Chapter 7



The following morning, I woke up when I was kicked by Aoi. Last night, because the Purification couldn’t clean the semen that remained inside her vagina, the bath was heated and every corner of Aoi`s body was scrubbed. She was then dressed and placed in the guest room. As for Aoi, it seems like she has some doubts on why she slept in the guest room, but the sexual intercourse with me was completely forgotten.

From now on, I won’t ever stop ravishing a girl till she faints. However, I was worried about the status of the card on Mai & Aoi being released. I’m thinking that it cancels automatically once the heart breaks, or when the person faints, but that requires further investigation.

We had a noisy breakfast after a long time with Yuki-ane and Aoi, the three of us then went to school together.

Today upon arriving at the bus station, because it was later than the usual time, there were a large amount of schoolgirls from White Lily Academy. This was as a result of bus shift system….


“”Good morning President””


Seeing Yuki-ane, those ojou-sama`s simultaneously greeted her.


“Good morning”


‘Kyaaaaaaaaaa♡’ a shrill voice soared simultaneously to Yuki-ane’s greeting. “Yukina-sama, is so beautiful….” was heard in an intoxicated voice. Aa, it’s the effect of the “Red Rose” card! Even Yuki-ane is surprised at her juniors that were noisier than usual.


“Good morning. I am envious of Yukina`s popularity”


When I heard that clear voice from behind, my heart froze.


“”Kyaaaaaaaaa♡ Sakura-san! Good morning””

“Good morning to you all”


When I turned around like a robot, there was Sakura-san who was gracefully drawing near. With a glance Sakura-san gaze skips over me like seeing trash, scary *trembling*. I interpreted Sakura-san’s strong gaze as “quickly step away from Yukina, you trash”


“I will be getting on the next bus.”

“Is that so, thank you”


Sakura-san then takes up the position beside Yuki-ane like its natural. Those ojousama`s from the White Lily Academy stare at both of them spellbound. Even Aoi is no exception. Do they become this way when they’re at an all girl school from kindergarten?


“Yukina, today you seem to be very happy. Did something happen?”

“Uhh, later okay”

“Sakura-sama. Listen Yuki-ane…”


Damn baka, this fellow Aoi whispered into Sakura-san’s ear about Yuki-ane getting a boyfriend. At the very least you could have waited until I left this place.


“Is that so…..congrats, Yukina”

“Yes, thanks. Sakura”


The eyes of Sakura-san that are smiling at the delighted neesan by fawning(deredere), are  definitely not  smiling! Furthermore, Sakura-san sent a piercing gaze towards me…. When translated it said “Did you give an undesirable lover (inferior insect) to Yukina, is this your doing?”…This person, is she trying to kill me with her gaze!

Dangerous, if something is not done about Sakura-san, the Chairman’s life will be in real danger. Sakura-san is a zillionaire, being the only daughter of an international corporation. Rather than arriving at the station via a car, she uses the schools commute bus only for
the sake of traveling with Yuki-ane. If it’s Sakura-san it’s quite possible that she can simply hire at least one assassin, then it’s possible that they will shoot me until I become incompetent…..

Slowly retreating backwards, I took a photo of Sakura-san, then ran away in order to rush into a convenience store in front of the station to get lunch supplies. Receiving the change for a thousand yen bill in the form of hundred yen coins. Yesterday Yuki-ane gave me two thousand yen as thanks for my assistance. It would be really bad if a good card doesn’t come out with this, in that case I can only cut through my savings. I started Gacha
by rushing into the convenience store toilet. It was drawn 17 times.

14 cards are N and those are only worthless so I ignored them for now. As for the remaining three cards:

[SSR Corruption Rosary]

Exclusive for married women- Set item – The equipped target becomes a yes-man to the contractor

The equipped target will refuse sexual advances from her husband

When she becomes pregnant with the contractor’s child, there will be no doubt as they will believe that it’s the couple’s own child.

Forgive me dear! But my body is lonely!

[The Ultimate brood parasitism card]


Brood parasitism was drawn again! This time I will surely use it!


[G Obedience Clitoris Piercing]

Exclusive to females- Set item – Equipped companion is completely submissive to contractor.


How can I attach something like a clitoris piercing on Sakura-san!  Because I would just be defeated before the battle even starts… I should just use it on Mai.


[S BL Advances]

Set photo- Comes to like BL- BL attribute effects


Kyaaaaa! I don’t need this! This is truly scary as it doesn’t specify whether it’s a man or woman…..

Dangerous, although I am glad that a SSR came out, this is not what i wanted now.  The 14 N cards and the useless sliver cards are exchanged for experience with the trash can. Level 9? Please! Level up Gacha! Help me out!


[G frill apron set]

Set photo- Set change of clothes-Targeted persons clothes are replaced with a naked apron.

To replace the clothes [I want to eat you] is the keyword

A man’s romance came~! It’s set on Nana-san. Now then, I am begging you again!


[SR Only you are seen]

Set photo- The target person becomes super doting on the contractor.

Degree of favorable impression towards the target person to another person increases up to best friends.

Willing to do anything for you.


You can put a strike through on the cards name and put yandere, now this is a card I need. It doesn’t have an erotic purpose in particular, it’s perhaps good like this….but, there is something weighing on my mind… Well, there is a possibility that this card can be turned on and off, lets see it in action with this….setting on Sakura-san complete!

As for the points, it was allocated to spirit and vitality and then the smart phone was closed.

I leave the convenience store while feeling uneasy, getting on the bus I head towards my school. Only Sakura-san can make me feel down because she is seriously dangerous….

Going through the school gates, although I passed Mai at the entrance, she ran away in order to escape from me. Well, it can’t be helped. I felt relieved by coming to school.

Entering the classroom and putting down my bag, I then went to the toilet to take care of some business, the corridor was noisy. That’s? Yamamura Yukiko the music teacher. As a past graduate of White Lily Academy, she was a beautiful 22 year old, who only became a teacher this April. Because she is popular with students it isn’t strange for her to be surrounded but…


“Ehh, only the family name was registered?”

“Yes, therefore you should call me Kondou sensei”


“When is the wedding?!”

“Well, the plan is to have it in June”


When hearing the details from a male student making noise, Yamamura sensei did a formal marriage interview during the golden week and the story seems to have spread wide. It seems it was the principal who did the introduction. As for the current noise, it seems it was a student’s parent who works at the marriage hall who leaked it.

What’d you say? Whether or not Yamamura sensei gets married….ecchi brood parasitism on an admired female teacher! Of course the place is on top of the piano! Yamamura sensei is a recent graduate of White Lily Academy; perhaps it’s possible that she’s a virgin! Fufufu, alright. I will use the brood parasitism on Yamamura sensei! I have decided on you!

Because the card is a set item, I only need to pass over the [Corruption Rosary] to her somehow. Immediately, I will think of a strategy!

End of chapter 7

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