FPD Chapter 97

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Two Are Better Than One


“Little devil, tempting your master.” I felt my breathing turning heavier.

“Why? Will master punish me?” Daisy breathed in my ear seductively.

“Mischievous little fairy!” I snarled and turned around. Before Daisy could react, I grabbed her waist and put her beside Andrea.

“Kya!” Daisy let out a small cry, but her eyes were shining seductively.

Unable to resist her tempting appearance, I pounced into Daisy fiercely. My weapon was thrust inside her cave and invaded her until her deepest corner.

“Ahn…~” Andrea let out a moan of satisfaction and hugged my neck. I kissed her lips and started to move, pounding into her love cave repeatedly.

“Ahhn~ Your highness…~ More…~”

“Little devil, I’ll show you to respect your master!”


My penis was thrust inside her once and again. Each time, I made sure to stimulate her erogenous zones carefully.

At the same time, my hands roamed on her body. Daisy’s creamy white skin was completely exposed to my claws.

I kissed her neck while piercing her cave. My hands played with her breast, pinching her nipples fiercely.

“Aghhnnn…~” Daisy let out a deep moan and hugged my neck. I took advantage of that to bite her nipples and pull them upward.


Feeling that stimulus, Daisy cummed.

Unfortunately for her, I was not planning to end things like this.

Before she could recover from her latest orgasm, I put her legs on my shoulders and resumed thrusting.

“S-Stop~!” Daisy begged me, but I just curved my lips up and looked at her with a teasing smile.

Then, I put strength on my waist and slammed her crotch.

“AHhnnn…~” Shivering, Daisy could not help but let out a loud yell. Her still sensitive body reacted to my attack producing even more love juices.

A mix of pain and pleasure rushed to Daisy’s brain. She let out a deep groan and moaned.

The student council’s office was completely hot. The smell of love juices and sweat filled the room, and the loud moans of Daisy could be heard outside. If someone were to walk near the room, he would hear the noises Daisy was doing.

But I did not care about that. Feeling Daisy’s body twisting helplessly under me, I grinned. My movements speed up and my waist moved up and down with even more strength.

Under my relentless attacks, Daisy’s cummed for the third time, but like before, I did not stop. This time, I turned her body around and pierced her from behind while pressing her back down with my hands.

“S-Stop…~! Y-Your highness…~ Please~!” Daisy’s pitiful voice reached my ears, but I just continued thrusting. I could feel her body trembling with each thrust. After orgasming thrice, Daisy’s body was already completely under my control.

“Little tempting devil, do you like it?” I whispered in her ear without stopping my movements. Daisy looked up at me and tried to speak, but each time she was about to speak, I made sure to attack fiercely to stop her words.

“Please… anh…~ Your highness…~ Stop…~”

I looked into her beautiful eyes and grabbed her waist. My movements accelerated again, bringing Daisy to the peak once more.

“No…~” Daisy screamed and arched her back. Her body produced a lot of love juices that flooded her love cave.

At the same time, I gritted my teeth and pierced her deeply.

Then, my white and hot stuff was shot into her womb.

“Uu…” Daisy groaned one last time and fell asleep in the table. Her face had a look of satisfaction and tiredness.

Seeing that, I slid out of her cave and sighed happily while seeing the whitish liquid slid out of Daisy’s entrance.

With a smile, I looked at the blue eyes that were looking to our intercourse.

“Seen enough?” I asked.

Andrea blushed. “Is Daisy alright?” She asked.

I grinned and walked towards her. “Mmm… If I were you, I would worry about myself instead.”


“What do you think?” I put on an evil smile and walked towards Andrea.

“W-Wait!” Andrea panicked, but it was too late. I lifted her beautiful body and put her against the wall, then, I slid inside her.

“Uuu…” Andrea looked at me with teary eyes, but I just smiled and kissed her small lips. My waist started to move, pounding against her ass and invading her cave.

“Mmm…~” Andrea moaned softly. Her beautiful and slender body shook with my thrust and tried to accommodate my member. I grabbed her breast from behind while kissing her neck and piercing her hole.

Of course, I was gentler with her than with Daisy. After all, today was Andrea’s first time, and she was much more inexperienced compared to Daisy.

But even so, Andrea was quickly unable to endure. Less than two minutes later, she climaxed again. I held her shivering body and continued pounding her insides, feeling her layers of flesh moving each time my penis pierced her.

Andrea’s legs shook. Her body lost strength and she almost fell to the ground. If not that I was holding her, she would have fallen.

“C-Cousin…~” Andrea looked at me pitifully. I kissed her lips and licked her ears and continued with my work.

When I felt that Andrea was ready to cum again, I increased my speed. My penis slid inside and outside her repeatedly, increasing her pleasure crazily.

“C-Coming!” Andrea exclaimed, and her body shivered again. I held her beautiful and lithe body tightly and pierced her ane last time, shooting my white seed inside her womb.

“Ha…” With a sigh, I hugged her tenderly and kissed her lips. Then, I carried her towards the table.

Daisy was still asleep. Her face was red due to the extenuating exercise, and her body shivered occasionally.

Andrea, on the other hand, looked at me with hazy eyes. She entwined her fingers with me and kissed my lips with a loving expression.

“I love you, cousin.” Andrea whispered.

I kissed her back and stroked her head. “I love you too.”

Hearing that, Andrea fell asleep too.

The smell of sex and the even breathing of the two girls filled the office.


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