FPD Chapter 80

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One Against Many


“Men, kill this bastard!” The red-haired woman ordered coldly. Instantly, all the people around charged towards me.

Men, women, children, elderlies, guards, gamblers, and prostitutes. All kinds of people jumped without hesitation to attack me, wielding daggers, swords, hatches, and knives. I was slightly surprised to see how zealously they were attacking.

Furthermore, I could feel that many of the people attacking were pretty strong. Some were even above the fourth layer. I found it unexpected than a mere medium-sized gang had so many skilled fighters.

However, even if the number of enemies was multiplied by a factor of ten, I still would be unafraid.

Before the gang members could reach me, two small daggers, the weapons I was going to use in this disguise, appeared on my hands. Then, my figure blurred.

The next second, the people nearest to me froze.

An instant later, their bodies flew away, crashing against the gang members behind them.

“Wah!” Expressions of surprise appeared on the gang members’ faces. But before they could react, they felt something hitting their chest, then, they vomited a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

In less than one second, half of the enemies had been incapacitated.

The remaining half paused. They looked at me with eyes opened wide. Half of their combat force had been taken down without them understanding how.

For a brief instant, none of them dared to move. The fear of the unknown overwhelmed their minds. They were frozen in terror before the overwhelming strength I showed.

But at that instant, a lithe shadow moved.


A rapier pierced towards me from the shadows. The rapier moved so quickly that anyone below the eighth layer would have been unable to react.

However, I just leaned my body aside and swung a dagger in an upward slash, clashing with the rapier and repelling the enemy.

“What are you doing!?” Exclaimed the attacker. “No matter how strong he is, he is alone! Even an elephant can be drowned by ants, much less a man!”

The frozen gang members were startled before blushing in shame. They could not believe that all of them were intimidated by me alone.

The next instant, a fire burned in their eyes. They raised their weapons and charged towards me.

I flashed an amused smile and looked at the woman that attacked me. She was tall, almost as tall as me, and had a slender and well-toned body. Her arms and legs were filled with beautiful muscles filled with explosive strength, and her brown hair danced with the wind. This woman has the flair of a powerhouse that grew through hundreds of battles.

I let out a surprised sigh. I did not expect that besides the leader, this gang would have another genius else. This woman was younger than the leader, and her strength was a layer below, but her talent was as great as the leader.

The woman wielded her rapier skillfully and performed several complicated thrusts intending to seal my movements and allow the other gang members to attack me. Her rapier skills were incredibly precise, able to pinpoint the best place to attack with incredible accuracy.

But before long, the woman’s face turned grave. She realized that despite giving her all, I was still uninjured.

Furthermore, none of the gang members that attacked me was conscious. Every time someone attacked me, I would counterattack with a relaxed but decisive blow. As of now, tens of gang members laid sprawled in the ground, their life and death unknown.

The woman turned angry. Seeing my relaxed expression and the bodies of her subordinates falling to the ground with each second, she desired nothing more than slice my body in thousands of pieces.

However, it was obvious that her skill was far from enough.

But soon, a belt-like sword circled from behind the gang members and attacked me from an unexpected angle.

I put on a slightly surprised expression. This attack was truly skillful. Even someone stronger than the eight-tier would be helpless before an attack like this.

Unfortunately for them, it was far from enough to defeat me.

Before the belt-like sword could touch my neck, my silhouette blurred and disappeared suddenly. I then appeared in front of the leader and slashed down with a backward grip.

“!!!” The leader opened her eyes in surprise, but she was a very experienced warrior. In an instant, she let go of her belt-like sword and pulled a hairpin-like dagger from her hair, stopping my dagger a second before it pierced her shoulders.

But then, her expression changed.


A pure and fierce mana invaded her body, freezing her movements and rendering her helpless. Then, she felt a strong pain in her gut.

“Gah!” The leader vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying, unconscious.

“Sister!” The rapier-wielding woman screamed in panic and threw herself towards me, but I parried her attack with a dagger while using the other to attack her shoulder. The woman showed an expression of panic and tried to retreat.

But in the next second, her eyes flashed with a sly glint.

A shadow materialized behind me. Suddenly, a dagger coated in dark miasma pierced towards my back.

The attack was completely sudden. Even the woman’s allies were surprised by the sudden apparition of the shadow-like assassin.

However, I simply smiled.

When the dagger was about to touch my back, my body leaned aside, and with an odd movement, I moved behind the shadow.

“How…!” The shadow’s soft voice was filled with surprise, but a blow on her nape silenced her. I then looked at the rapier-wielding woman calmly.

“Was that your last trick?” I asked with a cocky smile. The woman gritted her teeth and pounced towards me in fury.


“Sigh… How weak.” I shook my head disappointed and disappeared from the rapier-wielding woman’s sight.

Before she could understand what was happening, her vision darkened, and her body fell to the ground.

Finally, I looked at the remaining gang members still standing. They were shaking in fear, wondering how was it possible for someone so strong to exist.

I heaved a sigh and waved my hand. A wave of mana spread to the surroundings and knocked the remaining gang members unconscious.

I then looked at the alleyway filled with unconscious bodies and shrugged.

I guess that stiff shoulders will be the least of their concerns when they wake up.


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