Chapter 6

As for Yuki-ane speaking fondly of her boyfriend, I thought she would have continued for an eternity, I was only able to escape due to Aoi arrival. Leaving those girls giggling and squealing with their love story, I returned to my room and took a bath.

My level went up to 6, therefore I added one point to power and agility respectively on the smartphone, then without any delay, level Gacha!


[G Purification Magic]

Set on smartphone – Contractor only – Cleans up regardless of personal objects in a 3 meter range- It can be used 3 times a day- Super effective on the undead


[G Imperial Court Chief]

Set photo – Job card – Becomes skillful at cooking to the extent its amazing

Are there jobs in magic! A fantasy-ish item suddenly appeared!


[Purification Magic] is super effective on the undead …..wait just a minute! Is there such a thing as the undead!? Is this a joke? Although I am glad that magic was obtained, if you have real things like zombies, aah, perhaps, it also possible that there are other smartphone contractors. This shows its possible that there also a variety of smartphone with other kinds of fantasy Gacha, there might even be cards that can be used to summon things like ghosts and zombies. For the time being I’ll just be vigilant.

The 『Imperial Court Chef』job card will be used on Nana-san! Although Nana-san was fired up for the task of making a homemade bentou for the date, according to Yuki-ane, White Lily Academy rich young girls are experts in many kinds of confectionery but when it comes to common cuisine, it’s said that many young girls are incompetent. If it’s Nana-san handmade, I have the confidence to eat even dirt but just in case…..

After the two cards were set on the smartphone, I set the 『Love Doll』on Aoi. The keyword was 『Fluffy demon』. Uh-oh, the level went up again! I can’t gauge my level because I don’t know anything like the amount of experience necessary to raise a level. Well,  I don’t have worry about it much. Go Level Gacha!


G Black Cat Set

Set photo- Set change clothes- The clothes of the targeted person will change into a cat tail with cat ears.

When switching 『Nyaa』 is the keyword.

The tail has a vibration function- It can only be removed by the contractor.


Aah, the best card came! Who will I use this on. Well its Mai! As for Aoi, her hair colour wouldn`t match with it.  After setting it on Mai, I added two points to intelligence because my exams were close. I hope that Aoi doesn’t come too quickly, she should just take her time…..

One hour after Gacha, the door of my room was opened and Aoi entered. As usual she was wearing a exposed tall white camisole dress. Well, as for me… it’s because I`m not seen as an opposite sex by Aoi…..


“Sorry I`m late”

“No, I wasn’t waiting, it’s good”

“Hey, that isn`t cute. It’s actually been such a long time since I came into Sei’s room. “


The last time Aoi came was perhaps before that event where I was stabbed in the arm with a knife. Now, I will return the favour!


Fluffy demon


Apparently, after my outburst, Aoi stood rock stiff like a breaker was switched off. Hmm, I wonder if Aoi can’t talk because she’s a meat doll? That’s somewhat boring.


“Aoi, what do you think of me”

“Sei is a younger brother I can bully.”


Aoi returned with a carefree smile. I see, it feels like she was replaced with a different personality. However, a younger brother that can be bullied, dammit~! Are you saying you can do anything to a younger brother! It must be the influence of Yuki-ane!


“Who is the person Aoi likes”

“I have a crush on Yuki-ane. I also love Sakura-sama very much! “


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa! Dangerous! I completely forgot about that person.

Sakura-san is a beautiful person that appears to be very fickle, she is also in her third year at White Lily Academy just like Yuki-ane. Just because her hair is braided, it expresses the epitome of pure, feminine beauty. Furthermore, she is very close like best friends with Yuki-ane.

However, I am seen with eyes like garbage by Sakura-san . In the beginning, I thought Sakura-san was a man hater. However, I immediately noticed that wasn`t the case because I got in touch with my friend in general at interdisciplinary.*

Sakura-san is even kind to fellow students to extent that it’s said that together with Yuki-ane they are the two big sisters of the whole academy. Furthermore, the eyes of others on Yuki-ane is so seriously that`s its dangerous. I trembled thinking about what would happen if they found out that Yuki-ane got a boyfriend. Well, If I obtain a good card the next thing I will do is to capture Sakura-san.

Pulling myself together, today is the day I will ravish Aoi.

When I extended my hands towards Aoi`s developed fruit, I was able to touch them without any resistances. Their huge! Her enormous soft breast felt amazing even from on top of her clothes.


“Your boobs are huge!”

“It became big again so I bought a new underwear.”


Oh, are you responding as though you’re speaking to yourself? But, Aoi breast are seriously huge! It must be around G cup.


