FPD Chapter 725

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He Arrived


Raven is a genius. She is the one that benefited the most from fusing her soul with me.

The other girls used the fusion of our souls to learn some techniques or to find inspiration and create their own paths. But Raven took a different approach.

She used the fusion of our souls as the cornerstone of her path.

She can use the link between our souls to borrow my power without any side effects. Moreover, the power that she borrows becomes hers, allowing her to use it freely.

Of course, her path is not perfect yet. Right now, she can borrow only a little of my strength for a short period of time. Moreover, the time during which she can use my strength is inversely proportional to the amount of strength she borrows. If she borrows a lot of my strength, she can use it only for

few seconds.

But instead of increasing the time she can use my strength for, Raven went for the other extreme.

To borrow as much of my strength as possible and use it to release one extremely powerful attack.

She then honed this attack to the limit and fused it with her stealth abilities to create a one-hit-kill technique able to threaten even Immortals.

[Soul Reaping Slash].

That was the result of her training, and the reason she became one of my trump cards.

Unlike Rose and Daisy, Raven’s combat power is not that great, and her effect on the battlefield is not big. But when it comes to assassination Raven is a true monster.

If the enemy doesn’t know about her Soul Reaping Slash, then their chances of surviving once Raven attacks them is close to zero.

Just like Selena. If Raven would’ve fought her fairly, she would’ve lost to Selena one hundred of one hundred times. But despite that, Selena was unable to resist once Raven attacked.

Despite being much stronger than her, Selena was instantly killed.

That was the result of Raven’s godly assassination skills.

“It looks like it was my victory this time, Emilia.” I smiled at the fox girl in front of me.

Emilia was in a daze. She lowered her head and looked at the ground, then, she chuckled bitterly.

“So I lost, huh.”


“I thought I was going to win this time. I calculated every possibility carefully, but even so, I lost.”

“I told you, you were unlucky. Raven’s growth was surprising even for me.”

“Yeah. I remember that she was the one that helped you to complete your technique to fuse souls, right? She is really amazing.”

“She is.” I nodded.

Emilia chuckled. She then raised her face and looked straight into my eyes with a self-deprecating smile.

“It’s unfair, dad.”


“I chased after you for hundreds of thousands of years. I tried everything to make you pay attention to me. To make you return to my side. However, a girl that suddenly appeared managed to achieve everything I fought so hard for in just a few months. Is it not unfair?”

“Life is unfair, Emilia. As an Immortal, you should know it well.”

“I do. Even so, it doesn’t mean that I can accept it.”

At that moment, the energy inside Emilia’s body started to rage.

An amount of energy so overwhelming that it was comparable to a sun raged violently inside her body. Her energy was so powerful that just releasing a bit of it carelessly was enough to destroy this world.

It was on a completely different level than Selena’s outburst just now. Reality itself shook once Emilia started to activate the energy in her body.

I could not help but heave a soft sigh.

“… In the end, are you going to fight me?”

“Sorry, dad.”

“Is it necessary to go so far? You are going to die, you know?”

“I’m sorry.”

“You promised me that if you lost, you would accept their place beside me. Why do you have to fight me then?”

“But in the end, I can’t accept it. But it doesn’t matter, right? You were not planning to let me kill them if they lost anyway.”

I smiled bitterly. Yeah, I was not.

I guess both of us were not planning to keep our promise.

To be honest, I was expecting this result.

Immortals are prideful and stubborn. It’s very hard to make them change their minds.

When Emilia proposed this game, I had a small hope that I could make her change her mind about my girls if I won, but in my mind, I knew that this result was the most likely one.

Emilia separated herself from me. Her eyes were filled with sorrow as the energy around her became more violent.

My expression was complicated, but after a sigh, I hardened my mind.

Extending my hand, I called upon the sword residing in my soul.

Reality Render appeared in my hand, its transparent edge cutting the space around it.

Likewise, the energy around Emilia became sharp, destroying the space it touched.

“Sorry, dad. I would have liked to spend time with you. To give birth to your children. To accompany you throughout eternity.”

“You still can.”

“No, I can not!” With a determined expression, Emilia charged towards me.

But just at that moment, three panicked voices sounded in my mind.

[Oh no, Claus! He is here!] [Prince, careful! He–!] [Willian! Stop him! His target is Emilia!]

I froze. As soon as I heard Rose, Alice, and Ysnay’s words, I knew that it was bad.

But by this point, a figure had already appeared behind Emilia.

Neither Emilia nor I managed to react. When we realized his intention, it was too late.


With a grin on his face, his arm pierced Emilia’s body.

[It has been a while, my friend.] He chuckled as Emilia vomited a mouthful of blood.

I glared at him with an expression filled with astonishment, surprise, and rage.


[I’m glad to see you again too.] He said calmly.

Bringer of End had arrived.


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