FPD Chapter 95

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Daisy’s Punishment (4)


“Auuu!” Daisy groaned. Her legs shivered due to the pain.

But before her mind could process what was happening, another burst of pain assaulted her butt.

*Slap!* Claus’s hand hit Daisy’s ass, leaving behind a big red mark.

“Uuu…” Daisy moaned pitifully. She looked at Claus with a wronged expression, but Claus just smirked.

“You are a bad maid, huh…”




“Y-Your highness…”




“Ahhh…~” Daisy’s legs buckled due to the pain. Every time Claus’s hand impacted her ass, she felt as though something strange was invading her mind.

Strangely, her cave had turned wetter after being spanked by her master.

At some point, Daisy began to confuse the pain with pleasure. Each time Claus’s hand hit her ass, she felt an almost orgasmic pleasure going through her body.

It was as though an electric current was stimulating the most pleasurable zones of her body, making her unable to resist her master’s punishment.

“You are a lascivious bad maid, huh…” Claus breathed seductively in her ear. Daisy shuddered. Hearing the words whispered by her master almost made her climax.

The pain, the pleasure, and the feeling of being dominated by the man she loved overwhelmed Daisy’s mind. Her resistance had been reduced to moans and groans of excitement.

Her crotch was itching painfully. She wanted to be invaded by her master. She wanted to be dominated even more.

Daisy tried to bring her hands to her crotch, but then she remembered that Claus had tied them. She then tried to use her legs to relieve the itch, but Claus used a hand to stop her.

“Oh? It looks like my little maid is a bit uncomfortable.” Claus teased.

“Y-Your highness… Please…~”

Claus smiled and raised his hand again.


“Uuuu…~” Daisy shivered. Her eyes rolled up and her mind turned blank.

“What a foolish maid. How does she dare to ask something of her master during her punishment?”


“It looks like I have to punish you a bit more.” Claus smirked an raised his hand again. He endured the desire to pierce Daisy immediately and continued spanking her ass.

Seeing Daisy like this brought Claus an indescribable feeling of accomplishment. Every time Daisy moaned, Claus’s excitement increased.

And on the other side of the door, Andrea was looking at the scene with her eyes opened wide. She could not believe that Claus and Daisy were doing something so perverted.

Andrea was still rather innocent, so, such a high-level play was too much for her mind. At some point, the slapping and moaning sounds had eroded her reason.

Then, she involuntarily brought her hand towards her cave.

When her fingers touched her panties, Andrea shivered.

Just like that, she had climaxed.

[W-What… W-What is happening to me…?] She asked herself in fear.

However, the sense of pleasure and relief brought by the climax did not decrease the lust she was currently feeling.

Inside the room, Claus continued spanking Daisy.

Each slapping sound was accompanied by a loud moan of Daisy. Currently, her entire body was shivering, and her mouth was opening and closing repeatedly.

Her two butt cheeks had turned completely red. Finger marks adorned it, giving her ass a beautiful shape.

The burning sensation coming from her butt was making Daisy crazy. She could not understand why it felt so pleasurable despite the pain.

Finally, with another slap, Daisy’s mind turned blank.

Her body spasmed repeatedly and her eyes rolled up. A flood of love juices escaped her vagina.

Then, Daisy collapse in the table.

Claus grinned. He caressed Daisy’s back gently and kissed her butt.

He then touched her slit with his fingers. Instantly, his fingers were soaked in love juices.

“How perverted, little Daisy. I’m wondering if rather than punishing you, I rewarded you.”

“Uuu…” Daisy just shivered and looked at Claus with puppy eyes.

“It looks like you need more punishment then.” Claus smirked. He then brought his stiff weapon towards Daisy’s entrance.

The next second, he pushed his waist forward.

“!!!” Daisy opened her eyes wide. Her body shivered once more, and her mouth opened in an ‘o’ shape due to the feeling of her cave being invaded.

In the next second, Claus started to piston. He used all his strength in each thrust, reaching to the deepest part of Daisy’s cave.

“Your highness…~” Daisy screamed loudly. She had completely forgotten that they were inside the student’s council office. Currently, she only wanted to feel her beloved body filling her.

At that moment, Claus spanked Daisy’s again. Instantly, Daisy’s body stiffened, and her cave clenched Claus’s rod.

“Ugh!” Claus groaned. He then used even more strength to face the stronger pressure coming from Daisy’s cave. The pleasure he was feeling instantly shot up to the next level.

“Daisy…!” Claus grunted and grabbed her waist. With one hand, he continued spanking Daisy, and with the other, he was holding her waist.

“Ahhh…~ So good…~” loud moans continued coming from Daisy’s mouth. Andrea, that was behind the door, could not help but speed up the fingers touching her cave when she heard those moans.

Claus’s thrusts and Daisy’s moans continued for a long time. Each stroke of Claus’s holy sword would stimulate Daisy’s cave, making her tighten her cave around him.

The table had been filled with love juices. Claus and Daisy were battling so fiercely that the table had begun to creak.

At that moment, Daisy orgasmed again. Her body shivered strongly, and her eyes lost their focus. Seeing it, Claus accelerated his movements. Thrust after thrust attacked Daisy’s cave mercilessly until finally, the finishing move was ready.

“Ugh!” With a grunt, Claus thrust his weapon one last time and shot his body essence inside Daisy.

“Ahhhnn…~” Daisy gasped. The next second, she closed her eyes and lost consciousness completely.

Seeing that, Claus let out a deep breath and took out his penis from her cave.

Then, before the peeping tom could react, he took a step across space and appeared in front of the door.

In less than one second, he pulled the door open.

“Oh? It looks like we have an unexpected witness…” Claus’s lips curved up.

On the other side of the door, Andrea was wearing a frightened expression. She had a hand on her cave and had formed a puddle of love juices on the ground.


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