FPD Chapter 729

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World Seal


Rose raised his head and looked towards the south, where her lover was fighting against the Immortal that came to destroy this world.

Her surroundings were filled with dead bodies, blood, and limbs that belonged to the draconians. But she ignored it. Her entire focus was on the battle between the two Immortals.

She could not see it, but she could feel the world tremble every time they clashed. To her, it felt as though the world was crying in pain. Asking her for help.

“But I can’t help…” She muttered with a self-deprecating tone.

That fight was on a different level. The two individuals engaged in battle were so strong that she was just a small ant in comparison.

It frustrated Rose. She wanted to help Claus. She wanted to be his strength. But instead, she was a burden.

Yes, a burden. She was aware that Claus was being forced to use a part of his power to protect them.

“How awful.” Rose smiled bitterly. She hated this feeling.

If only… If only she could help him…

At that moment, the wind blew around her.

You can… it whispered to her with a childlike voice.

Rose’s expression brightened.

“Really? Can I help him?”

Yes. You can help him to protect this world. Will you? Please, it hurts so much…

“B-But, how can I help him?”

Don’t worry, I will tell you what to do. The wind replied in an excited voice.

Rose took a deep breath and nodded with a determined expression.

“Okay. Evelyn, can you please teleport me beside Claus?”

[Huh? Rose, are you crazy!? He told us to leave Bringer of End to him. We won’t be of help on that battlefield.]

“I can help him, please.”

Evelyn fell silent. But she then heaved a sigh and agreed.

[Be careful, okay?]

“I will.”

In the next instant, Rose felt the space around her twisting as she appeared thousands of kilometers away.

[It’s as far as I can take you. The fluctuations of the battle make me unable to teleport you any closer.]

Rose nodded. She was still more than one thousand kilometers away from the battlefield, but this was good enough.

She would travel the rest of the way on her own.

“Claus, wait for me.”



The battle between Bringer of End and me continued fiercely.

At a first glance, it looked like I had the upper hand. I had managed to injure him several times, while Bringer of End only landed one attack on me since the start of the fight.

But in truth, I was at a disadvantage.

Bringer of End did not mind being hurt. His path to Immortality made him like a cockroach that could not be killed no matter how much you injured him, while I, on the other hand, was not so resilient.

Furthermore, Bringer of End was becoming stronger as the fight continued. He was absorbing the growing aura of destruction in the world and using it to boost his battle powers.

He was also using the aura of destruction to create powerful monsters around the world constantly, forcing me to put part of my attention on them and disrupting my battle rhythm.

And to make everything worse, I was also using part of my power to stop the destruction caused by our clash from spreading throughout the world. Otherwise, this world would have been destroyed after our first clash.

It meant that I could barely use half of my strength to fight him.

I tried to pull him into an alternate dimension to cut off his connection to the destructive aura and protect the world from our battle, but Bringer of End was aware of my intentions and resisted it, forcing me to fight him in the real world.

I also tried to create a space barrier around our battlefield to isolate him from the rest of the world. That was another way to cut off his connection to the destructive aura and protect the world at the same time. Unfortunately, Bringer of End saw through my plan and destroyed every barrier I created, making all my attempts to cut off his connection to the real world useless.

‘Not good. I will lose at this rate. I need to find a way to turn things around.’

[You look worried, Immortal Soul. Is anything wrong?] Bringer of End asked with a smirk.

I stared at him silently as I thought about my options. What can I do?

[You should just stop worrying about what happens to this world, my friend. Otherwise, you will probably lose.] Bringer of End said with a well-natured smile.

I smiled bitterly and sighed. Yeah, I should.

However, I can’t do that.

Unless there is no other option, I won’t let this world be destroyed. There are many things in this world that my women love, and I want to protect them.

[Is it so?] Bringer of End understood my answer from my gaze. [Good luck then.]

With a chuckle, Bringer of End attacked again.

Spear lights made of destructive mana filled the sky and pierced towards me. There were so many spears that they seemed like a rain of thunderbolts.

I twisted space to deviate them as I counterattacked with my sword, but Bringer of End easily avoided it and spun his spear, creating a tornado of fire and lightning that engulfed my body.

The temperature inside the tornado easily reached the temperature of the sun. Such temperature could turn anything into ashes.

But I simply slashed it with my sword, cutting the tornado into two as I got ready to attack Bringer of End again.

Just at that moment, though, my senses noticed someone approaching.


[Rose! What are you doing here!?] I hurriedly asked her through our soul connection. [Go back. This place is too dangerous for you.] [I’m not going back. I’m here to help you.]

This stubborn girl…

[Rose! Now is not the ti–] [Please, Claus, trust me.] […] [I’m the hero, remember? Just let me help you, please.]

I fell silent for several seconds before I let out a sigh.

[Are you sure about it?] [I’m sure. Just protect me for several seconds.] [I’ll do that.] I said and fixed my gaze on Bringer of End.

Bringer of End had also noticed that Rose was approaching. He looked in her direction with a curious expression before shaking his head after observing her.

[What a reckless girl. Does she really think that she can interfere in our fight with her puny strength? Just die.]

Destructive mana gathered around Bringer of End’s palm and was shot towards Rose casually.

But as an Immortal, even a casual attack was powerful enough to make most beings tremble in fear. Even a hero like Rose could not help but freeze when she saw his attack.

But in the next moment, I appeared in front of her and cut the ball of destructive mana with my sword.

Bringer of End raised an eyebrow in amusement.

[Very touching. But, how long do you think you can protect her?]

As long as he finished talking, an ocean of destructive energy formed around him.

The space holding the ocean of destructive energy collapsed under its sheer power. It turned into fragments of space that fused with the destructive ocean, making it even deadlier.

Then, Bringer of End thrust his spear in our direction, and the ocean of destructive energy followed it.


It was like facing the end of everything. Even I did not dare to receive this attack carelessly.

But, I promised Rose that I would protect her.

“Halt!” I shouted as countless space barriers appeared in front of us. The space barriers were destroyed one after another, but I continued creating more.

In less than one second, over one thousand barriers were destroyed. However, I did not take a step back.

I was going to protect Rose no matter what happens.

And Rose was aware of that.

Even when everything around us had been drowned by the destructive ocean, she did not flinch. She just continued gathering mana.

Until finally–

“[World Seal].” She spoke.

In that instant, the mana in the entire world gathered around Rose.

And one second later, a multicolored barrier had separated our battlefield from the rest of the world.


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