Chapter 27♥

Chapter 27♥


Since White Lily`s festival will official start at 10:00 am I made arrangements with Takeshi & Keisuke to meet up at the schools gate at 9:50 am. Nana will be free from her club activates at 1 o`clock so that’s when I plan for us to spend some time together. In the end, as a result of the introduction of Nana`s big sisters being brought forward to 10:00 am I ended up coming a whole 1 hour too early.


I waited on those two guys to come and just end being a receptionist to all the guest. Ah, they came. Keisuke appeared in a black suite while Takeshi was wearing a jean jacket with a matching jeans pants. I seriously don`t know whether their combination was passable. As for me I was wearing clothes found in Sakura-san house on the recommendation of Mayumura-san.


“Chaasu! Chairman! ………..and the student council extra” I shouted at the group that just appeared.


When my two excited bros calmed down the Chairman had already arrived.


“Don`t call me a extra!” the extra said.


The vice president of the student council responded with a quick retorted. What do you mean ‘don`t call you a extra’, don`t fool yourself you are an extra? It seems Yuki-ane was shy and planned to visit the festival stalls with a total of 5 person with two coming from my student council and  one from White Lily Academy`s student council members + Sakura-san. I don`t want to see Sakura-san v.s the Chairman so I must make sure they don`t meet on there tour.


“Excuse me then, are you perhaps a minor character?” I replied


“Tee-hee~! As usual with the exception of the Chairman you`r merciless!” (extra)


“Heh-heh! Thank you!”(Sei)


“That wasn`t a compliment, you know!”(Extra)


While we were excitedly making a lot of noise I saw an opening and pasted 『Flurry of Falling Cherry Blossoms』on the Chairman but it didn`t activate.  Why isn`t it working! When I pasted it on Keisuke to test if it worked, it suddenly activated……I wonder is an individual masculinity inverse proportional to popularity. Keisuke was stupid but he was a handsome man with an attractive face. Its hard to pinpoint the actual  triggering condition.*


After parting from the Chairman the first thing we did was go to the archery club, the archery club has an established annually shooting practice and Yo-Yo fishing. I found Nana-san by her black ribbon that swayed in the air in her uniform! I wonder is the person speaking to Nana-san her older sister. She was tall and gave the feeling of being indifference which was nothing like Nana-san.


“”Nice to meet you””




This looks like a mixer. I introduced my two bros and when Nana-san introduced her two older sisters it was decided that we were going to travel separate in pairs immediately after talking for a bit.  Haruna-san a freshmen at White Lily College was Nana`s oldest sister went with Keisuke and Shinna-san who was also a freshman at White Lily College was the second oldest went with Takeshi to visit the different stalls.The introduction ended rather quickly.


The two sisters both played basketball and they seem to have started playing the game from middle school due to a recommendation from White Lily Academy. It seems it was also the recommendations of her older sisters that Nana-san came on a field trip to White Lily Academy.


“I know my friends are there juniors so do you think they will be okay with them?”*(Sei)


“I think everything is going to be alright. Haru-ane said she has crush on guys that wear glasses and Shinna-ane also said she likes muscular guys…”(Nana)


“I see…”(Sei)


I guess each person has their own preference, so as a friend do your best guys.


“Sei how about the shooting practice?”(Nana)


Nana-san looking after her visitors with her smiling face was so cute.


“Of course, I will play that game! Which one is Nana`s stuffed toy?”(Sei)


“It the Bear-san on the far right in the middle”(Nana)


Shooting practice of the archery club has its members collect items that they no longer use like stuffed toys and use them as prizes. The quality is quite good as there second hand items that were once used by a Ojou-sama. Its quite popular as many foolish male students form a crowd over them.


At the shooting practice 1 200 (US 1.80) yen tickets gives you 5 shoots. I bought 2 tickets, one for the shooting practice and one for Yo-Yo fishing, I then set up my gun with a cork bullet. *Pop* Nana`s bear-san was hit but these types stuffed toys were strong! I didn`t manage to get it until I used my last bullet!


