FPD Chapter 727

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The Beginning of the End


There was no sound, nor were there shockwaves.
It was just pure white. Pure white flames that expanded without an end, burning everything in their path.
The temperature of the flames was so high that it surpassed the temperature of the surface of a star. It was a burning hell that swallowed everything indiscriminately.
In less than one second, the flames consumed a third of the continent.
And that was after I used my abilities to create several layers of space barriers around it to stop it from expanding. Otherwise, just that explosion would have destroyed the entire world!
That was the result of Bringer of End using almost all the energy in Emilia’s body like a bomb. It had enough power to destroy a start!
I held Emilia’s unconscious body in my arms and watched the white hell with an expressionless look. Beside me, my women were looking at it with pale faces.
Just before the explosion happened, I had teleported them outside the range of the explosion. Otherwise, they would have been killed by it.
However, they were the only ones that I saved. The rest of the soldiers fighting the beastkin died in the explosion.
Furthermore, a third of the empire had disappeared too, and it was after I tried my best to protect it. The territory of the Beastkin Alliance, on the other hand, had disappeared completely, erased from the map.
“What is this…” Dina’s face was ashen. Her body trembled in fear as rage and fury burned in her eyes.
My other women were in similar conditions. Daisy, Lina, Katherine, Alice, and Headmistress Evelyn even thought that they were dreaming.
However, they could not fool themselves for long.
The explosion was just the start.
Before the white hell could disappear, a strange aura surged from the entire world, gathering at the epicenter of the explosion.
It was dark, ominous, and cold. Only a word could describe it perfectly.
Only now did I understand something that had been bothering me for a long time.
Why Bringer of End was so interested in creating chaos and war around the world. What did he get from that?
The answer was simpler than I thought.
He just wanted that, chaos, war, death, and destruction.
Only that way could he bring his true body to this world.
“Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction… So that is the meaning of his title, huh. How fitting”
He brings the end of the world, and he is destruction itself.
Bringer of End is not that proficient in space laws, so he needs an alternative method to travel towards other worlds.
The answer he got was to become the incarnation of destruction.
As he is destruction itself, if there is destruction, he is there.
As long as there is enough destruction and death in a world, he can use it to bring his true body to that world.
There is no need to use space laws. After all, he is not moving through space. He is simply reforming his true body using the aura of death and destruction in a world.
The greater the aura of destruction in a world, the easier he can move to it. He can even use the aura of destruction as a buff that amplifies his power.
And now, all the wars and chaos in the last year, plus the destruction of a third of the continent, gave him more than enough aura o destruction to appear in this world.
In fact, he could have appeared in this world even without destroying a third of the continent. But after destroying it, his arrival became easier, and his power became stronger.
“What a genius…” I muttered to myself.
Now, there is no way I can stop him from arriving in this world.
I watched as the aura of destruction became stronger. In seconds, the sky became dark, and even the white flames burning a third of the continent could not erase the chilling feeling coming from it.
Finally, the chilling and ominous aura took the shape of a man.
Blood-red eyes, gray hair, and a slightly tanned body.
Two small horns grew from his head, giving him a devilish feeling. He seemed like a demon god coming from the abyss.
As soon as he appeared, the world trembled in pain.
Earthquakes occurred one after another across the entire world, followed by storms, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.
He was the Bringer of End, he was the incarnation of destruction.
Now that he had appeared, the countdown to the end of the world had started.
[Finally, I have arrived.] Bringer of End spoke with a smile. [It feels nice to breathe the air of a new world.] “Bringer of End.”
[Hello, Immortal Soul. Did you wait for long?] He asked politely before looking at Emilia, who was unconscious in my arms. [What a shame my clone failed to kill the Incarnation of Endless Power. The aura of destruction generated by the death of an Immortal would have increased my strength a lot.] My eyes became cold.
Emilia opened her eyes at that moment. She looked at me apologetically with tears in her eyes.
“… Sorry, dad. I brought you trouble.”
“Silly girl.” I sighed and caressed her hair gently. “Don’t worry about that, just rest.”
Emilia bit her lips and nodded. I then created a pocket dimension and sent her inside it. That way, she won’t be involved in the coming fight.
After that, I looked at Bringer of End with a murderous expression.
“I hope you are ready because I’m very angry right now.”
[Really? That is great.] Bringer of End laughed. [Come then, my friend. Let’s enjoy this fight to our heart content.] With these words, the aura of destruction around the world surged out, turning into countless monsters that started to destroy everything in their path!
[Come! Let the end start!] In the next instant, I swung my sword.
And the final battle started.


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