FPD Chapter 73

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White Clouds and Blue Sky


I slowly sealed Clara’s lips.

Clara’s lips were slightly salty due to the tears. I did not go for a deep kiss. Instead, I softly touched her lips and transmitted her my warm.

When the kiss ended, Clara showed me a small smile. “… Thanks.” She then used the sleeve of her habit to wipe her tears.

I held her arm and smiled. Then, I used my finger to slowly and carefully wipe her tears. “… Clara, I promise to marry you in this life.”

Clara was stunned, but in the next second, she smiled bitterly. “… Please Claus, stop.” She then shook off my hand and stood up.

But before she could leave, I grabbed her arm again.

“You don’t believe me, right?” I curved my lips up.

“… Claus, I heard about your situation… I don’t want to cause you more problems. Please, just cancel our agreement. It’s enough if you remember about me in the future.”

I smiled bitterly. It looks like Clara already gave up completely.

“Let me show you something.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered in her ear. Clara blushed, but before she could react, she felt the scenery change around her.

Then, we appeared in the clouds.

Clara put on a surprised expression, but when she looked down and saw how high we were, her mind blanked.

The next instant, a yell assaulted my ears.

“Kyaaaaaa!!!!!” Clara closed her eyes and began to struggle on my arms.

“Clara, calm down, calm down! I’m here… come, calm down.” I hugged Clara tightly and put my head on her shoulder. I then kissed her cheek and head and tried to calm her down.

“Come on, take a deep breath.” I whispered softly with a soft voice.

Clara heard my words and took a deep breath.

“Better?” I asked with a smile.


“… Now, open your eyes.”

Clara’s eyelids trembled, but she decided to trust my words and slowly opened her eyes.

Instantly, a clear blue and vibrant green filled her sigh.

White clouds with strange shapes adorned the sky. Clara felt as though she could touch them just by extending her hand

“This is…” Clara widened her mouth in surprise. I smiled with an expression of pride when I saw her reaction. “We are in the clouds over the capital.”


“Surprised?” I asked teasingly. Clara looked at my face and nodded. “How?”

“Well, you can do things like this when you are strong enough.”

Clara’s mouth formed an enormous ‘O’ when she heard my words.

She could not comprehend how much strength someone must have to move from the ground to the clouds in an instant. Furthermore, they were floating in the sky!

Eleventh layer? Twelfth layer? Or maybe beyond it?

“Claus, you…”

I kissed her forehead smilingly. “Do you understand now, dear? I’m strong, very strong! So, tell me, do you still think that I will be unable to marry you?”

Clara was stunned. But in the next instant, her face flushed in excitement. [If Claus is so strong, then maybe…]

“Claus, do you truly mean it!? Are you going to marry me!?” Clara asked with an expectant expression.

I lifted her chin and kissed her lips. “Of course, you are my fiancée after all.”

Clara smiled in happiness, but in the next second, her face was filled by tears again.

“I’m sorry… It’s only that… I…” Clara tried to wipe her tears, but more tears flowed out of her eyes. Her smiling expression was distorted by the tears, but I found her current expression even more beautiful. “I’m so happy… Claus, I’m so happy… I don’t want to cry… Really…”

I held her shoulders and hugged her tenderly. Clara continued crying, venting all her grievances happily.

Now that she knew I was so strong, she was finally relieved. The happiness came so suddenly that she was unable to process it.

If I was so strong, then I could protect her family.

Clara did not understand how strong I am, but she knew that what I did just now was not something that anyone can do.

“I’m sorry, Clara. I let you suffer for too long.”

“Nn-nn, it doesn’t matter… It doesn’t matter… I’m happy, very happy.”

“Is it so? Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to marry immediately.”

“… Huh?” Clara put on a confused expression.

“I don’t want to show my strength just yet.” I explained. “So you will have to wait for a while more to marry me. Also, keep my strength a secret.”

Clara’s expression softened. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind waiting… Even if I have to wait for one hundred years, I’ll wait happily!”

“… Don’t worry, I’ll not make you wait for so long.” I smiled wryly.

Clara looked at me and nodded. She then brought her lips to mine and gave me a peck.

“But Claus, what must I do then?”

“Nothing, you can become the holy daughter if you want. I’ll take you with me when I finished resolving everything.”

“Then, the engagement.”

“Of course, we are not canceling it. We will just say that we don’t reach an accord.”

“… Mm.”

“Okay, let’s go back then.”

Clara put on a disappointed but nodded. “Alright.”

Once we were back in the room, I kissed Clara again. Clara happily kissed me back with an expression of pure bliss.

We shared kisses without restrain, indulging in each other’s warm.

“… My husband.” Clara whispered and caressed my cheek. “I’m so happy.”

“We are not husband and wife yet.” I chuckled.

“No, Claus, from today onwards, I’m your wife. Even if we can’t receive our blessings yet, I’ll give you my everything.”

I instantly understood Clare’s meaning.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Mm.” Clare nodded with a loving expression. “We will have to be careful, though. It will be bad if someone discovers us.”

I smirked. “Don’t worry. If I don’t want to let them discover anything, they will not discover anything!”

Then, I lifted her and carried her like a princess.

“Kyaaaa!” Clare screamed in surprise, but her face was filled with happiness and excitement.

A second later, we disappeared from the room again.


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