FPD Chapter 87

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We returned to the Red Skull Gang’s base.

The injured men were sent to the infirmary. The infirmary was full today. After all, I had incapacitated various of the gang members before and now another group was sent in.

Fortunately, the injuries of the people I incapacitated were light. I was careful to no injure them gravely. They were going to be my future subordinates so I could not be too hard with them.

Once the healing mages confirmed that Cline was alright, Marana and Akilah sighed in relief. They then looked at me gratefully for saving their brother.

Marana hesitated for a little while before bowing deeply.

“Thank you.”

“S-Sister?” Akilah was slightly surprised seeing that, but I just smiled and nodded. “Don’t mind it, you are my subordinates after all.”

Marana’s expression became complicated. “… Right. However, I still want to thank you. If you had not been there, perhaps Cline would have died.”

“Hahaha. As I told you, don’t mind it. If you want to thank me, then swear me your loyalty.”

Marana was startled when she heard that, but in the next instant, she smiled wryly. “I’m sorry, although it’s true you helped us, I’m not sure yet if you are worthy of me and my siblings’ loyalty.”

I just shrugged without minding Marana’s rejection. After all, she was right, we just met today and she could not be sure if I deserved her loyalty or not. If she truly swore me her loyalty just now, then I would have suspected that something was wrong.

I had to admit that I was pretty satisfied with these four siblings. Marana, Akilah, Cline, and Raven were all very talented. Marana was already at the eighth layer and the other three were at the seventh layer. The oldest of them, Marana, was just twenty-eight years old.

People as talented as they were rare, but I got four on my first night. Moreover, I also got clues to resolve the issue of achieving group immortality, so my mood was pretty good. Even I did not expect tonight harvest would be so good.

With such good luck, nothing can go wrong.

After that, I asked Marana to take care of the Red Skull Gang and show me the remaining data tomorrow. I also instructed her to keep a low profile while I was not here and try not to provoke the Blood Night Gang. They probably would not dare to take action in the middle of the day, but it was good to be careful.

Besides that, I told her to find a group of loyal people with passable talent. Marana and her siblings were indeed pretty strong, but they were not enough if we wanted to make the Red Skull Gang the strongest of the capital.

Of course, I could simply go and erase the other gangs from the map, but if I had to do all the work always, what is the point of having subordinates?

Lastly, I instructed her to keep an eye on Raven. I was not sure if the soul contract caused any side-effect, so I had to be careful.

Once I made sure that I did not forget anything, I left.

It was almost six already, and my classes began at eight. Although I would be alright without sleeping for a few months, I wanted to rest a little before going to class. After all, I was still injured.

But when I was going back to the academy, an overwhelming sensation of danger assaulted me.

My expression changed. My senses expanded to the surroundings and Akashic Sight showed me everything in a few kilometers around me.

However, I was unable to find the source of danger.

My brows furrowed. I don’t like it.

The feeling of danger did not disappear. Instead, it became even stronger. At some point, it was so strong that I was pretty sure I was going to die.

I filled my entire body with mana without caring for my injuries. I prepared myself to fight to the death.

But suddenly, the feeling of danger vanished.

It was very sudden, as though it never existed. I even suspected that my senses were failing me.

However, I instantly denied that guess.

With my strength, my senses would not fail so easily.

I searched for a while for the source of danger, but I failed to find anything, so I sighed.

Shaking my head, I departed towards the academy.

Unfortunately, I could not shake off the strange feeling of unease in my heart. Something was wrong, I knew it.

Less than twenty minutes later, I was back in the academy. I took a step across space to return to my room and let out a tired sigh.

But when I entered the room, my expression froze.

A figure was seated on my bed, looking towards me with a mysterious smile.

She observed my get-up and curved her lips up. “Someone had a lot of fun last night.”

I smiled wryly. Crap, It looks like I used up my luck with the siblings.



Far, far away from the empire, in a nameless mountain range–


A terrifying explosion blew up the upper part of a mountain and destroyed the surroundings with its shockwave.

The explosion happened suddenly, killing all the living beings nearby. The mana in tens of kilometers became berserk, and the laws of the world were twisted.

Then, in the place where the explosion happened, a black-hole like portal opened. One second later, a beautiful and pale-white small hand appeared.

The hand was perfect, giving a feeling of absolute beauty. It carried a strange kind of charm that would make anyone submit.

But when the hand appeared, the heavens rumbled.

Bolt after bolt of lightning struck the portal and the hand, bringing with them absolute destruction. The bolts of lightning were as big as a house, and the lightning had turned pitch black due to the overwhelming destructive energy inside it.

But despite it, the hand remained unscathed.

It extended a finger towards the sky and instantly crushed all the bolts of lightning. Then, the black-hole like portal became bigger and the entire arm appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the portal had become many times bigger. Most of the body had already crossed through the portal, and only the head remained.

But at the moment, the world rumbled once more.

In a desperate attempt to stop the invader, the world condensed all the energy possible in a giant beam-like destructive attack. The dark beam of energy sucked everything, from light and mana until gravity, and shot it towards the portal.

But at that moment, a sweet but enraged voice resounded through space and time.

“You will not stop me from finding my dad, puny world!!!”

Then, the world lost its color.

Mana so overwhelming that could be compared to the energy inside the core of a small moon, exploded outwards.

“BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!” A nuclear-like giant explosion destroyed everything in hundreds of kilometers. For an instant, it was as though another sun had been born.

Then, everything disappeared.

The lightning, the clouds, and the mountains were gone.

A second later, a small girl appeared floating in the air.

The girl was incredibly beautiful. Her face was so perfect that it was incomparable. She could be described as the perfect definition of cuteness and seductiveness mixed together.

Then, the girl opened her eyes.

Blood-red eyes lit up the world. The girl’s eyes carried boredom and indifference befitting of a superior being, but in their deeps, they were filled with a powerful obsession.

Her golden-red hair waved with the wind, and her beautiful fox ears twitched cutely. Sparks of lightning occurred around her body, a sign that the world itself rejected her existence.

However, the girl seemed not to care.

With a look of expectation, she raised her hand and activated a magic circle. It was a very basic magic spell, [Search], but in her hands, this spell could find anything in this world.

But when the magic circle was activated, the sparks of lightning around her destroyed it instantly.

The girl’s expression crumbled. She raised her eyes to the sky and let out a shout of fury.

“Puny world, do you think you can stop me from finding my dad?!!! Nothing can stop me, nothing!!!”

Her mana exploded outwards, but the sparks of lightning around her became even bigger, suppressing 99% of her power.

Seeing it, the girl wrinkled her brows. She then stopped using mana and calmed down.

“… It looks like I have not recovered completely, huh? Dad’s seals sure are effective.”

She then looked around and grinned demonically. “But it doesn’t matter. I can wait for a little more. Then, I’ll finally find my dad! And this time, not even death will help him to escape! We’ll be together forever!”


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