FPD Chapter 75

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Clara’s Love and Lust (2)


“It hurts…!” Clara grunted and bit her lips.

I took a deep breath and gently caressed her face. Clara’s cave was very tight, and her hymen was very sensible, so she felt a bit more pain than normal when I broke her virginity.

Fortunately, I was the one having sex with her. When I felt her hymen break, I instantly sent a thread of mana into her body to alleviate the pain.

Clara looked at me with teary eyes. She had a wronged expression, and her big eyes were a bit wet. I admired her beautiful face while caressing her body, slowly making her forget about the pain.

Slowly, Clara’s body relaxed again. With the help of my mana, Clara soon stopped feeling pain, and instead, it was replaced by a strong itch.

“… Claus…” Clara’s eyes turned hazy. I brought my lips close and kissed her mouth fiercely. Clara groaned and moaned while trying to cope with my kiss.

But while she was distracted with the kiss, my waist moved forward.


Instantly, Clara opened her eyes wide.

A sensation completely different from anything she had felt before invaded her mind. Clara felt an electrifying sensation of pleasure overwhelm her entire body.

“Uhhhaaa…” Clara let out an incoherent moan. I put my hands on her waist and slowly began to pound her.

“So tight.” I grunted and focused my mind on piercing her. All my thoughts were reduced to the satisfying sensation of tasting Clara’s body.

“Oohh… Claus, stop… I feel strange…” Clara begged with a flushed face, but I did not stop. I moved my weapon the way it caused her the most pleasure and enjoyed the different reactions she showed.

Her walls wrapped around my penis, sucking an engulfing it with multiple layers of pleasure that accumulated to bring me the most satisfying feeling possible.

“Ha… ha… ha… Claus, no…”

“You are so beautiful…” I looked into Clara’s black eyes and whispered sweetly. Clara was so overwhelmed by my thrusts that she did not react to my words, instead, she twisted and moved her body to cope with the constant assault she was experiencing.

Seeing her like that, I grinned in pride. I then brought my mouth to her breast and bit her nipples.

“Ahhhh!” Clara screamed and arched her back. Her tight hole tightened even more around my penis and her body convulsed.

“So-something is coming…!”

I felt a wave of love juices flooding her cave and drenching my body. Her body twitched and shivered uncontrollably under the intense orgasm.

Then, her mind blanked.

Clara’s body turned soft, and her eyes rolled back. A line of drool flowed from her mouth until her neck.

Her body twitched a pair of times before stopping. Apparently, her first climax had overloaded her brain.

But when I saw her ahegao expression, my excitement increased 300%.

The next instant, I pierced her body until the end.

“Clara, Clara…” I muttered her name and sped up my thrust. My movements turned fiercer, as if I wanted to drown Clara in waves of pleasure.

“Ahhhh…” Clara was unable to speak. Her mind had not recuperated from the previous orgasm yet, so she could only respond passively to my attacks.

But before long, the new waves of pleasure woke her up.

“Claus…!” Clara shouted my name and hugged my back. She wrapped her legs around me and arched her neck, positioning her cave to receive better my thrusts.

I kissed her neck and continued attacking her. My hands roamed through her chest and legs, feeling her skin shiver every time I thrust inside.

Clara’s wet cave became tighter and tighter. Sometimes, her cave would suddenly clench around my dick, increasing my pleasure to a completely new level.

I moved my dick in and out, moving it around her cave to find the places where she felt the most pleasure. Sometimes, I would attack a place in particular repeatedly, leaving Clara unable to breathe.

Clara’s consciousness had long been lost in the intense vortex of sex. The current her could only hug my body tightly while feeling the overwhelming pleasure she never felt before. Her mouth was opening and closing constantly, panting and moaning each time my penis touched her womb.

We were completely absorbed in the feeling of lovemaking. Our only thoughts were how to enjoy our partner. The crazy feeling of sex was enough to make us addicted.

When Clara was finally getting accustomed to the pleasure, I turned her body on the side and lifted her left leg, putting it onto my shoulder. Then, I began to piston once again.

“Uahhhhh!!!” Clara let out a loud yell when I pierced her vagina. In this new position, my penis could reach to her deepest part easily, pounding against her womb and bringing her a newfound pleasure.

“Nooo~…” Clara grabbed the bedsheets and arched her body. Her limbs quivered and her cave clenched my penis.

I smirked seeing her second orgasm and accelerated once more. I roared and put all my strength in my thrusts. With each attack, Clara would shudder and gasp.

The fierce attacks made Clara’s mind blank. Her eyes were completely unfocused, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Finally, my orgasm was coming. I grabbed Clara’s waist and accelerated even more.

Then, with one last thrust, her body shook.

I shot my sperm into her cave and Clara gasped feeling the warm liquid filling her insides.

“God…” I heaved a sigh of satisfaction and removed my weapon. At some point, Clara had fainted due to extreme pleasure. I looked at her sweaty body with satisfaction.

Clara’s skin had turned red due to the exhausting exercise. Her legs were quivering and her body was twitching, trying to process the pleasurable torture.

The sweet smell of Clara had mixed with the fishy smell of sex, and my bed had been completely drenched. I was a bit stunned to how much sex fluids Clara had let out.

I brought my face close to her face and kissed her nose. Then, I kissed her lips.

Clara woke up at that moment. She looked into my eyes with a drowsy expression and sighed.


“Good afternoon, my princess.” I smiled.

Clara’s lips curved up. She hugged my neck and brought her lips to mine. We shared a long kiss filled with intense feelings of love.

Soon, I was excited again. Clara felt my stick stiffening against her belly and panicked. “Claus, you…”

I looked at Clara panicking expression with a bad smile. “Hehe…!”

Then, I pounced towards Clara again.



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