Chapter 23

Chapter 23


Waking up early Wednesday morning, I got lunch at the convenience store and received 7, 100 yen coins!

Well now, I hope a good card comes out!

Drawing the normal Gacha!


『N Revised sliding Banana』

To set attach on the ground or floor- both feet slides due to the banana


『G Final Fusion』

The card is able to create a new card by fusing two weapon cards

Activate by shouting the card`s name with the two weapons equipped


『N Wait just a little bit』

To set attach to the target person- the specified individual will remain still for 5 seconds after 5 seconds


『N Anal Snake Slime Sword』

Summon weapon- contractor only – the sword will aim at the specified target person`s anal for 1 hour


『S Are you seeing the sun now?』

Summon attack item- 1 time use- attacks with the flare from the sun!

It’s not possible to attack when the sun is visible, because the range of attack is super wide be careful! Its hot!

Activate with the line “Are you seeing the sun now?”-  may take some time for the attack to arrive!?


『N Dragon (temporary)』

Summon magic- to set throw it into the air- summons Dragon (temporary) – HP 1

The papier mache dragon moves realistic


『N Legendary Cherry tree』

Summon tree- to set hoist up in the air- the legendary tree makes wishes confessed to it come true

It moves seeking the best position at night! This tree withers within 1 year.

P.S Because the Gods will become angry please work- From the Cherry tree spirit


With『Are you seeing the sun now?』 this world is in my hand in one gulp! This is a dangerous map weapon, right….. when I think of Blaze(low level) then its most likely talking about blastmost(high level)….the erotic gacha creator-san was good to me! It was thrown into the trash bin. Well, the world should have been saved, I  did my best, isn`t that right?*

As for『Revised sliding Banana 』, just how much do you love bananas! When I go to school I will use it!

For 『Final Fusion』I want to combine something with monster hunter!

『 Wait just a little bit』is something that can be used in a battle! I will keep this safe.

As for the『Anal Snake Slime  Sword』should I use it as a prank against bad people, for the time being I will hold onto it .*

As for『N Dragon (temporary)』it would have been great for a dragon to come…..its weaker than a slime!



Does the『 Legendary Cherry tree』the spirit of cherry tree even work! ? It works hard moving at night because on the contrary of being scared it doesn’t approach anybody? What would become of it, if I summoned it in White Lily academy, perhaps Lily flowers will bloom!…..Hmmm, I`m interested but I don`t need it, I will visit this later! Cherry tree spirit! *Poi* in the trash bin!*

With the Gacha already pulled I should go to school, when heading towards the bus stop, Yuki-ane was making a troubled face, a beautiful girl wearing White Lily academy uniform was facing Sakura-san in dangerous aura. Sakura-san looked at that person with unconcealed hostility.


“ Kaede-san stop it with your false accusation”


Sakura-san was furious with the beautiful girl. Her name was Kaede. A tight face with long silk hair reaching her waist, and her chest was huge! If Aoi was a melon then Kaede-san was a watermelon. Her abundant chest gives the impression that it will burst out of her uniform. Kaede-san pressed a question to Sakura-san with harsh words.


“Sakura-san there`s no point in playing dumb. You did something to that person?”

“There isn`t such a person like that? Don`t get carried away with your delusions!”


“Wasn`t it? Weren`t you simply discarded?”



Sakura-san exchanged bare hostility, its rare for Sakura-san to use such sarcasm towards a female…. Also for Kaede-san to be able to oppose Sakura-san, it seem she also has quite the strong personality. As for me, because I was a little far away I couldn`t hear their conversation. The noise made by the female students in the surrounding was also large, the students are also not brave enough to go near two of them. I really don`t understand anything at all.


“Yoo-hoo! Good morning Sei”


From behind me, my shoulder was slapped, it was Aoi who made such a bright greeting. Aoi can`t you read the atmosphere a little bit


“Whoa, Kichijouji Kaede-san. Why are you wearing a White Lily academy uniform?”

“Whats up Aoi, do you know that person?”

“Huh? He came to Sakura-san birthday party previously?

“It’s because of somebody I was in the hospital, hmm”


As for Sakura-san birthday, she was born March 14 on White day, and I was stabbed by Aoi`s stalker 5 days before that day, so because I hospitalized I couldn’t go to the birthday party.


