FPD Chapter 88

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Hurt my Feelings


“Someone had a lot of fun last night, huh.” The woman waiting for me in my room smiled teasingly towards me.

I smiled wryly. What in the hell is she doing here?

“Headmistress.” I bowed slightly.

The headmistress, Evelyn Humillitie, smiled with an I’m-waiting-for-an-explanation look. I scratched my head awkwardly.

“Then boy, is there something you want to tell me?” She asked.

“… Sorry for leaving the academy without permission?”

“Hahahaha, okay, but that’s not what I want to hear.”

Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it either.

I searched frantically through my mind for an answer. I’m not sure how much she knows, but I’m sure she is suspecting something.

“Although I must say, I never expected that one of my students was a beyond twelfth-layer warrior.”


I sighed helplessly and lowered my shoulders listlessly. “How long did you know about it, headmistress?”

“I was still suspicious just now, but you confirmed it. Well, you suddenly appearing inside the room already gave you away.”


The headmistress saw my dejected look and curved her lips up. “Actually, I noticed something was wrong with you from the start, but I did not know what it was. My eyes are a bit special, you see, but even them failed to find anything.

“However, tonight the laws of the world were in chaos, and for some reason, I thought about checking in you. And walah! a barrier was surrounding your room and you were not inside.”

Fuck, how can my luck be so shitty?

I retract my words from before, tonight my luck sure is shitty.

Not only was I discovered by the headmistress, but she even fooled me into revealing my true strength.

I’m ashamed of calling myself an experienced reincarnator.

“… You are injured?” The headmistress asked suddenly.

I was startled but nodded in the next second. “Yeah, a bit of an accident.”

“Right, as if someone of your power can be ‘injured’ accidentally. Don’t worry, I’ll not ask what you were doing.” The headmistress’s voice was filled with sarcasm.

I was speechless. Please, where are your manners?

“I’m surprised, though.” The headmistress said. “You are already so strong at your age. What kind of monster brought Silna to the world? To think that I even considered myself a genius.”

“… Did you know my mother?”

“Of course, she was my student. I taught her before her tragedy happened. Unfortunately, I was too weak back then to help her.”

She then fell silent. I could feel that my mother’s tragedy left her with a deep scar.

“Anyway.” The headmistress heaved a deep sigh. “I imagine you are planning to avenge your mother, right?”

I did not answer, but my expression told her everything.

The headmistress sighed seeing it. “I suspected so, but your current strength is not enough. Even though the emperor is not very strong, some powerful existences protect the empire secretly. They’ll not allow you to harm the emperor.”

I nodded. “I know, but they are not enough to stop me… What about you, headmistress? What are your plans?”

The headmistress stared at me fixedly and then nodded. “Of course, I’ll avenge her, but I was planning to wait until my strength is enough to kill an emperor without consequences.”

“Then, will you help us?”

“I’m already helping you. Or why do you think your sister has not been married off to some fat noble yet?”

I nodded in understating. Certainly, sister Dina was already 19 years old, but she did not have a fiancée yet. And even though some people ware interested in her, for some reason, the emperor never agreed.

Now it looks like the headmistress was the reason.

“Thanks.” I bowed gratefully.

The headmistress waved her hand indifferently. “Don’t worry about that. Silna was my student, so it’s my duty to protect her children.”

She then looked at me and sighed again. “She surely would have been proud of you if she sees you now.”

I fell silent. Although I don’t have any feelings for my dead mother, it’s uncomfortable to hear someone else speaking about her.

“Oh right, sorry about Katherine’s behavior. I was the one that asked her to provoke you.” The headmistress suddenly said.


“I told you, didn’t I? I thought something was wrong with you when I saw you for the first time, and after that, you showed strength way beyond your cultivation twice in public. So I asked her to find a way to fight against you so I could determine what was wrong. Well, she dislikes you in the first place, so she was more than happy to follow my orders.”

I smiled wryly.

“Don’t think bad of her.” Continued the headmistress when she saw my expression “The truth is, she had some very bad experiences with princes and nobles, so it’s normal that she has a bit of prejudice against you.”

I shook my head and shrugged. To be honest, I never cared about it.

Although now I’m curious about what happened to her.

“I understand, I’ll make sure of being gentler next time.”

The headmistress put on a strange expression. “Please no, I don’t want to see my student with a womanizer like you.”


I’m indeed a womanizer. But even so, your words hurt my feelings!

Seeing my awkward expression, the headmistress chuckled. “Come with me, boy. I’ll show you something.”

She then grabbed my hand and activated a teleportation magic circle.

The next second, we disappeared from the room.


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