Chapter 24♡

Wednesday evening I returned home and had dinner with Yuki-ane, I rode on my bicycle for the first time in a long while, heading towards Yukiko sensei apartment. When I moved for a short while I exited the station going out into the dry river bed. Crossing the bridge while feeling the refreshing wind I turned left and a 15 storey luxury apartment appeared.

It seems Yukiko sensei`s condominium was not less than 1779 square feet on the top floor of this luxury apartment. The security was also amazing with a personal identification number and a master key. However, strangely it looks like a toy when compared to Tennoji family house. Because that was a castle rather than a personal house…..

Going to the top floor with the elevator! I called Yukiko sensei and entered the apartment. I was guided by Yukiko sensei into her bedroom and the bed room was 355.8 square feet. There was a king size bed. When I waited there for a short while, Yukiko sensei appeared in her underwear. As for Yukiko sensei`s panties, it had a small bear on the underwear! Standing at the door wearing the rosary of corruption while hiding her breast with her arms.


“Oh, this room is quite big. Did Yukiko sensei have sex with your husband here every day?”

“……I sleep by myself….”


Ah which reminds me, the rosary of corruption refuse the husband sexual advances. I should comfort Yukiko sensei`s lonely body!


“That’s lonely. Let ,me teach you 『The truth of love』! While standing spread your legs”

“Kiyyya, T-thiss!”


A glove up to her white elbow, a white knee-high socks up to her thigh and a white wedding dress that really suited Yukiko sensei. As expected its a bridal rape.


“Before the marriage ceremony with your husband I`m going to plant my seed via the forbidden wedding rape!”

“Eguchi-kun…..Stop it…already….”

“Did you wash inside of your ass just as I told you?”


When we met after school, I gave her a order in order to make her clean herself with a enema syringe.



“If so choose between you`re ass or vagina”


Yukiko sensei shakes her head and doesn’t answer.


“If you don`t answer…..”

“A, my ass…..I want it in my ass….nooo”


Crawling into Yukiko sensei`s skirt who became bright red. Ahh, a clean white panties and a garter belt. Your begging for it!

I caressed her clit and vagina over her panties with my tongue. Some of my saliva rubbed against her pure white panties, soiling Yukiko sensei`s crotch. When I licked her vagina a lot while caressing her clit with my finger, Yukiko sensei half raise her feet while raising a rough breath.


“Stop playing with my clit aaaahh, don`t knead there so hard…..hiyyaa!”


When caressing their for over 30 minutes, sexual fluids soaked out from her vagina. Lets begin with a fellatio!


“Yukiko sensei I want you to lick my penis”

“Nnoo, such a thing….c-cruel, you your cruel”


Coming out from inside her skirt I lowered my zipper and Yukiko sensei was then directed on her knee in order for her face to come before my crotch.


“Ugh, gusu(sob)….peroo(licking), pichu(stuffed)…..chuuchu(sucking).. ..chuu”


Forcing her small tongue on my dick while looking at my dick with scared eyes while weeping, Yukiko sensei licked my dick awkwardly. Licking around my glans like ice cream while stroking my dick tenderly with her white gloves.


“Aahhh….rerooreroo….chupoo, ughhhh, sunnrerorero(smooth rolling)


Yukiko sensei`s fellatio movement was clumsy and innocent. Her tongue was stretched to the limit to lick in order for it twine around my large dick, licking while moving her tongue with a flick on my penis`s frenulum. The newly just married wife was licking the penis other than her husband eagerly in a bridal dress had a immoral feeling to it.

I thrust rigidity into her lips gap by grasping Yukiko sensei`s head. Yukiko sensei`s puffed lips felt unbearable. When I hammered it inside her mouth by thrusting my waist, the wetness and warmness felt great.



“Ora, move your tongue so it can go in even deeper!”*


“Ugh….chu, n, puchuhaann. Hmm…chuu, rerorero”

“Agh, your the best! Lets begin with obtaining Yukiko sensei`s mouth vagina, I`m cuming! Ugh!”


My milk was spit out with a thrust out of my dick into the deepest part of her throat like striking Yukiko sensei`s face. My rick milk occupied all of Yukiko sensei`s mouth. Ah~Yukiko sensei`s throat moves drinking my semen! Yukiko sensei`s cheeks swells and my semen leaks from the gap between my dick and her lip. As for Yukiko sensei breathing seemly became difficult while drinking my rich milk. Seeing that I also pulled out my dick.


“Gahaa….its smelly, sour…bitter….kehoo*cough*, ughh, cruel…….”

“I will enjoy Yukiko sensei`s ass, by piercing it from behind on top of the bed”



I made Yukiko sensei move on top of the bed and then raised her ass, resulting in her pure white panties covering half of her ass. I relaxed her bottom hole with my tongue while caressing her peach ass that looked like delicate pale meat.*


“Ahh…..ahhhhh……that….is embarrassing…”

“It feels good, doesn’t it? The front, behind and mouth were all first experienced by me! Hey, beg me!”

“Please feel comfortable using Yukiko`s ass…master”


I made her beg while making her spread her ass`s hole with both hands. Now, should I have sex. Honestly I have no interest in anal but the story is different if I`m snatching away somebodies new wife, so I will ravish her!


“By penetrating I will formal open Yukiko sensei`s ass!”

“I`m afraid! Its scaryy….! Guaa!? Iiiihiiii! Ahh ughhhh~hhh! Hiiiitaii(hurts)!”