“Amazing! You were great Sei!”(Nana)




Its not my best performance since I had to use all of the balls to hit it down! My favorability should have gone up by 5! For Yo-yo fishing I got an absurd harvest! Others say ‘its good with only one and return the rest but isn`t it good to have such a wonderful fishing skill! I talked with Nana for while before in the end separating. Nana was already busy with her club duties and then there was also the eyes full of curiosity and the whispering from the members of the archery club that was nerve racking.  When I turned around to look at Nana it seems she was bombarded with questions from members of the archery club.


Then, I ate a roast corn and hot dog at suitable food stall but I have free time until 1:00 pm….. since in『Selling out your friend, glasses game』there is no passage of time I think I`ll try using it. When I put on the glasses I saw a mark on some of the group of girls. Does that mark mean they are targets?


However, I can`t uses these girls since I`m the younger brother of Yuki-ane my face was relatively known by the girls of White Lily Academy. I walked around aimlessly while looking for students from another school.


Ah a female band wearing Ecliptic Academy uniform came into view. Ecliptic Academy was a school famous for its arts and music department. These girls were a colourful bunch with dark tanned skin wearing things like red and pink lipstick, one girl had a shoulder length hair dyed brown stylied with a step cut, another had a blonde hair with complex flashy hair clips in her head, one had a red wavy hair and the last girl had a short hair with purple streaks. Their speaking style was vulgar and big mouth, I was then enlightened and smiled.


Their face  was okay and their body was alright for them I guess. Well, when you judge a person beauty using people like Aoi, Sakura-san and Nana as your standard, my earlier comment is going to be result but I think they can be placed in the beautiful group. Although they are not following the black gyaru style I`m sure there following one of the modern gyaru styles. They look like sluts so its okay with this group.


『Target locked. Transporting』


When I was thinking about those girls the scenery suddenly changed and we were transported to place that had an presence like a prison with around 356 square foot open space surrounded by a blue stone. All the members of this Gyaru band was floating inside the middle of the room, they were tied up with a chain connecting their wrist and ankle, facing inwards to the shape of circle, naked with their arms and crotches opened in a big way.  The girls were in posture which push out their ass making the band`s tanned skin looking like it was bent forward slightly. Its unbearable to look at their bad tan line which clearly shows their swimsuit marks.


『Their physical condition will be prepared with a magic potion as well as cleaning of the『Hole』. 『Hole』will be adjusted to be fertile』(I don`t think the girls heard any of this)


A pipe came out from the floor and penetrated the  four girls vagina and anal.


“Stop ehhhhhh”

“What the errrrrrr”

“My ass is being pierced ughh, its gross kyaaaa”

“Somebody ahhhhh, mommy help me mommy ~ahh anybody ahhhh!”


The four poor girls raised hell while shedding tears, there was even one girl that was calling for help while crying. It seems like the tubes are injecting something in their vagina and as for their anal it was absorbing any filth and cleaning their insides. The four girls belly swell up like they were pregnant. When the tube was removed..


“Don`t look ahhhhhhhhhh”(Airi)

“Nooo ahhhh its coming outtttt”(Saki)

“My stomach kyaaaa its being torn apartttt”(Tomomi)

“Noo ahhh not like this ahhhhhhhhh”(Kotoko)


Simultaneously large amounts of liquid sprayed out from the four girl`s vagina. They released the magic potion towards the center like they were peeing. Anyways it was quite the erotic scene. It seems like these girls are not able noticed me. What will happen from now.


