Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Saturday evening, I went looking for help at Sakura-san house.


After being attacked by the beautiful blond hair woman from that Gowell Holy church, I made quite the scene at Sakura-san house. On the way, I wanted to get in contact with Mayumura-san so I could request of him to safeguard Yuki-ane.


Even if contacted Mayumura-san at this time would he answer the phone as normal. I wonder when does he find time to even sleep?As for that problem I will put it aside for now, as soon as I arrived at Tennoji family house, Sakura-san dressed in her uniform was waiting at the entrance of her castle`s gate.


“Explain yourself”


Sakura-san eyes emitted a freezing golden light upon seeing my pants soaked in blood.


“Gowell shrine church was targeting Yuki-ane! They said they wanted to dissect Yuki-ane among other things!”

“Sei….please stop speaking in that manner, its unpleasant way. Mayumura tell me about this Gowell shrine church?”


When Sakura-san shifted her focus, she immediately demanded information from her butler Mayumura-san who was making notes in the background.


“Yes, Gowell shrine church is an extremist sect. Their a minority but they have 4 bases in Japan and as for their foreign base…..”


I wonder how did this man come to have such a intelligence gathering ability? Even when Sakura-san just asked a question, for him to be able to answer so smoothly….


“I want them erased”


Sakura-san death judgement was handed down interrupting Mayumura-san intelligence briefing.

That is because for this person there is no mercy when it relates to Yuki-ane. Gowell shrine church was finished……it good that I realized that Yuki-ane was my most powerful secret weapon!


“Yes, Ojou-sama, do you have date when this should be done?”

“As long as it doesn`t have any impact on White Lily`s festival”

“As you command”


Mayumura-san was completely respectful! At least the church’s Japan bases would be destroyed! With this I can have a peace of mind. Sakura-san was my strongest card. An ally? I was alright with that!


For now ensuring the safety of Yuki-ane was my number one priority because with that I can depend on Sakura-san but currently, there is the problem of not being able to talk to her about the magic smartphone. If I was to ask for money from Sakura-san, she is going to want a hear the reason and what I want to buy, for example I can give a reason like wanting a private jet and knowing Sakura-san a real jet would arrive at her house.


However,  I currently want 100 yen coins rather than a private jet but  I cant really explain why I need large amounts of coins…. conversely when it comes to the Tennoji family I doubt they have ever used cash. I have never seen Sakura-san hold a coin before….. besides if I ask for money form Sakura-san it certainly will be brought to Yuki-ane attention and she will get certainly get mad….


When absolute obedience card comes out I will use it on Sakura-san and then talk to her about my smartphone, then my money worries will disappear. However, whether magic has an effect on Sakura-san is something I don`t really know, as I`m currently unable to see that cards effect. Still doing the protecting is strange….*


In addition to a powerful card, an individual strength is what matters in the end. I wonder is there even a card that can opposite a whole organization? It would have been great if there was a card that could protect Yuki-ane the whole time….I want a card like that guardian angel but it can`t be helped, I cannot depend on a card I don`t even know whether or not it exist.


Well, in the end with Mayumura-san being commanded, I think that church will certainly be destroyed and when their magician comes for revenge I will have someone to turn the tables!


After that, because I was injured I was absent from school due to being under medical care, I have a recovery potion but their a valuable item that cannot be used easily. But, when I raped that blond hair girl my wound was closed more or less. When my status increases perhaps I should increase my recovery speed.


Now, tomorrow was White Lily festival. Out of the 3000 yen I got from Yuki-ane I used 2,000 yen on White Lily Festival and the remaining 1,000 yen was changed into 100 yen coin. When I tried to use it on Normal Gacha, I got a call from that old woman.


“What is this time? I don`t want to hear about the secret of youth!”

“Hehehee, your going to regret it. Youngster did you hand over that church weapon?”

“Didn`t you see what happened.Chii, that was a valuable weapon”

“Youngster if you continue to hold it, you know it will be weaker than a iron sword. That church weapon can only truly become powerful based on the individuals magical power. What I want to know is how did you get 2 levels worth of experience point? Even I don`t have a explanation for that”*

“2 levels…..I see, take that old woman!”

“Hehehe you also received a chastity belt. Now, look at your smartphone. The settings of the main gacha had been decided. You will be able to make a choose every time your level increase by 10 levels after this”*


When I looked at the smartphone terminal it was written just as she said. When I summarised that old woman`s story. When configured, the level Gacha and Normal Gacha will become 2 types namely main and sub.

For it to be configured it was necessary for several SD card to be obtained at level 21, I will now be able to change the Main Gacha occasionally at level 31, 41, and 51…..Originally, the Level Gacha was distributed by the number of SD cards divided by my own level but when configured, the Main Gacha becomes the same as my level and my level divided by 2 becomes the sub level.


Hmm, in practice the Level Gacha deteriorates every time a SD card is obtained. I`m good with Ero Gacha being the main. When the Ero Gacha becomes the main the inscribe on the smartphone Level Gacha changed.


Ero Level Gacha

Sub Level Gacha

Sub Gacha


As for the main normal Ero Gacha it would only be great if I can throw in 100 yen coin just like before and be settled cleanly. Honestly, I think the Ero Gacha alone is good enough for me. I`m glad that only the Ero Gacha can be drawn with the normal main.*


“Why have you come to desire the church`s weapon?”