“As for this conversation wasn`t it already finish. If I remember correctly aren`t you a third year at Seiryuu Academy”


As for Seiryuu Academy, although there was distance from our school to the christian female high school, it was inside of the metropolitan area. As for Kaede-san it seems transferring school was considered normal but, is it normal to change schools in the 3rd year. Its different when its in another prefecture.


“It appears there was open hostility from a long time towards Sakura-san. You could say she is Sakura-san natural enemy.”*


“Despite being natural enemies wasn`t she invited to Sakura-san birthday party? However, I haven`t seen this person?”


“Come on. I also only meet her once, there are various things since its the Kichijoji family”



I guess this fellow has their reasons. Well, It doesn`t seem related to me if the origin is from the past. In that instant, a dreadful bloodlust gaze pierced through my back. *Trembling, I turned around but there wasn`t anybody, it must have been my imagination….


“Huh? What`s wrong Sei”

“No, nothings….”



The hero apprentice was involved and perhaps the skill was activated. For a short while I`ll be extra vigilant.

The two person finish their quarrel and Sakura-san and Yuki-ane boarded the bus, Kichijoji-san goes to the other side of the bus park walking to parking lot. Despite coming by a car it seems she purposely made a declaration of war to Sakura-san at the bus stop. If its possible, I don`t want to become involved with Kichijoji-san. Its Sakura-san’s natural enemy afterall. Scary!

I should also boarded the bus and go to school. When summarizing the events until dismissal of class in school today.

Should I introduce Takeshi and Keisuke to Nana’s elder sisters before home room? When I told them that they hugged me in joy. Noisy! These guys photo`s were sent to Nana-san, if its the case that Nana`s older sisters saw the photos and agreed then we would meeting at White Lily festival, that became the course of events leading up to the introduction.


When I showed them the photo of Nana-san when we went on our date for the time being, I was constricted by the noise. After that, Tosuke and Keisuke had a discussion on what to wear to White lily`s festival, they didn`t ask for my opinion at all. Although I told them that this is a photo of my girlfriend and her older sisters may not necessary be cute?  Besides, its not like they agreed yet. Well, its two person own dream.  When I parted with two of them I sent Takeshi and Keisuke’s photo to Nana-san.

With a dash during lunch break I placed 『Revised sliding banana』at the corner of the corridor, taking a position in my classrooms door shadow, waiting for a prey to be caught in the trap. Yoshida a delinquent with pierced ear and his hair dyed brown was a lone wolf who messes around but, it seems he was skipping class and was caught in the trap when he turned into the corridor`s corner.

The banana appeared under both of Yoshida`s feet, bursting he into a slide on the corridor like sliding on a skate, he passed in front of me crashing into wall at the other end of the corridor in a straight line and fell down. I chased after the sliding Yoshida. Large amount of yellow banana`s appeared downpouring on top of Yoshida that crashed into the wall at high speed, Yoshida whole body was covered in banana.

Yoshida`s pants and boxers fell off when he stood up in rage, exposing his half naked body. Yoshida became confused trying to cover his penis due to the female students scream that worsen the situation, it was already too late to regret. That Yoshida had a small and short phimosis penis. Furthermore, Yoshida once again slided due to the banana`s that covered the floor making him fall face up, a pale banana that wasn`t ripe appeared from the air covering the small and short phimosis penis.

As expected, the only thing that improved was the sliding banana! Its elaborate. Its embarrassing in general and is a attack that can result in suicide. After that, Yoshida`s nickname became “pale banana”. I`m sorry for Yoshida but I held my sides while bursting out laughing.

After that, there was message from Nana-san, the email that came said she wanted for me to introduce two person to her older sisters.  When I told Tosuke and Keisuke they were delighted, I told them about the appointment at 11 o`clock at the archery club while keeping my head at a distance because they would try to kiss me, and then left.

Although this a digression, female students of White Lily academy collapsed a lot due to the effect of 『Red Rose』 &『Blue Rose』, it seems Yuki-ane and Sakura-san was summoned into the student counseling room. 『The greeting of Eguchi Yukina and Tennoji Sakura is prohibited』this school regulation seems to have been made. As for the two person, they became a legend for a student to be called to student counseling room for being too beautiful.

However, a postponement message came for Friday`s appointment from Sakura-san. Although I`m worried about what happened, I wanted you to forget about that arrangement……

I met with Yukiko sensei after school and gave her a few commands and then went home. Today Yukiko-sensei`s husband wasn`t on a business trip. Haha, I will definitely plant my seeds in Yukiko-sensei!  I picked up a card and broke in a grin.

End of chapter

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