Chapter 28 ♡♡

♡♡ from Nana`s point of view

♡ is an lewd event

♥ is an lewd sub-event


~Monday morning~

I woke up and went before my mirror groggy. My cheeks became bright red when I thought about yesterday where I went on date and connected with Sei. Sei also gave me my new favorite red ribbon and treasured black ribbon. Mhh~! Which one should I wear…  I`ll use the black ribbon since even Sei said ‘it would be nice if I use them‘! In reality I wanted to put it up safely but if I don`t wear it Sei may feel down. Perhaps it pride…..


When I was eating my breakfast, my oldest sister Haru-ane and big sister Shinna-ane came down.


Looks like your in good mood, right Nana-chan. Your oldest sister who is lonely and single will do her best playing basketball.“(Haru-ane)

Hey, aren`t you just jealous of the matching dolphin straps. Ah! Its“(Shinna-ane)

The black ribbon her boyfriend got for her really looks good on Nana-chan“(Haru-ane)

Nana-chan also became an adult as she came back home smelling of her boyfriend`s shampoo, right“(Shinna-ane)


Augh~my older sister are so annoying…..just in case I had talked only a little bit about my situation to Sei about my desire to recruit a boyfriend for my older sisters but I don`t really want to bother him too much……


My older sisters have beautiful long legs since they both played basketball and as for their personality it wasnt bad. However, in the past they used to be more popular with girls than boys, I think. I wonder arent there any guys around their college friends…..


I left for school quite early in order to escape from being poked at repeatedly by my older sisters. This is the first time I went to school this early in the morning. So I boarded an empty bus and when I arrived at school I went to the archery club stall to finish putting up my teddy bear as a gift for the shoot practice game. Hmm~? Is no one coming. Is everybody coming to school slowly today? Just as I thought that , instantly the amount of people increased and they started to make a lot of noise.


When I ask somebody that passed by what happened, I was told, it seems like everybody fainted due to Sakura-sama and Yukina-sama only greeting everybody at the bus stop. They even said one of my classmates who was lifted up by Sakura-san had fainted……another thing they pointed out was that it seems a blue rose and red rose was seen on Sakura-sama and Yukina-sama back. When I looked outside from the window, just as those girls had said, I could see students collapsed at the school`s gate up to its entrance.  It turned into a big panic! How did this happen? Due to that event there was no home room this morning.


At lunch break, I eat my bentou on the rooftop together with Aoi-chan. Sakura-sama and Yukina-sama as usual was together. Yukina-sama preferred to eat sitting down with everybody on large pink mat like a having a picnic.  Aoi-chan is like Yuki-ane little sister so the four of us eat lunch together. When I heard about the event that took place earlier from Yukina-sama, it seem that the students collapsed at the bus stop and it became a chaotic scene. She didn`t know what could have caused that event though.


Despite the fact that White Lily academy students should have become used to seeing them like a picture in a frame since Yukina-sama and Sakura-sama were always together. *Pop* Yukina-sama places an omelet into Aoi`s mouth while talking. I`m envious of their close sister like relationship. That doesn`t mean that I`m on bad terms with my own sisters.*


However, when I looked up again Yukina-sama was giving off an happy aura like an young lady madly in love and Sakura-sama seemly copying Yukina-sama gave off a sex appeal becoming somewhat flirty. In addition, the two of them seem to have become even closer than before. When I placed my deep fried food into my mouth, Sakura-san looked at me silently. Is something wrong?


Come over here Nana


Sakura-sama addressing me without using honorific had surprised me but in the end I moved closer to Sakura-sama. Ehh!


When I moved nervously next to Sakura-sama, “Aaaa♡”Sakura-sama fed me a omelette. Ah Sakura-sama was so frightening, she made me open my mouth reflexively with just one movement…..the omelette that Sakura-sama feed me was so delicious it melted in my mouth, furthermore the the act of Sakura-sama feeding me was completely unexpected…..even Yukina-sama and Aoi-chan froze.


Was it delicious Nana?”(Sakura)



I vigorously shook my head up and down. I then felt another shock upon seeing Sakura-sama gentle smile.


From today onwards, Nana is my little sister so I want you to call me Nee-sama“(Sakura)



Huh?  At White Lily academy there is a rule to add sama even if its a blood relation. There is also a rule on how to call someone’s name at school. Even Sakura-sama has to attach sama with her classmates, although Aoi-chan calls Yukina-sama by Yuki-ane it is normally not accepted but those two are an exception. Moreover to suddenly treat me like your little sister!? Huh! What I`m supposed to do!  When I went into a small panic Sakura-sama called me.


Please answer


Sakura-sama order is not something I can respond with a [Yes] or [No] it was an order to say ‘Call me Nee-sama’.



Thats great Nana“(Sakura)


Sakura-sama smiling face was so beautiful its so unfair that it shocks me every-time. There is no choice but to call her Nee-sama from now on…….however, I think I will be caution by a senior student, right….*


Sakura-sama about Nana-chan…..“(Nana?)

