FPD Chapter 728

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Immortal Soul vs Bringer of End


“[Reality Render]!” I stated as I swung my sword.

Space was torn apart and reality itself was cut into two. The sword made of a fragment of space advanced towards Bringer of End unstoppably.

But instead of becoming afraid, Bringer of End grinned.


He gathered mana on his right hand, forming a spear that he thrust to meet my sword.


The sword and spear met, creating a shockwave that made the world tremble.

Just the aftershocks of our clash destroyed everything in one thousand kilometers. No living being nearby managed to escape death.

[Hahaha! Great! Come, my friend! Fight me!]

I frowned and swung Reality Render again. This time, my sword bent space to my will, allowing it to bypass Bringer of End’s defenses and stab him directly.

But instead of trying to avoid the attack, Bringer of End ignored it as he proceeded to thrust his spear towards me once more.

I immediately created a space wall and blocked Bringer of End’s spear. In the meanwhile, my sword managed to cut one of his arms.

But in the next instant, his arm was back, as though I never cut it.

[You will need more than that to injure me, Immortal Soul.] Bringer of End smirked.

“You talk a lot,” I said displeased. Inwardly, though, I was furrowing my brows.

Just now, I noticed something bad.

Bringer of End’s aura is still growing stronger.

And the cause of it is the monsters that he created just a minute ago.

Thanks to my senses, I knew that these monsters appeared all over the world in countless shapes. From flying monsters to aquatic monsters.

The only purpose of these monsters is to cause as much destruction as possible. They are like locusts, killing and erasing everything on their path.

In turn, the destruction they cause bolters Bringer of End’s abilities. The greater the destruction they cause, the stronger Bringer of End powers become.

I could not allow the situation to continue like this.

[Girls, I need your help.] I spoke through the mental connection with my women. [Alice, can you locate the monsters that Bringer of End created?] [I can.] [Good. Do it and give Evelyn their locations. Evelyn, use your teleportation abilities and teleport the rest of you to the location of the monsters. We need to kill them as soon as possible.] [Understood. But, what about the elven army.] [Forget about them. They don’t matter anymore.]

Evelyn nodded. The other girls immediately understood my intentions and agreed to help.

They knew that they were not strong enough to participate in the battle against Bringer of End, so this was the only way they could help me.

However, I felt that one of them was dissatisfied.

[… Big brother, I will stay.]

I refused her immediately. [No, Raven. Help the others to kill the monsters too. You won’t be of help here.] [But, I can use the [Soul Reaping Slash] to help you! If I land a blow on–] [Raven, leave.] I said in a forceful tone.

The cat girl bit her lips, but seeing that I was serious, she nodded reluctantly.

[… Be careful.] [Don’t worry.]

After I finished the conversation with the girls, I focused on Bringer of End again.

He was looking at me with a smile of interest, as though he was seeing something unusual.

[You really are unlike an Immortal. To think that you care so much about these mortals.]

“They are not mortals anymore.”

[Is it so?] Bringer of End smirked. [Well, I don’t care. However, I wonder, what will you do if you have to protect them while fighting me?]

As soon as Bringer o End finished speaking, a great amount of mana let his body.

The mana spread across the world, using with the aura of destruction. It then created several powerful monsters even stronger than normal Irregulars!

These monsters… My girls will be in danger if they have to face them!

I immediately brandished my sword, cutting through space and turning them into dust in an instant. But during that time, Bringer of End created even more monsters.

At the same time, he charged towards me.

[You should not be distracted while fighting me!]

With an excited roar, Bringer of End swung his spear in my direction.

I parried his attack with Reality Render, but because I needed to use part of my attention in killing the monsters, I could not counterattack.

Thanks to that, Bringer of End got the upper hand in our fight.

Hundreds of spear thrusts pierced towards me in an instant. Every spear thrust was like a lightning ray that struck my body.

I used my mastery over space to divert his attacks, but he then used his laws o destruction to detonate the space around me, forcing me to teleport away.

Immediately after that, he gathered mana in his spear and brandished it in the direction where I reappeared, destroying everything in thousands of kilometers in the process.

I used Reality Render to block his attack. I then erased the concept of distance between the two of us as I unleashed a downward sword slash that cut his body into two.

My attack was effective, but Bringer of End was like new again an instant later, brandishing his spear towards my neck.

I frowned. What a troublesome bastard.

Bending the space around me, I made his spear miss the mark as I used my sword to pierce his heart.

But before my sword could reach him, I felt a very powerful monster suddenly appear close to the location of one of my women.

Without hesitating, I changed the target of my attack, making my sword move through space and kill the monster that suddenly appeared.

But it allowed Bringer of End to hit my chest with a powerful punch.

“Ugh,” I grunted as I jumped back, distancing myself from him.

[I told you, you should not be distracted while fighting me.]

This bastard…


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