FPD Chapter 731

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The Witch’s Sacrifice


Black hair, black eyes, and an appearance so beautiful that it makes the stars in the sky pale in comparison.

“You are here, Ysnay,” I muttered with a complicated expression.

“I told you I was going to help you to defeat him, did you forget?”

I shook my head and changed the topic.

“Do you have a way to defeat him?”

Ysnay smiled and nodded.

“As I said, time is relative. I just need to lengthen his time, thus, one second to him will be one year to you.”

I frowned. That was easier said than done.

Bringer of End knew it as well, so he scoffed after listening to Ysnay’s words.

[You sure talk big for a witch. You should know how hard it is to interfere directly with an Immortal. Even if you can manipulate my time, there is a limit to how much you can lengthen it.]

“I know. But I have away.” Ysnay said without looking at him. The entire time, her gaze was on me. “Do you trust me?”

I sighed and nodded. “Although I hate to admit it, I do.”

Ysnay smiled and caressed my cheek gently. “Keep in busy for a few seconds, okay?”

“Consider it done.”

Ysnay chuckled. Then, she closed her eyes.

Immediately, countless threads appeared around her. These threads were initially connected to her in a mysterious way, but little by little, they started to move towards Bringer of End.

Bringer of End frowned and tried to snap them off, however, he could not touch them. Even when he used his mana, the threads did not react.

[I hate Seers.] Bringer of End snorted and mana surged out of his body.

His mana was like a sea that expanded without an end. It occupied each inch of space inside the barrier, filling it with a murky color.

Then, the destructive mana rushed towards us.


I set up several layers of barriers around Ysnay to guarantee her safety. Then, I let my soul power loose.

One second later, my soul power and his destructive mana clashed.


The transparent soul power and the murky destructive mana fought for space inside the barrier. The two colors occupied half of the barrier each, trying to overwhelm the other constantly.

And in the middle of these two colors, Bringer of End’s spear and my sword met.


Reality Render bent space following my will. It easily overcame Bringer of End’s defenses, severing the arm holding the spear.

But Bringer of End did not care. In an instant, his arm had regrown as his other hand was launching a spear attack towards my neck.

I used space laws to make the distance between his spear and my neck infinite. Then, I brandished Reality Render calmly, and it cut seven times in the same instant, dividing Bringer of End’s body into pieces.

But Bringer of End’s body returned to normal before I could blink. It then grew several arms, every one of them holding a spear piercing in my direction.

Likewise, I swung Reality Render and used space laws to attack in several places at the same time, countering every one of Bringer of End’s spear moves.

Moreover, I managed to pierce Bringer of End’s heart in the process, killing him once more.

Just at that moment, Ysnay opened her eyes.

“It’s done.” She said.

In the next instant, countless fate threads wrapped around Bringer of End’s body, tying him tightly.

Every one of these threads had just one purpose. To make Bringer of End’s time longer.

[Bitch!!!] Bringer of End bellowed. [I’m not so easy to kill!]

As soon as he spoke, his body disintegrated into pieces and the threads of fate lost their target!

He killed himself to escape the effects of Ysnay’s spell!


“It’s useless.” Ysnay’s voice was calm. “I created these threads using my entire existence in exchange. Just killing yourself is not enough to get rid of them.”

– When Bringer of End reappeared, the threads tied themselves around him again.

Bringer of End’s face changed. He understood the meaning of Ysnay’s words.

And I understood it too.

Ysnay used her own life as a sacrifice to create these threads.

[… You… You are crazy.]

“It’s virtually impossible to interfere with an Immortal directly. If I want to do it, I need to pay a price. My entire existence is more than enough to modify your ‘time’.”

[So you gave your life to kill me, huh. Hahahaha, as expected, Immortals are crazy.]

“We are.” Ysnay smiled and looked at me. “What are you waiting for?”

At this moment, my expression was very complicated.

No matter what, Ysnay and I have known each other for thousands of years. Even if our relationship was not that good, knowing that she is going to die leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

“Is it alright?” I could not help but ask. “What about the sixth plan? I thought you planned to force me to give you a place by my side.”

“This is the sixth plan, my love. This way, you will never forget me.”

“… That is a very bad joke.”

“Is it?” Ysnay giggled. “Go, I can’t keep this for much longer.”

I nodded and walked towards Bringer of End.

“Any last words?”

[I’m not dead yet, Immortal Soul. Don’t celebrate too early.]

“No, you are already dead.”

Soul power erupted out of my body and was infused inside Reality Render, making it glow. The amount of soul power was so immense that the sword seemed as though it was about to explode!


[Not yet!!!]

Bringer of End roared. His entire body lit up as he gathered every drop of mana inside him in his spear.

[I won’t die here!!!]

With a roar, Reality Render and Bringer of End’s spear clashed, creating a giant explosion that distorted the fabric of space.

Then, everything became silent.

And Bringer of End’s body was turned into ashes.


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