Chapter 8♡

Chapter 8♡

That day during lunch, I summoned Mai to flower arrangement club room by threatening her with the photos.


“Now then, there is something I want you do.”

“……Please return the photos before that!”

“As for that, isn’t it the memory of us losing our virginity?”

“What are you talking about! It doesn’t mean you’re my boyfriend because of having sex once!”

“[Conceited short hair]”

“Uuuu, what…..again….”


Becoming bright red, Mai trembles slightly. She embraces her clothes as it shrank.


“It’s not over yet? [Nya~]

“Ha? Nooo waaayyy, what’s this!? Hiyan♡ my bbottom, aaa, ann♡”


A cute cat ear wiggles on top of Mai`s head and a cat tail sprouted from her ass vibrates. It seems the vibration inside of Mai exposed naked body was strong to the extent that she fell to the floor becoming pigeon-toed to the extent that its absurd.*


“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Stop it ahhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaa! Haan♡”


Was Mai`s weak point her ass? Her lip was loosely open, drooling while saying whaaa


“Stop? Mai, aren`t you pleased! Well then, I have a present for you!”


Mai looks at me fearful, as there is a body piercing in my hand. I thrust it before Mai who was crouching on all four due to the stimulation in her ass, grasped.


“I must put a mark on this cute pet! I will adorn it on Mai`s clitoris! This has my name on it? If a man`s name on a body piercing is on Mai`s clit it’s normal that the mood will be ruined? Mai must be trained in order to not have an affair.”

“No, something like that impossible, not again, nooooooo , take it out of my bottoommmm!”


Mai`s foot who was running away was pulled forward while raising hell.  Her beautiful slit was slightly moist. Holding down the reluctant Mai, the body piercing was pierced on top of that bump!


“Kyaaaaaaaaa, heartlesssssss! Aaaaaa…….”

“Hold my penis in your mouth without screaming and lick around it with your tongue! Don’t dig your teeth in!”

“N, jiyuu! Nguu! Ngu…….jijubuu…..nnnnnn!”


Mai`s hair was pulled forward and when I brought my cock close to her mouth, the glans was held deep between her lips. The tip of Mai`s tongue licks around the glans section, was warm and felt great. The black cat on all fours sucked my dick wholeheartedly while looking at me. Sometimes a sweet voice leaks out and sexual fluids gush out from Mai`s groin.


“Chuupaa(sucking), chiyuru(kissing), n, ahaan…..nnnnnnn!”

“Mai`s fellatio is the best! You need to endure because from now I will shake my waist!”

“Nnnnnnnnnn! Nnn…..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”


Mai`s small mouth opened up to the limit to swallow my dick. Torque was applied to my dick and her head was fixed in place in order for me violate her whole mouth, Mai`s tongue and lining of her cheek,. Mai`s jaw was already trembling to endure while drooling from her lip`s gap. Stirring up Mai`s eyes to look up like glaring at me with teary eyes. Though it’s different from her pussy, violating the inside of her throat like its a sex organ with the sensation of Mai`s tender lips and the feeling of conquest also felt good.*

A hot sigh, trembling eyelashes, blushing cheeks, a waist bounding around, sexual fluids gush out. Mai slightly trembles in her inner thigh just before climaxing in her ass.


“Cum! Since I will dash my load on Mai!”


The instant I ejaculated, my dick was pulled out and Mai was pulled into a half stance by grasping her hair, throwing out everything with all my might on that white slender body! From her groin all the way up to her face, Mai`s whole body was stained in my semen. This feeling was the best!


“Aaa, hahaha, noooooo, don`t look, stopppppp itttt♡”


Mai`s face became bright red, climaxing while peeing. Making a face like it’s melting, sparkling holy water leaked from inside of her secret place, as for that it drew a arch making a puddle on the floor.


“Did you pee yourself while cuming in your ass! Bad pet`s need to be disciplined”

“D, Don`t  say that…..”


Of course a photo was taken, Cheese! After cleaning up the stained floor and the silent Mai in shame with Purification Magic, our uniforms were put back on. After that the Rosary of Corruption was placed in the palm of Mai and instructions were given.


