FPD Chapter 726

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White Hell


Gray hair, blood-red eyes, and two small horns on his head.

The identity of the muscular man that suddenly appeared was obvious with a glance.

[It has been a while, my friend.] Bringer of End grinned savagely as his arm pierced Emilia’s body. [Did you miss me?]

I froze. Emilia’s surprised, painful, and agonizing expression fell in my eyes, making my mind go blank.

Then, overwhelming rage and fury filled me.

“You…!” I growled. Without waiting for Bringer of End to react, I swung Reality Render towards him, cutting reality itself into two.

But he calmly moved backward, easily evading my attack.

[Woah, that was dangerous. Are you not afraid of injuring the little lady?]

I frowned and took a deep breath, using it to suppress my rage.

Now is not the time to let my emotions control me. If I do that, Bringer of End will use it to his advantage, and the situation will become worse.

Emilia was immobile in Bringer of End’s arm, with her eyes closed and a painful expression on her face. She seemed to be using all her strength to resist something, so she could not escape from Bringer of End’s grasp.

Using my senses, I discovered that she was fighting a battle against Bringer of End’s energy inside her body. Bringer of End was trying to destroy her from inside, and Emilia was resisting him.

However, it was obvious that Bringer of End had the upper hand.

At this rate, he would kill her soon.

That thought made my anger rise again.

This bastard. How does he dare to do that to my daughter!?

[You seem angry, Immortal Soul. How strange, I thought you two were going to fight to the death. I’m helping you here, you know? I’m saving you the work of killing her.]

“I will kill you,” I said that with the coldest voice I could make.

Even if Emilia must die, only I can kill her. How do you dare to harm my daughter?

[How scary.] Bringer of End chuckled. [I guess that the rumors about you two were true after all.] He said while using his right hand to caress Emilia’s cheek.


I wanted to use Reality Render to hack him into pieces, but my reason stopped me. I can’t be rash.

In the current situation, Bringer of End can easily kill Emilia at any time. I don’t know why he is using this roundabout method to kill her, but at the very least, it gives me time to think of a solution.

I must wait for an opportunity to save Emilia.

“… When did you arrive at this world? Why did I not notice it?”

[Guess.] Bringer of End curved his lips up. [I wanted to surprise you, so I did not show myself before. I did not expect to get such an unexpected gift, though.

[Her title is Incarnation of Endless Power, right?] He said while looking at Emilia. [I never thought I would meet such a foolish Immortal. To think that she weakened herself to such an extent, providing me such a perfect opportunity to get rid of her.]


Silly girl, look at how much trouble your stupid actions are causing me!

Just then, Emilia opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Dad, don’t worry about me.”


“I can feel that he is stealing my energy to do something, and I can’t resist him for much longer. Don’t worry about me and attack him. I don’t want him to use me to harm you.”

My expression became complicated. Then, I sighed.

Emilia is right. I don’t know what this bastard is planning, but I can’t allow him to continue.

Hesitating will only make things worse.

“Sorry, Emilia…”

“Don’t worry, dad. If you can, make sure to kill me before he does. That will be enough.”

I nodded and my expression became determined.

[How touching.] Bringer of End smiled. [I never thought I would see something like this from Immortals. What a sight.]

“I will kill you,” I stated coldly. At the same time, my soul started to burn.

An enormous amount of soul power erupted from my body, distorting the space around me as Reality Render glowed wildly, showing the enormous amount of energy I put into it.

But just when I was about to attack Bringer of End together with Emilia, Ysnay’s urgent voice sounded in my mind.

[William, it’s a trap! He fooled us! That is not Bringer of End’s true body! Just a clone! His true body has not arrived at this world yet! He wants to make you kill Emilia!]

I was startled. Wait, this is just a clone?

My eyes immediately turned cold.

“You almost got me there, bastard!”

Gritting my teeth, I swung Reality Render.

My sword pierced through space, ignoring Emilia and attacking Bringer of End directly.

Bringer of End put on a surprised expression. He tried to avoid my attack, but my sword bent space and followed after him closely.

I did not worry about Emilia’s safety. After listening to Ysnay, I understood why this bastard had not killed Emilia yet.

He simply could not kill her. Even if Emilia was weakened, she could not be killed so easily by just a clone.

[… How unlucky. I thought I could fool you for longer.] Bringer of End sighed. [But don’t think that you can kill me so easily.]

At that moment, an ominous energy appeared all around the world.

This energy gathered in the places where my women were, turning into clones of Bringer of End!

None of the clones was that strong, just at the level of an Irregular. But just that was enough to kill my girls easily if I did not interfere.

“Dammit!” I cursed and released several attacks across space, aiming at the clones of Bringer of End and cutting them into pieces. But that allowed the main clone to escape from my attack.

It took me less than one second to kill every one of the clones, but during that while, Bringer of End managed to absorb more of Emilia’s energy!

But just at that moment–


I suddenly appeared behind him, severing the arm piercing Emilia’s back.

Then, I swung Reality Render, cutting his body into two as I hugged Emilia’s feeble body.

[What a shame. It would have been great if I could kill her.] Bringer of End sighed in disappointment as an energy sphere appeared on his remaining hand. [Even so, it should be enough.]

At that moment, I realized that most of the energy inside Emilia’s body had been drained. She was left with just a small part of her energy.

And all the energy she lost was inside the sphere that Bringer of End was holding.

[It’s time, my brethren.] Bringer of End grinned playfully. [Finally, the end can begin.]

As soon as these words sounded, the sphere on Bringer of End’s hand lit up.

My expression immediately changed.

“Crazy basta–!”

In the next instant, the world became white.

And a third of the continent was engulfed in flames.


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