“That youngster, is because the church`s weapon had hidden itself……as result of doing something reckless. I want to secure such a technique. Well then, youngster, bichii”*

“Again you only say that and just disappear…well its okay, i should draw from the Ero Level Gacha”


G M Sword

Summon weapon- contractor only- offensive attack 194- additional effect on females

If a female is cut by this sword they will be changed to the extent that they will remember the pleasant feeling, this is a dangerous SM sword.


R A glasses game to sell a friend

Set game- summons item- contractor only- the game measures the friendship of 4 persons girlfriend

This is performed in another space- there is no passage of time inside the game


M sword』is sword that is dangerous based on its various meaning….I will use it normally and cherish it. Should I use『Glasses game to sell a friend』at White Lily festival, I wonder what kind of game we can enjoy.


Pulling the Normal Gacha


N Becomes rounded

Set attack- set by hoisting- can only be used once- strikes a ball thrown

When it hits a ball it becomes round, giving damage.


S Flurry of falling cherry blossom

Elder brother exclusive- attach to target to set-increases degree of man *

Man is something shown on the backs, when the back is seen the bewitching effect of flurry of falling cherry blossoms dance


『N OO can be seen!』

Female maid- exclusive on maids- attach to an target to set

A murder case occurred with a 100% possibility at previous employment!


『N Steel gauntlet』

Set armor- summons armor- defense 22- equipment item


『N Fishing』

Set skill- becomes proficient in fishing


『S Man`s bikini underwear(black)』*

Summon item- ornament- protects vital area


『N  Secret teaching of throwing a chalk』

Summon attack- hoist in the air to set- gives damage with a chalk

The result of practicing over the course of a teachers career till he is on the verge of retiring, kamikaze attack to students


『G Heavy Metal Slime』

Summon magic- Hoist in the air to set- summons the heavy metal slime.

Provides assistance with heavy metal music. Increase the contractors spirit.

Its annoying

Offensive 0    Defense 5000  agility 10000 HP 5- equipped guitar


『S Boatbuilder`s saw』

Summon item- carpenter’s tool- the carpenter’s tool has the skill to make anything up to a ship with this item*


『N Evolution of the legendary Cherry Tree』

Summon plant- hoist in the air to set- the legendary tree that makes love come true when confessed to. The spirit of the Cherry tree is a frantic card that evolved automatic due to being thrown away previously.

When attached together because its good everybody presently, becomes serious and the Cherry tree moves excessively*(1)

It cannot be destroyed until it has an achievement of 100 lovers! Till then the evolved Cherry tree will run wild!

Postscript- the spirit of the Cherry tree will not appear within 150 km radius of the contractor


I will use 『Flurry of falling cherry blossoms』on the Chairman, I want to see that fascinating effect.『Boatbuilder saw』is something I can give to Takeshisi nce the drama club seems to use many prop.As for『Fishing』I will slap that on myself.


As for 『Becomes rounded』it seems that it also has a lot of mental damage so I will keep it safe.『Secret teachings of throwing a chalk』is an attack card, practicing throwing a chalk….*


Man`s underwear』there isn’t a cloth where the penis is! Will this really really protect it? It would only be good if I put this on top of my boxers….. 『Steel gauntlet』is easy to equip and I’m grateful for this item since it will protect my wrist and fingers.


Heavy Metal Slime』is quite compatible with the dancing doll, this is great since it can be used an decoy. 『OO has been seen!』was thrown in the trash! A murder case with a 100% is something dangerous….


The new drama of the legendary Cherry tree』! Is an inconvenient to others, it exceeds horror! Its a inevitable death even if you serious made a new start! Haa…spirit of Cherry tree this is my defeat. Haa! I threw it from the window on the stairs of the 4th floor. The beautiful cherry tree in full bloom was summoned then vanished into the ground. Do your best…..


Later, a couple was assaulted by the urban legend making the cherry tree become famous , even appearing in a magazine. Its cool that I made a new legend with the spirit of the cherry tree.


When I returned to my room, Takeshi & Keisuke came for a visit. It seems they were worried about my injury and made the trip. I have friends the would worry about me.*


“Serious, we were worried”Takeshi

“Is tomorrow going to be alright?” Keisuke

“Ohh, I`m already okay” I answered cheerfully.

“Thats great, if you can`t come then we won`t be introduced!”


Ohh! So thats what Keisuke was worry about.


“Oh Mayumura-san! Thanks you for the meal”


Hey, Takeshi, you were aiming after Tennouji family dinner! Take back these grateful feelings! After that, we ate like we fighter for Tennoji family dinner.


“Sei eat your vegetables!”

“But Takeshi is only eating meat!”

“Keisuke don`t steal the cheese!”

“This cheese can only be eaten here! First come first served!”

“What`d you say?! Keisuke hand it over!”

“Oh my god!”


In the middle of dining table the struggle for food was violent and fun, the noise flowed from the serious huge TV that was installed on the wall.


“Following yesterday, another drug incident occurred in a church today. An accident occurred while drawing the drugs in the basement.This similar incident now marks the fourth case, the police will continue to investigate with the possibility of the church being involved in smuggling drugs.”


“Ah it has become dangerous. A church dealing in drugs and a religious cult at that”

“Thats right”


I talk with Takeshi & Keisuke while watching TV. Mayumura-san answered with “It is so” I understood that to mean “It has been taken care of”.


It looks like a dangerous enemy has been destroyed, I should enjoy the White Lily festival! I thought of that while handing over the 『Shipbuilder saw』to Takeshi just as two of them were leaving.

End of chapter 26

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*I will fix the description on the Cherry Tree, I just need to find where it was first mentioned.