FPD Chapter 94

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Daisy’s Punishment (3)


“I-I’m sorry, teacher, I forgot it in the student council’s office.” Andrea bowed to her teacher with an apologetic expression.

The teacher sighed and waved his hand. “Don’t worry, miss Andrea. I don’t need it urgently. You can hand it to me later.”

“N-No! I-I’m part of the student council, so I have to be an example to the other students and be responsible. Don’t worry, teacher, I won’t take long.” Andrea said.

“Sigh… Okay.” The teacher sighed with a helpless expression. “Hurry up and go. But do not take too long. Today’s class is very important.”

Andrea nodded and apologized again to the teacher. She then left the classroom and ran towards the student council’s office.

Students were forbidden from running inside the institute’s buildings, however, Andrea had some advantages due to being a member of the student council. It was an emergency, so she decided to make use of that right.

Today was just the second day of class, but she had already forgotten to bring her assignment to the class. She blamed Claus for it. Yesterday her mind was in cloud nine due to remembering all the shameful things she did with him, causing her to forget the assignment in the office.

Andrea felt her cheeks turning hot. [No good, it’s not the time to think about it…] Chastising herself, Andrea shook her head and continued running to the student council’s office.

Quickly, she reached to the place in question.

But when she was about to open the door, Andrea stopped.

For some reason, she heard a soft grunt coming from inside the office.

Andrea wrinkled her brows. Now was class time, so the student council’s office was supposed to be empty.

[I wonder who is it…] Andrea asked to herself and grabbed the handle of the door.

But when she turned the handle to open the door, she heard another grunt.

And this time, she realized that something was wrong.


Andrea put on an expression of suspicion. She recognized the owner of the grunt as Claus, but he sounded strangely… excited?

Curious, Andrea opened a slight gap in the door and peeked inside.

Instantly, her expression froze.

Inside the room, Claus was seated in a chair. He was smiling slightly while caressing the head of a girl.

As for the girl, she was kneeling between his legs and moving her head up and down.

“!!!” Andrea was unable to move. She tried to process the scene she was seeing, but her mind was in chaos.

It took her a few seconds to recognize the girl as Daisy, Claus’s servant. And it took her another few seconds further to understand what was happening.

Then, her expression paled.

Andrea involuntarily took a few steps back and fell to the ground. She looked towards the door with eyes full of pain.

“N-No…” She whispered. She could not believe what was happening.

Andrea squeezed her chest strongly. Her mind turned blank, and her heart hurt.

She did not want to believe what she was seeing.

“I-It’s a lie…” Andrea muttered to herself, but in the next second, the scene behind the door reappeared in her mind.

Then, a tear rolled out of her eyes.

Andrea loved Claus. She had loved him for a long time and dreamed of marrying him.

Even though they were cousins and Claus had a fiancée, she loved him. She loved him more than anything in the world.

In fact, when she learned of the rumors that Claus’s fiancée wanted to break off the engagement, although she felt a bit sad for Claus, she mostly felt delighted.

After all, it meant that nobody would exist between her and her beloved cousin.

And when the incident two days ago happened, although she was slightly ashamed, her happiness overwhelmed her embarrassment. For the first time, Andrea felt that her relationship with Claus had gone beyond cousins.

But now, she discovered that Claus had already an intimate relationship with someone.

[Why…?] Andrea’s heart shattered. The pain was so great that she felt as though she was going to die.

Of course, she knew that it was normal for nobles to have more than one wife. However, she wanted Claus for her alone! She wanted to be the only woman in his life!

At that moment, the moans and grunts coming from the office became faster and louder. Andrea felt as though each moan was a hammer crushing her heart.

But for some reason, her body moved against her will.

She dragged her body towards the door and peeked inside through the gap in the door. Instantly, the scene of debauchery inside the room entered her eyes.

Claus was holding Daisy’s head with both hands and thrusting repeatedly inside her mouth. His movements were very fierce, so fierce that for an instant, Andrea thought that Daisy was in danger.

But strangely, Daisy was fine.

Although she resisted for a brief time, after that she seemed to be… enjoying it?

Claus’s thrusting accelerated. Suddenly, he pushed Daisy’s head down and thrust with much more strength than before.

Then, he let out a groan of pleasure.

Andrea shivered. For some reason, her face turned red and her body turned hot. A strong itch suddenly appeared on her lower body.

Claus pulled his penis out of Daisy’s mouth. He then put Daisy against a table and lowered her underwear.

Andrea gasped. She grabbed the hem of her dress nervously, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Then, she heard Claus whispering something.

“Let’s start the next part of your punishment, little Daisy.”

Daisy’s turned nervous. She looked at Claus as though begging him to forgive her, but her eyes carried a hint of expectation, and her hidden cave had been flooded with love juices.

Claus simply smirked.

Then, under the astonished gazes of the two women, one in the table and the other behind the door, he took off his belt.

Daisy’s panicked, but before she could do something, Claus tied her hands on her back using the belt.

“Bad maids need to be punished.” Claus said smilingly.

Then, he raised his hand.

… and spanked Daisy’s ass.


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