You won’t face any problem in particular in the future. When my message is passed around to everybody, then that will be end of any possible problems“(Sakura)


O my God, *Nee♡* my head becomes dizzy, even groggy as Nee-sama places her hands on my cheeks with her finger tips close to my ears……..her beautiful face was too close ahh. This is unfair…..perhaps its no longer strange why everybody fainted…..




As expected, the speed at which the news about Nee-sama spread out was amazing, after school was over the whole school knew about it. I perhaps would have cried my eyes out if I wasn`t protected by Aoi-chan from everybody’s frighten aura of jealousy. My heart has been throbbing from yesterday from one thing to another……


Upon returning home I went ahead and gotten into the bath, when I got out from the shower my phone was ringing with a call from Sei. He told he had two friends that could be introduced to my older sister, so in order for me to pass on the message now I temporarily hanged up the call, and asked my 2 older sisters “What do you want to do?”.


One of them is a cool guy who wears glasses and the ace of the baseball club, wearing the number 4 and the other guy is tall muscular guy in the drama club…..“(Nana)


Unhh~I told them the same information I got from Sei but will it be okay with only that.


“Glasses….”    “Macho man….”

“Ahh, well. If you guys are alright with them, I will have him send me their photos?“(Nana)

Nana`s boyfriend is amazing, he did a great job!”   “I`m glad we have such a good little sister


Hmmm, I think the two of them listened carefully to what I said in high spirits…….I haven`t even gotten consent from the other party? Sighing, I called Sei and requested for him to send me their picture and get consent from his friend.


The problem of recruiting a boyfriend for my older sister was more or less settled but what I`m to do about the problem of Sakura-sama becoming my Nee-sama ……..I don`t know any kind of countermoves against those girls….Mmmm!  I decided to abandoned that though…..and started to study some of my notes!


Going to school I met up with Nee-sama at the bus stop in the morning. At the bus stop there was around 40 people going to do their morning training for their respective clubs. It was the early morning training rush hour. Ahh Yukina-sama and Sakura-sama and in additional to Aoi-chan came together and greeted everybody.


“”Good morning everybody!!“”


When I was admiring how beautiful the two of them were today, suddenly, around 30 person fainted! The two rushed to support the collapsed students, as their leg couldn`t supported their own weight. How did this happen!?*


It became chaotic and after 10 minutes we were barely able to board the bus. I sat down beside Nee-sama who sat gracefully at the end of a four person seat. Because I normally sat beside Aoi-chan until now it, felt a little refreshing changing seats. Though perhaps sitting beside Nee-sama is not good for my heart….


When we arrived at school, Nee-sama  gave me a black tea in the student council room and the tea was amazingly delicious. After that, I helped Nee-sama by helping her with some of the student council work. Ah this amount~ come on, stop thinking the work is too difficult, I can`t behave like a spoiled child in front of Nee-sama!”


Yukina-sama and Sakura-sama was summoned to the student guidance room during lunch break, becoming worried Aoi-chan and I rushed towards the student guidance room. According to two person who just came out from the student guidance room it seems the school has decided to ban them from greeting other students. Accepting their decision without any complain we went for lunch, as usual the four of us ate our lunch in the student council room, our service was requested to make copies of the handout with a notification of the school`s new regulation. The handout that was printed by the copy machine and Aoi-chan & I made them into bundles for each class.*


They told us that based on their communication with the teacher the reason for the temporary regulation was, “You two are too beautiful and other students are not able to endure” …I wonder how did they reached that conclusion? This. Well its alright now, I`will concentrated on my work of putting the handouts in an envelope and then I counted them so I wouldn`t make any mistake! All four of us continued to worked hard so that we were able to distribute the envelopes to various afternoon Home Room.


After school, I packed the gifts and stuff toys with everybody in the archery club but the gaze from some people hurt. This was the proof of Nee-sama popularity but I had no choice but to wait for them to calm down, *sigh* Unh~!



I went to school early in preparation for the archery club stall, the whole school event made everybody busy because 2nd year students had to look after the freshmen. I was wrapping the gifts together with my cute juniors when the photo came from Sei. Their name were Keisuke-kun and Takeshi-kun. Titled baseball idiot and macho guy, I felt the muscular guy was mischievous with his smiling face and other guy was a handsome man with a attractive face, sharp eyes and wore glasses. Please introduce them as soon you transfer them to your older sister! He said on the phone.That was a brief message…*.


I sent an email to Sei while being made fun of by Aoi-chan during lunch, separating from Aoi-chan, I ate lunch with Nee-sama. The location was Sakura-san own 3rd year classroom…….Yukina-sama & Aoi-chan was inside the last meet regarding the school`s festival. Despite me only being nervousness from entering a 3rd year classroom Nee-sama did something like taking up my chopsticks and feeding me, I was glad that she was feeding me but it was way too embarrassing…..


I was eating my lunch on Yukina-sama desk that was attached right next to Nee-sama`s seat, naturally, Nee-sama`s classmates also had there desk attached together since it was lunch time, I was also surrounded by upper classmates and I could feel everybody`s painful gaze. I don`t understand at all what Sister-sama is thinking…..


