Chapter 25 ♥

Chapter 25♥


Her battle axe roars as it approaches me. I retreated in order to dodge her blow and shouted at her in loud voice.


“Wait just a minute. Do you even have prove that I have the cursed sword!”

“Yes! I tracked the Dáinsleif cursed sword magic waves, hence I do have prove that you indeed possess it!

“This….I was just holding it! Hey, please calm down, I will return it!”


The blonde hair beautiful woman chases after me while her shoulder length hair sparkles under the moonlight.


“Do you think I`m stupid! How can I possibly leave alone the contractor of a cursed sword! Die!”


Huh? By just summoning it, I became the contractor……damn that smartphone creator, I`m going to beat him to death!


“I think it would be better for everybody if you could teach me how to cancel the contract!”

Dáinsleif cannot be released until you are broken or the contractor dies! You are being devoured by the cursed swords magic surge so I must get rid of you before you become a mass murder!”


This cursed sword is really scary! It just imposes disasters upon you! Wow, the beautiful woman is chanting something and attacks with light arrows. Dangerous! The light arrow graze pass my thigh tearing a hole in my pants and caused blood to flow out. For the time being I`m going to use 『Dragon (temporary)』. I hope this can act as a bluff. When I threw the card, a green dragon around 5 meters appeared.


“What the! This is a dragon!”


The beautiful blond hair woman trembles and while she was distracted I equip the Mikawashi bandana and the baseball bat.


“Wa-haha! You will be barbecued by this dragona and disappear!”

“Tsk, as expected, I should have address you as discipline of the Masturbating Master (Onamasutaa)!”(This name remember me of a certain manga hence the title.


What kind of embarrassing name is that! I then put on the hero`s apprentice coat.


“Who are you?”

“I guess you stole the cursed sword in the name of your master! Stop playing dumb!”


I can`t deny something like….discipline of Onamasutaa. When I was being melancholia, the beautiful blond hair woman took out a rapier while throwing the battle axe at the dragon. The Battle axe pierces the dragon while casting a light, sinking into the slope of the dry river bed. The 1HP dragon vanished like that.*[1]


“Damn, that was magic!”


No, it was a papier mache. After that, the beautiful blond woman fired light arrows while circling around me, switching into a long distance battle….the light arrows reload speed was slow but the arrows themselves were considerable fast. Its impossible to even get close to the beautiful blond woman.


“Hold on do you really have to kill me because I have a contract with the cursed sword?”


“Are you begging for your life? Is that so! Are you trying to trick me into lowering my guard, well, even if I`m killed the Gowell shrine church will chase you down to the end of the world! You should just resign yourself to be killed by me!”


The Gowell shrine church huh, I will remember that. Even if I kill this person, as long as I have the cursed sword its already decided that they will come for me, perhaps I`m being aimed at by another strange organization….what I`m supposed to do.



“Hmmm, this is your reward for getting yourself involved in too much events without eve understand your own standing”*[2]


“Was that the reason why you were following me from this morning! That means you can’t deny being a stalker!”

“What are you even talking about? I only just discovered you just now!”


The hero`s apprentice coat deflects the light arrows, however, a arrow hits my thigh again, my skin tore and I frown in pain. The beautiful blond woman seemly wants to immobilize my legs …however, that gaze from this morning isn`t this persons! Am I also being aimed at by another person!?


Now, apart from that I need to think of how to deal with this person! Think! I can do it if that woman is able to”*[3]


Huh?  Thats right wouldn`t it be great if I can serve the contract with the cursed sword! Alright! I can do it! 『A person is there when I turn around』card was attached to myself.


“Chii! Master please rape this woman!”



When I shouted out and pointed behind of the beautiful blond woman,  she turned around in a panic. She fell for it! Instantly I moved behind the beautiful blond woman`s and I stole her underwear by shouting “Getchu”, her beautiful large ass was then slapped with a baseball bat with all of my strength.

The beautiful blond hair woman screamed “Kyaa” falling over while turning around to face me. The woman’s apron that had an high defensive ability was not reacting.


“Its my turn now! I will set Anal snake slime sword and Dáinsleif! Now, I will use Final fusion card on these two weapons!”


I used the final fusion card on the two weapons that I held in my hand. Combining Anal snake slime sword and Dáinsleif, a violent golden light completely filled the surround.


“A creation built with my own hands and genius! It surpasses the old legend and rises into a new legendary heights! As for this sword name….”


I shouted some chuunibyou words in high spirits! I can`t help but get fired up for something like weapon fusion!


『Confirming final fusion activation. 『Anal Enslave』has been created. Reviewing effect』


Anal Enslave

A unique sword made with the legendary cursed sword

Once aimed at an established target`s anal, if successfully lodged inside the cursed sword will absorb everything until it steals the other person`s magic

If it absorb all of the magic powers it will stop but when the targeted person magic power recovers to a certain level it will attack

The targeted person is basically made into a sheath and its impossible to cancel until the person dies, 1 time use item.


As for the Anal Enslave, it was a  jet black sword with a cylindrical fat slime shape about 1 meter, from the hilt of the sword 9 slender slime shape cord swayed ominously.


