FPD Chapter 74

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Clara’s Love and Lust (1)


“… Where is it?” Clara asked with a shy look while looking at the surroundings.

“My bedroom.” I replied with a smirk. I then held Clara by the waist and carried her to the bed.

We were in my bedroom in the academy. I was not sure if this room had good sound insulation, so I put a ward around the room to soundproof it.

I then stared at Clara with an amused smile.


I smirked. “You are very beautiful.”

Clara blushed and hid her face behind her hands. I observed her adorable gestures with an intense gaze.

Then, I removed her hands from her face and kissed her lips.

Clara put on a timid expression and kissed me back. But different than before, I was not satisfied with an innocent kiss. Instead, I slowly opened her lips and invaded her mouth with my tongue.

Clara trembled. She nervously felt my slimy tongue invading her mouth and moaned.

I did not rest my hands while I was kissing her. Carefully, I began to unbutton her habit and remove her clothes.

Clara turned red and helped me to remove her clothes. When I saw the half-removed habit, I felt a burst of excitement rushing to my lower body.

With the habit half-removed, Clara had an entirely different kind of appeal. It was as turning something pure into something tainted.

I had a strong urge to tear her habit apart, but I held back. I could not find a way to explain to saintness Safelia why her habit was torn. So, I had to conform with taking off her clothes in the normal way.

Her pure white skin shivered when her clothes were removed, and her auburn hair fell into her shoulders. I observed the delicate beauty on my bed with an expression of intoxication.

“Claus…” Clara sighed and looked into my eyes. Her black eyes shone seductively, reflexing my face in her pupils.

I caressed her shoulders, feeling the warm skin against my hand. Clara twisted uncomfortably and sought to kiss my lips, but I moved my mouth away and bit her ear softly.

“Mmmmm…~” Clara moaned and looked at me with a pitiful look. I found her expression terribly cute, and could not help but kiss her forehead and nose, tenderly licking her cheeks until finally meeting her lips.

“Fuuu…” Clara exhaled in contentment when her lips met mine. We then lost ourselves in a long kiss and intertwined our tongues in pleasure.

Clara was completely inexperienced in sex, so she followed my lead meekly. I enjoyed her awkward tries to satisfy me and played with her mouth until we were out of breath.

When our kiss finally ended, a long threat of saliva was connecting our mouths.

“… Claus, let’s do it.” Clara said shyly. I nodded with a tender look and began to take off my clothes. Clara then fixed her gaze on my body with a curious expression.

When my clothes were finally gone, Clara gasped.

“So big…”

“Don’t worry, you will not have trouble receiving it.” I smirked and Clara turned completely red. She looked at me with a wronged expression and pouted. “Idiot.”

I laughed and clasped her face. I then brought my mouth close for a deep kiss that left Clara breathless.

I then laid her body on the bed and looked into her eyes with a hunry gaze.

“Are you ready?”

“… I heard it hurts, is it true?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

“Mm. I believe you.” Clara then opened her arms and hugged my neck, joining her mouth with mine. I took it as the signal to begin and moved my sword towards her sheath.

“Mmmm.” Clara groaned when she felt my dick touching her crotch. I was not hurried to start, and instead, began to rub my dick in her entrance.

“Hhnnn… ahh… Claus…” Clara twisted uncomfortably when she felt my member teasing her cave. I did not need to wait for long, because in a short while, her lower body was completely drenched in love juices.

I was slightly surprised. I never thought that Clara would be so sensitive.

However, it only excited me more.

With my weapon ready, I kissed her lips softly and hugged her back. “Clara, I’ll start.”

“Mm, okay.”

Hearing her confirmation, he slowly slid inside her.

“Ugh…” Clara grunted in pain when my dick touched her hymen. I frowned. Clara was very nervous, and due to it, her body was too tense. If I continued like that, I would end hurting her.

I took a deep breath to calm my libido down and smiled to reassure Clara. “Calm down, love. Everything is alright.”

Claire looked at me and nodded. I could see that her eyes were a bit teary due to the pain, so I kissed her eyelids and licked her tears.

I then waited until Clara was accustomed to the sensation of a foreign body invading her and slowly began to move inside.

Clara’s body was very wet, so it did not take long before she started to feel pleasure. Quickly, she was struggling to suppress her moans.

“Claus… Ahhnnn… It feels good…”

I smiled and kissed her lips. Then, I caressed her cheek and looked into her beautiful black eyes.

“It will be a bit painful soon, okay?”

“Huh?” Clara put on a startled expression, but in the next second, her face contorted in pain.


Finally, I had stolen her virginity.


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