“Aoi, kiss me”

“Yes, nnnnunh….nnnn…..chuuu(kissing), nnkuuu(inhale)”


Reacting similar to a little girl, Aoi who kisses like a immature little girl is extremely cute.


“Chuu♡ nnn! Chu♡ nnnnnnnnn, afuu(deep breathes), faaa♡”


Kissing Aoi many times over and violating the inside of her mouth in insatiable lust, the eyes of Aoi also responded in ecstasy, appearing intoxicated. After enjoying Aoi’s soft lips, her camisole dress and bra were taken off. Instinctively I was charmed by her beautiful breast because it was too divine.

Although Aoi’s boobs were huge it was also a beautiful breast with a bell shape. On her pure white skin the areola and nipple was somewhat big. Her large fruits were rubbed till it spilled out from my palm. Her breast felt perfectly firm and soft like it could stick on my hands.


“Aa! You’re being too rough….stooopppp♡”


When a long breath spills out from Aoi’s greatly shaped lips, her chest became warm and her skin began to flush a little, and then instinctively I licked around her nipple in the milk`s aura like choking on it .


“Aan♡ stop♡ my breast will become numbb ….. Aaa …. hiyaan ♡”


When her two nipples were simultaneously placed in my mouth and licked while I rubbed her large fruits with both of my hands, Aoi twisted around raising a flirtatious voice. I was very excited due to the sweet milk`s scent despite knowing that breast milk wouldn’t come out. When her nipples were teased with a tight pinch her whole body responded with a twitch. Her body seems quite sensitivity! When the pinched nipple was suddenly pulled with force.


“It hurttss! Stooop! T, the tip….aan♡ nice, its nice, aah! Haann♡”


A cute voice comes out saying ‘AhAh’. Perhaps it’s a good idea to tease Aoi’s body a little. Aoi responded with a erotic face when both of her breasts were rubbed a lot with emphasis on the rhythm while my fingers played with them. After playing with Aoi’s fruits for a short moment, my right hand was placed inside of her panties and Aoi pussy was already dripping wet.

When Aoi`s legs were opened and her panties was pulled down, love juice that came from her vagina made a string coiling about on her panties.


“An♡ let me catch a breath…yaan♡ don`t loook too much…..”


A largish clitoris on top of the embankment of her vagina with pubic hair that was beautiful maintained, a thin waist fastened on a beautiful peachy ass which was the type that could give birth easily, as expected Aoi`s body was too erotic. Aoi’s clit was tasted with my tongue while I caressed her ass.


“An♡ its no good♡ because I`m weak there, yan♡ kyaaa♡”

“Does Aoi masturbate?”

“Auuuu….yan, do, I do it…♡ fuu, hiiiii”


Oh~I got Aoi’s secret. According to a magazine they wrote that there was high rate of masturbation among females and unexpectedly this girl is one.


“How many times in a week?”

“Hyan♡ nnnnnn, au! I do it 5 times….aan♡…does, such things with that place and♡”


My childhood friend was addicted to masturbating! It was quite shocking…..her vagina was boldly spread with my finger, and I licked the inside of Aoi’s pussy till I was exhausted. Her overflowing honey was also licked and tasted. With such a erotic body I must relieve Aoi! Everyday from now I will comfort your body!

Aoi’s hymen can be seen inside of her meat pot! If it was the case that Aoi was a good bitch perhaps I wouldn’t have recovered a little bit. Which reminds me, she once burned one of my erotic books. Reaching for my smartphone, Aoi`s body was photographed from her vagina to her hymen.


“Alright now, how should I go about Aoi`s opening ceremony…Aoi put my penis in your pussy by yourself”

“Yes, I understood.”


I took of my clothes and then laid down on my bed. My fiendish large penis was already hard and glistening in pre-cum in ecstasy. Aoi opened her vagina with one hand like when one relieves oneself in a Japanese style bathroom, and the other hand softly held my penis and inserted it in her own secret garden.


“Ughhh! Gufuu! It hurttss! Auuu, big hii!”


Only until my glans sank inside of Aoi did she slowly lower her waist while shedding tears. Amazing! My childhood friend is offering her virginity to me desperately. Moreover Aoi’s meat pot wrapped around my dick in order to stick on a lot of folds. It felt extremely pleasant!


“Aoi, it feels so good! Look, this is Aoi’s hymen. Lower your waist in one go in order to dedicate it to me.”

“Yesss, hiiiii, it hurssstt, auuuuuuuu!”


Buchibuchi,the tearing of flesh is felt and Aoi who was in pain was able to resists it to a degree, and the twisting of her meat folds felt the best.


“Hey, Aoi, shake your waist so my penis can’t come out!”