“Mai, wrap this in something pretty and give it as the representative of the flower arrangement club to Yamamura sensei. Okay?”


“Well then, today I want you to do this much, afterwards, as for my involvement don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret between two of us?”*

“……I understand…..”

“See you later, Mai!”


Fuu, because I had succeeded in act of making Mai submissive,

I was relied for the time being. Because the teacher’s have a deep trust in Mai the committee chairman. And because there is a possibility that she would not receive it even if I took it to Yamamura sensei. Well then, afterwards is Sakura-san reaction. If its that`s person behavioral pattern, she should come to the house today.


☆☆☆ After School☆☆☆


Suddenly leaving the classroom I went towards the bus stop. Judging from Sakura-san behavioral pattern, today she should visit the house. I know because I avoided that person unconsciously. Why, did I forget about that person’s existence…..


It’s possible that I may have been too timid, but in reality, it’s because I know four unfortunate men who tried to pick up those two person… …..there is nothing like evidence that shows Sakura-san did it, in addition I`m not sure whether that person died. Unexpectedly he was a detestable elite guy whose parents ran a company in his senior year at junior high, his parents company went bankrupt the same time the car of a university student nearby coincidentally had only exploded while moving

Getting on the bus I sent a mail to Nana-san and confirmed the mail from Mai that had just arrived. She succeeded in passing it over to Yamamura sensei. As for the mail that was sent, an image was attached, projecting the good relation between Mai and sensei. The Rosary of Corruption was photographed on sensei`s chest. With this, training was possible.


Getting off the bus, when I returned home a black luxury car was parked in the parking lot. By only greeting the male chauffeur, I went inside the house and found Sakura-san elegantly drinking a black tea on the round table in the kitchen. Yuki-ane was seemly baking cookies.


“Hello Sakura-san”

“Nice to meet you”

“Welcome home Sei. Coffee?”

“Yes, please”


Yuki-ane as usual was in a good mood but the attitude of Sakura-san didn`t change. Why! When I sat on the table it can`t be help that her gaze was painful. I observing Sakura-san while drinking my coffee.


“So! It was decided to go to the amusement park after the end of term exams!”


Kyaa~ grasping her dyed cheek with both hands my elder sister speaks of her sweetheart to Sakura-san. I seriously had forgotten! Although Sakura-san was listening while smiling wryly, when Yuki-ane couldn’t see she was grinding her teeth……


“*Pin-Pon* courier service”



Yuki-ane went towards the entrance quickly. When nee-san figure disappeared the next moment Sakura-san slender arms was extended and my necktie was pull and became stiff being grasped. The distance of Sakura-san face was close to the extent it was on the verge of kissing…..if I was treated like this by a lover I would be glad but my body was slight trembling with cold sweat running down. If I could faint now, how comforting would that be……


“Give me a photo of Yukina`s boyfriend.”


Sakura-san clear voice that was seemly cold was an order.


“What are you going to do with the photo?”


Although I mustering a small amount of courage and asked a good question in return.


“That? I wonder do you want to hear it?”


Hii, the charming smile on Sakura-san face when interpreted was “Do you want to disappear?”.




Shaking one`s head with all one`s power, I refused clearly.


“Your answer?”

“Yes…. if it’s Sakura-san but about the photo….”

“I don’t understand?”


Sakura-san shakes her tilted head in confusion, because I understood that this was a loyalty test and I was the assistant. I think it means it’s either i choose to side with Sakura-san or the Chairman……


“No worries, as for the date?”

“Before end of terms exam”



For me there wasn`t something like an option or choice to go against Sakura-san. Because my heart broke already a long time ago…..During the date, I must think of a plan to save the Chairman…..

Because Sakura-san released the necktie, we separated quickly. At the same time Yuki-ane returned.


“Yuki-ane. I`m going out for a minute and I will be back by dinner.”

“I understand, with that, Sakura”


I thrust out of the house with a backward glance at Yuki-ane who started a conversation with Sakura-san again, going forwards in a dash to that Old woman`s shop.


End of chapter

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