FPD Chapter 730

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Forever Nirvana


“[World Seal],” Rose spoke.

And the mana in the entire world obeyed her words. It gathered around Bringer of End and me, turning into a multicolored barrier that separated us from the rest of the world.

“Amazing.” I whistled in admiration. “My cute Rose, when did you learn this trick?”

[The world taught it to me just now.] Rose replied in my mind with a fatigued tone. [It told me that it will help you to defeat Bringer of End.]

“The world, huh.” I smiled with an expression of interest. “I see. Well, it was right.”

[But I can’t keep him inside for long. Twenty minutes at most.]

“Twenty minutes is more than enough. Don’t you think so, Bringer of End?”

Bringer of End shrugged and smiled relaxedly.

[You are being overconfident here, Immortal Soul.]

“Really? Let’s see.”

As soon as I finished speaking, my sword moved.

In an instant, it cut through space, arriving in front of Bringer of End.

Bringer of End hurriedly tried to intercept it, but–


A wound appeared on his chest.

Then, his body was cut into two.

“I’m sorry, Bringer of End.”

I swung my sword again just after his body finished regenerating and cut his body into two again.

“But if I don’t need to worry about my girls or the destruction of the world–”

Bringer of End reformed his body again almost instantly, but it was cut again, this time in four parts.

“–Then you are not my match.”

[Bastard!] He growled and tried to attack me with his spear, but his spear never reached me.

It could not pierce the years-light of space that separated us.



My sword always managed to pierce him.

Even if he tried to avoid it.

Even if he tried to block it.

Even if he tried to deflect it.

It always cut his body.

Once, and again, and again, and again.

[Crazy bastard!] Bringer of End roared. His spear turned into a lightning bolt that aimed at my head.

But in the way, it changed direction, flying past me harmlessly.

“Do you understand now?” I asked as I swung my sword again, cutting his body into pieces. “This is my true power. This is the power of my [Space].”

A sword that can’t be stopped.

An attack that can’t be avoided.

A blow that can’t be deflected.

It was the absolute swordsmanship. Once I swing my sword, it will always hit my enemy.

But my enemy’s attacks, on the other hand, can never reach me. Absolute offense and absolute defense. That is the result of countless years of honing my abilities.

Since I reached this level, nobody has been able to defeat it.

“And you won’t be the first,” I said to Bringer of End with an indifferent expression as my sword cut his body into thousands of pieces.

[… Amazing.] Bringer of End’s body returned to normal in less than one second. [As expected of the Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity. Truly amazing.] [But–] He smiled with a playful smile. [That is not enough if you want to defeat me.]

I nodded.

“You are right. After all, no matter how many times I kill you, you will go back to normal one instant later. Is it what you are relying on?”

[It is. This is my path to Immortality, Immortal Soul. I call it, [Forever Nirvana].]

“Forever Nirvana, huh. A suitable name.” I nodded. “Your Immortal title is Bringer of End and Eternal Destruction. However, it’s not suitable to describe you completely, right?

“After all, your path is not just destruction, it’s creation as well,” I said in a calm tone.

Bringer of End smiled without denying it.

[It looks like you already deciphered the concept behind my Immortality.]

“Well, I received an important clue from someone. She told me that if I wanted to kill you, I needed to kill you fast enough. It helped me to connect the dots.

“Your path of Immortality is a mix between destruction and creation. Every second, you destroy your body and soul and create it anew several times. It means that you never age. You are always a [newborn].

“At the same time, you can’t be killed easily. Even if I cut your body and soul into pieces, it doesn’t matter, because your body and soul were going to be destroyed anyway.

“However, there is a way to kill you.”

[Yes, there is a way to kill me.] Bringer of End smiled approvingly. [You just need to destroy my body and soul completely during the interval between every cycle of destruction and creation.]

I nodded. Yes, that is the way to kill him.

If his soul and body are completely erased before they can start the process of creation, then the process of creation will be unable to start, and he will die permanently.

[Congratulations. You discovered the secret of my Immortality.] Bringer of End clapped like he was praising me from the bottom of his heart. [But, does it change anything?]

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

[You are not the first one to discover the secret behind my Immortality, Immortal Soul. However, nobody has managed to kill me yet. Do you know why?]

I narrowed my eyes and an uneasy feeling filled my body.

[Because it’s impossible to kill me completely before my body and soul start to regenerate.] Bringer of End stated confidently. [Every second, I complete 672.589.457.789.212 cycles of recreation and destruction. It means that you have less than 0.00000000001 seconds to erase my body and soul completely. Tell me, Immortal Soul, do you think you can do that?]

My expression immediately changed.

[Surprised?] Bringer of End laughed. [No matter how fast you are, you won’t be able to erase me completely in that time. I don’t know anyone across the universe that can accomplish it yet.] [And if you can’t kill me, it means that the victory is mine.

[This barrier will last only another fifteen minutes. After that, my connection to the rest of the world will return.

[By then, it will be just a matter of time before this world is destroyed.

[Even if you continue fighting me, how long can you last? One year? Ten years? One hundred years?

[Eventually, you will be forced to flee or die here after being slowly tired out.

[It’s my victory, Immortal Soul.]

I held the grip of my sword tightly without replying.

Fuck… This is… out of my expectations…

Could it be that there is no way to stop him?

At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded beside my ear.

“There is one, William.”

Startled, I turned around, finding that a beautiful black-haired woman had appeared behind me at some point in time.

“Time is relative, my love,” Ysnay said while looking at Bringer of End. “And I can give you enough time so you can kill him.”


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