FPD Chapter 92

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Daisy’s Punishment (1)


After that, the headmistress and I teleported to her office. I bided her farewell and left to the student council office.

The headmistress curved her lips up when she heard my answer. She also told me that she will tell me when she needs my help and that I could use the portal if I needed to train.

To be honest, the headmistress’s offer is pretty good. Not only can I recover my injuries faster in the space-time tunnel, but I can also protect the world and use the monsters to relieve my stress. And if one day I am bored, I can make a trip to the other world as vacations.

Of course, I’m sure that if the headmistress knew my thoughts, she would have fainted of fright

We spend almost four hours in the space-time tunnel, so the classes had already started when I returned back to the normal world. I decided to skip classes today and wait for the others in the student council office.

But when I reached the student council office, I realized that someone else was there.

“Your highness.” Daisy bowed to me with an expressionless look.

I smiled wryly when I saw it. It looks like Daisy was angry.

“How are you, Daisy? I thought you were in class.”

“Nn-nn.” She shook her head. “I needed to wait for my master, so I could not go to class.”

“Is it so? I’m sorry.” I said.

Daisy kept her expressionless look. “You don’t need to apologize, your highness. It’s a maid’s duty to wait for her master, even if the master suddenly disappears without reason. It’s not like a maid is allowed to complain.” She then turned away and crossed her arms.

I smiled teasingly and walked towards her. Before Daisy could react, I hugged her from behind and put my hands on her waist.

“Sorry. Something came up and I had to leave.” I whispered in her ear and put my chin on her shoulder.

Daisy squirmed and looked away. “Your highness doesn’t need to give me explanations. I’m simply a maid.” She said.

Little girl, if I don’t give you an explanation now, you will be displeased for a long time.


I held her body tightly and kissed her cheek. Daisy shivered, but she refused to look at me.

I heaved a sigh and opened my mouth to explain to her. I told her that the headmistress needed to speak with me so I went to meet her. I also told her that I was not planning to take long so I did not tell anyone.

It’s not that I did not want to tell her the truth, but headmistress Evelyn asked me to keep the matter of the space-time tunnel a secret. Furthermore, Daisy was still too weak. Telling her about it only would make her worry about me.

Daisy believed me easily, after all, I mentioned the headmistress. I probably would not use the name of the headmistress to lie… right?

“So, you are no longer angry with me?” I asked with a soft smile. Daisy blushed and lowered her head. “I was not angry…” She whispered in a mosquito-like voice.

“Is it so? However, I think you sounded pretty angry.”

“… Sorry.”

“Mmm.” I curved my lips up. “A simple sorry is not enough.”

“… What does your highness want?” Daisy asked with her face completely red.

I smirked and bit her ear. “Of course, a bad maid needs to be punished.”

Daisy bit her lips with a pitiful expression. “… Your highness.”

Seeing the tears in the corners of her eyes, my libido shot up. The current Daisy was truly seductive.

Lately, Daisy had become more proactive in sex, so seeing her with such a docile expression filled me with excitement.

“So, will you accept your punishment?” I asked with a teasing smile.

“… But what if someone comes?”

“Don’t worry, everybody is in class so nobody will come.”

“Anyway, I think it’s better if we wait until–Uuu.”

I kissed Daisy’s lips.

Daisy shivered. She twisted her body on my arms trying to escape, but I held her firmly. My arms hugged her waist tightly, pressing her body against mine.

Our tongues soon started to play with each other. Although Daisy was a bit timid at the start, she soon let go of her worries.

It had been a few days since the last time we did it, so Daisy was quickly turned on. In the blink of an eye, she was facing me and her hands were roaming through my body.

After kissing with each other for a few minutes, our lips separated. Daisy was panting seductively, and her eyes were looking at me with a heated expression.

I lifted her chin and smiled with a sadistic expression. Seeing that, Daisy trembled. A strong feeling of anticipation filled her.

“It’s time for your punishment, little Daisy.”


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