The beautiful blond woman shouted in rage.


“You bastard! What did you do to the legendary cursed sword!

“Miss, do you want to know! I don`t need something like a cursed sword, apart from that If I were you I would be more concerned about my asshole! Anal Enslave, that woman is your target! Devour her!”


I threw the Anal Enslave with all my strength at the beautiful blond woman. The unique cursed sword flew while making an ominous snake.


“Here, this chastity belt is also an underwear”


I took out the female chastity belt from the treasure box and held it up in the air. The beautiful blond woman noticed it and stole the underwear from me while running away, she even fired light arrows in a rage. The Anal Enslave movement was slow. So 『Wait just a minute』was attached to myself.


“Blond hair! 『Wait just a little bit』”

“Wait, I said wait. Ahhhh”


The beautiful blond hair woman movement suddenly stopped allowing for the Anal Enslave 9 tentacles to constrain her body.


“Stop! No, somebody! Somebody! Hellpppppppppp!”


She raised living hell with her loud voice. My sword probably released its own barrier blocking her scream. But, its regrettable that my barrier was already stretched!

The Anal Enslave that was like a tentacle constrained her with 4 tentacles twining around her hands and feet, furthermore it supported her body with another 4 tentacle, and last remaining one twined around her neck, fixing her in star shape position facing upwards in the air. The core body of fat sword raises its head and pierced her anal.


“Kyyaaaaa, guhaaaaaaa, somebody ahhhhhhhhhh!”


As for the Anal Enslave that penetrated her upto the hilt of the sword, seemly overrunning the inside of her body.


“Nobody is coming to help you!”


I went ahead to pick up her rapier and collected the battle axe stuck in the dry river bed slope. After that, when I approached her, her neck was being strangled with the tentacle with her limbs being spread out boldly, the beautiful blond woman was bent backwards like a bridge fainting in agony. As for her despair cry it won’t be heard by anybody, her face was soaked in tears and drool due to the horror of her inside being overrun and the pain of her anal being penetrated. Alright, maybe I should also give her piece of my rod.


“Stoopppppp! Somebodyy aahhhhhh, guhaaa, gobooo, gahaaa”


Amazing! The Anal Enslave that penetrated her anal had popped out from her mouth.  The winding slime sword wriggled, sticking out above her tongue. She vomited and stained her face with her own mess. As for the beautiful blond woman, the Anal Enslave held deep fully occupied her mouth to the extent she couldn`t even raise her voice, her whole body broke out in sweat due to the sensation that couldn’t even be imagine before, her whole body convulses while bending backwards more and more.

Excited, my penis got hard and was driven into the slit of her pink vagina, I then grasped the waist of this rampaging woman,


“Gaaaaa, gahaaa, gahhhhhhhh, gehooooo, hagaaaaaahhhh!”

“Was the golden girl a virgin! Hehe, are you even aware that your anal is being violated! How about that its your first time in both places!”


When I thrust into her vagina in one go, blood flowed out. Her narrow and shallow hole was shattered, perhaps she even is younger than me.

The vibration from here anal was felt when I became aware of the slime strokes on the intestinal wall. When I thrust into the deepest part, she screamed and vomited with the white of her eyes turn upwards as she broke, she then repeatedly scream.


“This is what happens when you aiming for my life, you a brave female warrior was defeated and raped. This is too difficult, I cant endure anymore!”


“Gahaaahhhhhhrerorero, yaaaaahhhhhhgafuyuuu, rerofuguuuuuuuu”

“When my sword penetrated through your mouth you could no longer chant magic. Get ready to be impregnated!”


Without even being able to endure I shaked my waist recklessly, thrusting up into her womb and poured out my semen directly. She bent backwards up to her limit while screaming in agony, when she catch my ejaculation she sticked out her tongue with her eyes opening wide, then fainted just as she was.


After that the Anal Enslave that was greedily devouring her also fainted, I was also really struggling to shake my waist. As for this meat hole that fainted, she gave me the most pleasant feeling!


“This blond hair foreigner pubic hair was also blond, I learnt something new! Ora, here`s my farewell ejaculation”


Again, I drove my second ejaculation into her womb. As for the bloodstained vagina that wasn’t wet was filled to the brim with my milk. As expected I have already reached my limit. When pulling out my penis in order to separate from her body, the slime that was strangling her neck had penetrated like it was going to indulge in her vagina.*


“Well then, that felt good!”


Just in case 『Only you will be forgotten』was used and the card that was activated disappeared. Ah, did you have a boyfriend! I successful stole another man`s sweetheart without even being aware! Leaving that girl who was shaking similarly to figure in her the memory that was raped by Anal Enslave, I moved away from that place.*


Now then, that was Gowell`s shrine church. It isn`t something a high schooler can fight against….as for this situation, I have no choice but to use my strongest modern weapon at my disposal! I picked up my bicycle and rode towards a direction away from my house!


End of chapter 25

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1 俺……オナマスターの弟子なのか……なんか、へこむな。

2 「ふん、身の程知らずに、過ぎた物に手を出した報いだ」

3  俺はやればできる子のはず!