『The rules will now be explained. A number will be assigned to the『Hole』of each person. The『Hole』will be injected with semen starting from number 1. After injection, 『Hole』can choose whether herself or a friend is injected next. If they choose themselves their『Hole』 once again will be injected with semen, they can only be removed from the game by becoming pregnant. If they choose their friend, semen will be injected into the『Hole』in the next number. The 『Hole』that chooses themselves 3 times will end the game. Also if that condition is not met the game will only be cleared after the contractor pours out his semen 20 times. However, naturally there is also the possibility of pregnancy』


What a cruel game. Selling out your friend because you might be able to save yourself temporary. If you don`t sell out your friend there is 100% chance you will become pregnant. Then even if you continue to sell out all of your friends there is still the possibility of pregnancy. Well, since compulsion mating is still on all these girls will become pregnant.


『After the game is finished the 『Hole』will not remember anything from inside the game』 The contractor cannot be seen by the『Hole』. The contractor will be forced to ejaculate in 5 minutes per round. The use of their anal is accepted but please be sure to always ejaculate in their vagina. The skill where vitality in your penis is forcefully recovered will be activated only for this game.


This game is just so savage as these girls are going to be impregnated by somebody they can`t even see! Ahh! Written in a black character their name and number was on the left and right side of their ass. It said that number 1 was Airi, number 2 Saki, number 3 Tomomi and the finally number 4 was Kotoko


『The game will now begin』


Airi no.1 was the girl with wavy red head and cute pink lips. It became easier to consistently cum insides these girls due to them floating in the air as opposed to them being on the ground.Her breast was small but her ass was the type that could easily give birth. When I pinched her nipples.


“Gross ughh something is touching meeee”(Airi)


“Saying that this is gross is rude!”(Sai)


“Who are you, stoppp shittt I`m being touched by a pervert!”(Airi)


Ah~ so my voice can be heard! I guess I`m playing the invisible man role. For saying its gross a punishment is required. When I looked inside her pussy she wasn`t a virgin and it also doesn`t seem like it has been used for a long time yet as her pussy was warped in a little pink.


“No it hurts! Its huge ugh, aaah something is entering, something went inside”(Airi)


“Ha I`m bigger than your boyfriend as I`m gouging out your deepest part!”(Sei)


“Nooo ahh! Stopp aahhh! It hurtssss ugh, don`t look… everybody please don` look”(Airi)


“Don`t speak to Airi like that! Stop this for Gods sake!”(Kotoko)


I ravished Airi pussy that wasn`t wet while treating Kotoko intense shouting as background music. A good lively scream gave me greatest pleasant feeling! Also this pussy was properly developed for something used already.*


“Ororora! Your even being impregnated with the child of an invisible man! I`m cumming!”(Sei)


“Noo ahhh, helpppp meee! Somebody help mee ohhh….noonoo ahhhhhh take out that hot thing ahhh! Noo ahh, ahhyaah! Helpp me huh, Shinji, Shinjiiii! Noo ahhh!”(Airi)


Before long it was already 5 minutes. Pouring my semen inside of Airi pussy was great.


“I have filled your womb to the brim. Probably your already pregnant? Say ‘cum inside myself for the sake of your friends’”(Sei)


“Noo I can`t have a baby with someone other than Shinji! Its becoming big hurtss…stopp! Hey why don`t you go to the next girl already, its gross, a bucket load of juice is coming out ahhh”(Airi)


Ahh when I pulled out my dick large amount of semen fell out from Airi`s pussy. I looked at her cry while easily selling out her friend!  Suddenly the character 『Pregnancy confirmed』floated on top of her pussy and ass. I think they put it both places because I won`t be able to see the character from behind the girls.


“Well then, excuse me Saki”(Sei)


“Your trying to divide us even going so far as using something like our name, your just a coward!”*(Saki)



Saki is the girl with a purple streaks in her hair with a normal size breast, when I spread out her pussy it was in a brand new condition. Surprisingly she didn`t play around.


“Stoppppp, don`t look ahhhhh”(Saki)


“I`m grateful that you allowed me to forcefully thrust into your brand new pussy!”(Sei)


“Gaahhhhh, dieeeeee! I will definitely kill youuuu!”(Saki)


“If that what you want to do I shall destroy your pussy!”(Sei)


“Ouchh ahhhh, don`t movee! Its painful… hurts…I`ll kill you because I will never accept this”(Saki)


As expected when its brand new its super tight! Raising hell ferociously while shedding tear. She screams when I crushed her nipple and that make me super excited.