When I thrust into Yukiko sensei`s ass hole, she cried and raised a voice similar to wild beast. Her anal was tight, it felt good and was different from the the walls inside the front hole. When I thrust up into the deepest part, Yukiko sensei`s body became stiff.



“ If I don`t pull out forcefully her ass will break! Well, I will move however”*

“Gauuuahh!? Gauuuu!hhaaa! Ughhhahhh~hhhh! Hnnnnn!”


I shaked my waist in order to slowly enjoy Yukiko sensei`s ass. The opening and closing of her entrance was warm and tight really felt the best!



Sliding below her wedding dress I ravished her anal while rubbing her small nipples. I became excited and bite yukiko sensei`s neck a lot due to her crumbling face in shyness, pain and with Yukiko sensei`s rough breath.*


“Ughhhh~! Ahiiiiii~iiii! Gauuuuuu! Ahhhhh~hh! Hhhhhh!!”

“It feels good! Pardon me since I will cum in your ass! Ora!”

“Hhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Haaaaaaaaaaa”


I thrust my waist in a particular big way and ejaculated my semen in the deepest part of the reluctant Yukiko sensei. My glans wriggled and her walls convulsing, felt good. My dick pulsed even when I finished shooting my first round, I enjoy the lingering sensation as it was still connected. Yukiko sensei caught my ejaculation inside while her shoulder was trembling while crying.

Then, a anal plug was taken out, its one of the things that was bought together with the enema by Yukiko sensei. Its funny just imaging the innocent Yukiko-sensei buying those things in a sex shop. Now, before putting in the cork.


“I will make Yukiko sensei into a meat urinal!”

“Whatt, noooooom, don`t pee inside of me aaaaaa~”


I urinated inside of Yukiko sensei, after feeling refresh I pulled out my penis and corked in the anal plug.


“C-cruell, lowest, your the worsttttt, higuu, my belly….hurts..snuffling”

“Ora, its not over yet Yukiko sensei!”


I thrust from behind in one go into Yukiko sensei`s vagina.


“Hiiiii, noooo, you p-promised…”

“I dont feel like using the back hole anymore, okay! I must mate with you on you`r dangerous day!

“Ahhh, nooo, stopp itt, at least put on a condom pleasee”



Moving lightly, should I pour it into Yukiko sensei. Shaking my waist in one go reckless, I ransacked her wet vagina. Although Yukiko sense tried to desperate run away before while begging, I went into a ejaculation position by grabbing her waist tightly. Today is Yukiko sensei dangerous day, impregnating is certain due to mating forcefully!


“Nooo a baby noo. Stoppp, please take it out! I`m begging you!’



“You dislike this but you also like it inside! Its pleasant isn`t sensei! Your husband and I have the same blood type!”

“Absolutely nottt! Stopp noooo aaa, nooo, not insidee!”

“I will make you have a belly of a pregnant woman by cumming inside irresponsibility! Because when your belly becomes big I will continue to ravish you!” Understood!”

“Nooooooo! Take it out please although its dangerous day you cant, take it out of me yaaaa!”



Dashing large quantities of semen into the reluctant Yukiko-sensei. I spit out semen without accident from my glans with all of my strength, stopping at the wombs entrance. Baby juice swarms to the ovum, ovulating from the womb.*


“Fuuu, congratulations on becoming pregnant! It would be good for the first one to be a boy that takes after me also!”

“Take it outtt, take it out nowww! C-cruel….your the worst……”



“I will pull out when I do it once more in Yukiko sensei! I will take it out after the second shot!”



I lusted after Yukiko sensei`s body like a beast, shaking my hips while pushing my way through large quantity of semen. After Yukiko was creampied, her eyes looked dead and the image of a bride dressed in her wedding gown only shed tears. I endured and shot my second shot without accident. Yukiko sense`s belly looked like a pregnant woman due to my surprising long ejaculation. When I pulled out, my semen pulls a thread from her crotch and flows down.


“Fuu next  the『truth of love』 will stain your bear underwear!”

“…..No more…..noooo….a baby……….noooo….”



I pierced the naked bear underwear of Yukiko sensei in the missionary position. Sensei only swayed to my penis movement with vacant eyes in a daze. I released my semen numerous times while licking her small cherry blossom nipple, when I became aware she had fainted.*


“Did I overdid it …? Well, I succeeding in 7 shots, Yukiko sensei should be pregnant with this. Sensei! When you give birth to my child I will come again! ”


I cleaned  up Yukiko sensei who was violated with the butt plug still attached while wearing a bear underwear. Now, I should go home, take shower and sleep!

Leaving Yukiko sensei as she was I left her apartment, getting on my bicycle and I returned on the same road I came on. I committed five hours to Yukiko sensei until it was one o’clock in the morning. As one would expect I was really tired. Although I was glad that I could stay at Yukiko’s house, I still have the tools for school on me and with it being another person’s house it would be hard for me calm down

Crossing the bridge, then I traversed the dry river bed, at that moment, a light arrow landed in front of me and exploded, my body was thrown onto the ground due to falling off from my bicycle. What the? No way ….


“Thief! Well, you should just return the cursed sword!”*


Somebody came into view with iron gauntlet and iron breastplate in a blue Elven dress before me who was laying upside down on the ground. A beautiful woman with blue eyes and blond hair around 160 cm and looked to be around 20 years old. Holding a battle ax in her hand.

Wait just a minute! The magical sword was something I just got with a card yesterday! Have you come to get it back already! Besides, you words are full of killing intent, Wait! Let’s have a talk first!

As for my words they were blocked due to a battle axe flash… …

End of Chapter 24