven’s dagger from piercing her heart.


Blood gushed out of the wolf girl’s back as her eyes opened wide in disbelief.

She looked behind her and met Raven’s apathetic eyes, making her shiver.

“… A-A… C-Cat…kin?”

Selena could not understand why one of her kind had attacked her.

She instinctively tried to defend herself. She tried to use the energy around her to blow Raven away and recover from her injury, but it did not work.

At some point in time, the energy inside her body had stopped listening to her, and even her body was losing strength quickly.

Selena’s eyes were filled with fear. She tried to struggle one last time, but even that was futile.

Eventually, the light in her eyes disappeared.

“… Sorry… my majesty…”

These were her last words.

“Impossible…” Emilia muttered in a daze. She looked at Raven in confusion, wondering how she managed to kill Selena.

She could see that Raven’s level of energy was nothing special. She was at the level of an Irregular, but it could not compare to the overwhelming energy in Selena’s body.

“… Then, how…?”

I caressed Emilia’s head and smiled softly.

“Raven is my final trump card, little Emilia.”

Among my girls, Rose was the strongest in terms of battle power, and Daisy was the one with the greatest destructive capacity.

Raven, on the other hand, was neither as strong as Rose nor as destructive as Daisy.

But when it came to killing potential, she was number one.

During the past month of training, this girl had trained just in one technique. She had honed it until she reached the acme of perfection, and fused it with her path, using even part of my soul power to release this technique.

Finally, she created a deadly technique that could erase the soul of anyone that received it.

It was Raven’s [Soul Reaping Slash].

An attack able to kill even Immortals.


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