“I will reckless fill up your womb with my semen! Hahaha! Breed! Breed! Become pregnant!”(Sei)


“Noo! Doing thattttt, hey heyy! Its hottttt, take it outtt ahhh! Dieeeee ahhh! I will kill youuu, take it out alreadyyy ahh TAKE IT out ahhhh”(Saki)


Slap slap!*Whistling*! *Slurpp*! * I pounded my penis many times and then poured out into Saki`s deepest part. I chuckle as I saw the engraved stamp 『Pregnancy confirmed』was applied on top of Saki`s ass and pussy who was shaking her head unwilling while crying.


“Make up your mind, say ‘pour out in myself, oraa!”(Sei)


“Noo ahhh, there is so much inside of me! I will definitely not do something like giving birth to your child! TAKE IT OUTtt!”(Saki)


In the end she sold out her friend. Tomomi No.3 was the girl with the big breast and the blonde hair braided up. Her pussy had the thickest hair and was soft with a fat mons. Although her vagina was so mature despite being a virgin, was a child mentally because she was the girl that  earlier was shouting “Help me mommy’”.*


When I spread out her pussy, *drip drip* Tomomi who was trembling in fear peed herself. Her yellow sacred water was released. Tomomi face becomes red and hangs her head in shame.


“Don`t lookkk! Nooo ahhh, noo ahhh, stop doing thatttt!”(Tomomi)


“Are your urinating or begging! I will drive myself into you!”*(Sei)


“Noooo, stoppppp, I will do anything you want ahhhhhh, just don`t put it in!”(Tomomi)


“You will do anything you say, then what about me using her anal! Ora!”(Sei)


“Ouchhh ahhhh your tearing me apart! Itss hottt, it hurtss….take it take outttt”(Tomomi)


When I forcefully entered her anal she screamed out loudly begging for help from her friends. However, everybody turned their eyes away from Tomomi. Rubbing her intestinal wall felt great.  Thanks to counting from the moment I entered her anal I realized I came before even 10 seconds passed, this is too awesome I will ravish this sluts anal. I shake me waist like beast into Tomomi`s anal.*


“How do you feel! Knowing that your friends know you have already experienced anal sex?”(Sei)


“Nooo, stop it stoppp! Everybody helpp! Helpp me! Mommyy!”(Tomomi)


“Then, I will begin the pregnancy ceremony with a formal opening!”(Sei)


When I pulled out my dick from her anal I thrust it into her virgin hole. Entering inside I thrust my penis inside tearing through her hymen going towards her womb.


“Oucchhhh ahhhh, even thoug I said no… you went ahead and did it, take it out ahhhh why is this happening to me….mommy help meeee….nooo ahhh”(Tomomi)


“The only thing your mommy can do for you is help you when your giving birth! How about this why don`t you become the sacrifice that will save your friends!”(Sei)


“Nooo, get away from me! Take it out quicklyyy, your a bastardddd”(Tomomi)


When I pulled out from her pussy the proof of her virginity dripped down together with my semen. The mark 『Pregnancy confirmed』appeared on Tomomi`s ass and pussy.  Taking their virginity and impregnating her with one ejaculation! Felt amazing. However, these people`s friendship….well its just like that.*


The fourth and final person was Kotoko who had shoulder length brown hair and among this group she had the biggest ass. Her anal was hidden by her plump flesh. I also felt that her pussy was the most used among these group of girls.