“Yes, nnnnn, ouchh auuu, hyan, kuu, kyaaaa”


Aoi waist started to dynamically shake while I also thrust up from underneath to meet those movement.


Aoi`s waist slammed to extent that it echoed inside of the room with the bed making creaks due to the intense hard sex. Aoi`s waist shaked like a wild beast while shedding tears. Although there is slippage of virgin blood and love juice due to my caressing,  her undeveloped vagina was too tight. Although I had grip on her breast it swang about dynamic as I played with Aoi`s body.


“Okay! Get ready for my first load! Aoi!  Take this”

“Ugh, auuu, nnnnnnnn! Hoooooo, auuuu…..agaaaaaaa!”


My dick pierced Aoi’s womb entrance with my spearhead and the base of Aoi`s body together with her womb entrance was forced up. When Aoi body twisted slightly my magnum spontaneous discharged, throwing out large amount of milk directly into Aoi’s womb. Simultaneously Aoi’s two fruits were grasped to the extent that it became bruised while immersed in the afterglow of discharging.


“Fuu, a lot came out, Aoi, pull it out and stand up.”



Aoi who had large amount of semen thrown in her vagina stood up while her groin was slightly trembling.


It seems an amazing amount of my sperm came out.From the slit of Aoi’s crotches it falls down like a geyser.  Naturally, this scene was also photographed, I then gave an extraordinary order.


“Not yet!  Aoi!  Hold my penis deep in your pussy.”

“Auuuuu, yes…..”


☆☆☆ 4 hours later ☆☆☆


“Yuruhiiiiiii, an♡aaaann, ugh I can`t do this anymore”

“Oraora, although you were a virgin until some time ago, didn’t you orgasm multiple times! Aoi!

“An♡yan, don`t say that, an♡auuu, again, cumminng,  I`m going to cummmm”


For about 2 hours I continuously thrusted from behind of Aoi who became immobilized in the cowgirl position. Aoi`s body stopped hurting so she started to shake her waist willingly.


“I-I`m cummming, become pregnant bitchhhh”

“Auuu, it cameee♡ Sei`s milk came~♡ an ♡ I`m cummming! Aaaa!”


Aoi limbs became stiff, reaching a magnificent climax while throwing her head back. I ravished Aoi’s body a lot like a beast, although she smelt  like she was choked in sweat, love juice and  a lot of discharged sperm.

My dick was pushed  out due to great pressure from her vagina, body fluids flowed down like it spurting out from Aoi’s crotch. Although Aoi had crumbled down on the soggy bed, I mercilessly lift her up and hammered in my penis.


“No more, yuruhitteeeee, don`t go into  Aoi`s vagina anymore, aayaan ♡”

“And yet when I insert it inside your body reacts by trembling! Today you aren’t returning home! Oraoraora!”

“Hiyaaaaaaannnn, no more…..its no goooodddd, please…….please….no more,  an♡ its no gooodddd! I`m Cummmmming!”


Both of Aoi’s arm were grasped and her waist shaked like it was slapping by something. Aoi’s waist was already trembling and it seem she can’t stand up with her own strength.


“Because I kept on doing it until Aoi’s vagina took the shape of my dick! Aoi’s erotic body is already my own play thing! Aah, This will be the 7th time I`m cumming! Take thissssss!”

“Auuuu, it came again aaaaaa♡ hottttt, haaaaa! Aa, my pussy is brokeennnnn, its completely broken Ooooooo”

“I`m gonna mess up Aoi!”


Switching into a missionary position, I thrusted into Aoi`s pussy again. Both of us are completely covered in slimy body fluids. Rubbing Aoi’s breast a lot, my palm became slippery like it’s covered in lotion.


“Yan♡ I`m cumming againnnn♡ no more, its impossibleeeeeee, yuruhiteeeeee auuunn, aaaaaa Cummminnngg♡”

“Hahah, this lewd girl, once again you climaxed on your own, N? Hey, Aoi!?”


I exercised her trembling body to a degree she couldn’t bear anymore, and when I thought about it her body was turned over and brought forward, A~a, she fainted with her face as it was when she had climaxed with the white of her eyes bare. I kept on piercing Aoi`s body that had fainted while considering whether I had overdone it, in the end large amounts of semen was poured into Aoi’s body.

I took several photos of Aoi whose whole body was covered in my semen. My semen was still coming out from Aoi’s pussy that was still open!

Cleaning up after Aoi was difficult. However, the feeling was the best! For the time being Aoi`s body was purified, but still if it’s no good I will wash her in the bathroom…..


End of Chapter 6                                  ———————————————————————————————-

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