I wanted to hear about the story of Kichijoji Kaede changing school from Nee-sama but thats just not possible……I think that person is a horrible person since its said that she was Nee-sama`s natural enemy.


Afternoon class for this day had been allocated towards the preparation of school`s festival. The gaze from the 3rd year archery club members had also become painful. Hmm I think I should discuss this with Yukina-sama…… with their gaze affecting my mind I continued to work while on the verge on crying.



I became worried when I heard that Sei was injured after being attacked by suspicious organization. Nee-sama said because of that incident its not safe and she will pick me up and drop me off everyday and I agreed with a nod. I don`t really understand but it seems they were aiming for Yukina-sama, Sei had repelled them but he got an injury on his legs, now, two persons was being guarded at Sister-sama house……they should be okay with this!?


The Japan`s police are quite capable so the offenders will soon be caught“(Nana)


I nodded in agreement to Sister-sama`s word. I was quite anxious until I heard over the phone the energetic voice of Sei during my lunch break…..Sei said ‘Since I will get better and come to the festival, you should do your best’ encouraged me and I felt a little better!


During lunch the two of us ate lunch in Nee-sama`s classroom again. When I returned to my own classroom, *clatter* the class atmosphere was strange. I even asked Aoi-chan who was in the class but she said “Even I don`t know what happened”. Aoi-chan caught Mei-san the class rep and since she sat beside me I heard everything.


Huh? A lot of people want a younger sister in admiring of Sakura-sama and there persons who wants a Nee-sama like Sakura-san. Its said that a girl in another class wanted to become a younger sister to an upperclassman“*(Mei-san)

A-and then?”(Aoi)

That upperclassman agreed because she also wanted to be an Nee-sama. Other people who saw it also went to confess to someone they were close to for the purpose of becoming a little sister, and the junior student who seem to have ask a senior student, in the end became a Big-Sis-sama.“*(Mei-san)


“See you later, I`m also going to Yuki-ane place!”(Aoi)

“Wait just  a minute Aoi-chan are you leaving now!?”(Nana)

“If I don`t hurry somebody will steal Yuki-ane! “(Aoi)


Everyone in the class was similarly frightened by Aoi-chan words. *Pitter-patter* After that, one, two people, rushed out of the classroom, and in the end, it became only me and Mei-san. I was stunned.


“I`m assuming its because the second year students can have it either as a underclassman wanting to become a younger sister or as a upperclassman want to become a Nee-sama……”(Mei-san)

“I see….”(Nana)

“But aren`t you lucky? I have been so busy I don`t even have time to be jealous of you, Nana-san.”(Mei-san)

“Oh I guess thats good….”(Nana)


Apart from that, Mei-san muttered ‘What am I going to do about the class roll-call’. Originally the roll call was going to be taken after lunch since everybody would soon disperse for the preparation of the schools festival but now with everybody gone I don`t think she can do the roll call again……I also understood why Mei-san sighed, it was because it was the job of the class member to confirm attendance. The actions of my classmate who began to run spreads to other classes and created a pandemonium.


I made Mei-san take my attendance and then went to the archery club room however there was only 4 person present. In the end, it took all of us 40 minutes to complete everything. I`m sure the rumor and the glance had disappeared but I wonder what will happen from now on……


When the bell rang signalling the end of the sixth period classes, I and Nee-sama was called to the school the student guidance room by the school`s broadcast system. For the first time, together with Nee-sama, I entered the student guidance room. As for the why we summoned, it seems we are the cause of disturbance after lunch. Well they are right….


“Us teachers only want the matter that has been hidden until now to be public. There is no fault with us. “*1(not sure)


“I think that it is pointless to regulate it now.”


Completely cutting off the pressuring of the teachers, it was easily destroyed with Nee-sama words ‘its pointless’. I guess its absolutely not possible for a person to imitate such a act with the exception of Nee-sama….


We were released, and upon walking down the corridor we saw Yuki-ane and Aoi-chan, afterwards the both of headed towards the student council room. On the way


I asked Nee-sama”What will happen from now?”


“Its alright Nana, you don`t have to worry about thing now”(Sakura)



Nee-sama hugged me who was trying to resist tightly and then kissed me. Nnn! Nee-sama tongue broke through my lips and overrun my mouth. It is foul play to embrace me closely like a stuffed doll. When I opened my eyes the Nee-sama face ……I surrendered to her long kiss without putting up any resistance.  My head became pure white……


At last I was released from Nee-sama kiss and I breathe out a rough breath.


“Nana doen`t need to worry about a thing, hey, lets go.“(Sakura)

“Ah Nee-sama!” I shouted in protest.


“Thank you Nana♡” Nee-sama brings her fingers close to my lips while showing me a charming smile.


After that she said to me “Lets go”, Nee-sama turns around gracefully and starts walking.


I was speechless,becoming bright red and followed after Nee-sama…


End of chapter

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