“If everybody didn`t sell out their friends you could have been spared but even so I fuck you silly!”(Sei)


“Nnnooo…Yuu-kun….help me….stop this I have an boyfriend……”(Kotoko)


“I will make this pussy betray him! Orraaa!”(Sei)


“Noo! Ughhhhhhh……my base…. my womb…..stop it has already reached my womb”(Kotoko)


“I guess your boyfriend never reached up to here? I will ravish your pussy with my over sized magnum!”(Sei)


“Stopp! Yuu-kun..Yuu-kun will not forgive you huh nooo! Everybody don`t look, don`t massage my breast…”(Kotoko)


If you don`t like me rubbing your breast I will bully them even more! Kotoko nipples was pulled with all of my strength while increasing the twist. A scream was heard together with her pussy tightening even more.


“Kotoko! How many dicks has been in your pussy!”(Sei)


Grabbing Kotoko`s hair I crushed her nipple.


“I have only done it with Yuu-kun ughhh! It hurtsss, your cruel…..please stop already…..”(Kotoko)


“Alright, I will make you pussy remember the taste and shape of the second dick!”(Sei)


“Ekk, please help me, help me please i will do anythingg ahhhhh….”(Kotoko)


“Huu, its too late, betray Yuu-kun by saying ‘release it inside of myself'”(Sei)


My semen rushes forward filling up her deepest part. Heeheehee,  I have stolen yet another`s man lover! *Hum* Kotoko shakes her head and sold out her friend. Pulling out my dick out from Kotoko I was amazed at the semen dripping down from her pussy. On her back 『Pregnancy confirmed』was craved. The nasty part about this game is that the 『Pregnancy』mark could not be seen by the『Hole』.


When completed a lap with the four girls a tube came out from the floor and bring those girls 『hole』into a washed state. I repeatedly ravished these girls『Hole』.


In the end they kept on selling out their one another without anyone saying do it to myself. I was like a stallion, ravishing their anal and pussy and cuming numerous times inside. They cried and shouted, when they begged their one another for help it turned into cursing matching and in the end there was nothing left of their friendship due to this.*


“Kotoko I will for the last time give you a creampie ! Best regards to Yuu-kun! Tell him your sorry that you got pregnant.”*(Sei)


A baby noo ahhh, Yuu-kun, Yuu-kun nooo! Take it out! Ahh noooo!”*(Kotoko)


Goosebumps crawled on Kotoko`s skin. I placed a hickey on her neck while making my final 80th ejaculation. *gasp* That felt great! Everybody`s face was worn down with traces of my hand was etched on their nipples. The girls cry was music to my ears.


『20 blasts of semen being poured into 『Hole』has been confirmed.

The game is now over. The results will now be announced.

Airi No1. – Sold out her friends 20 times- Creampied 20 times- Pregnancy confirmed

Saki No.2- Sold out her friends 20 times- Creampied 20 times- Pregnancy confirmed

Tomomi No.3-Sold out her friends 20 times- Creampied 20 times- Pregnancy confirmed

Kotoko No.4 -Sold out her friends 20 times- Creampied 20 times- Pregnancy confirmed

When the 『Holes』become aware of their pregnancy you will be notified.

『If the child is aborted the 『Hole』will die』

To conclude the game the magic potion to protect the womb will be injected.  The end.』


“”NOOOOoooooooo””(Gyaru group)


Those girls in their last moments like close friends collected their voices together, shouted out a despair shriek. The tube came out from the floor and slipped into the vagina of all four girls, my semen was poured to the limit reaching the point where their belly swelled like that pregnant woman, to mark the end of the game my semen was sprayed from their pussy with everybody being good friends in the end.


After being transported from the game`s setting I saw something, the figure of those girl laughing with their big mouth open. Did time inside the game serious not pass? Those girls disappeared towards the gym without even knowing that they were already pregnant.*


Well, I guess those girls face will become pale in about two months. Now, without another better to do I will go to Aoi’s shop next!

End of CHapter

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The “yo-yo” is a small water balloon filled with air and water. It is attached to a rubber string which has a loop on the end. You use a “fishing pole” which is a paper string with a metal hook attached to the end of it to try and pick up the water balloon by the loop before the paper disintegrates. Children can then put the loop around their finger and bounce the balloon like a yo-yo.