8. Father and Son(Part 2)


While I was deep in thought, someone knocked on the door.

The person who entered was Nami.

「Hey, can we talk for a bit?」
「Sure, I don’t mind」

I gave Nami the chair from my desk and I sat on the bed.

「So? What do you need?」
「First, my sister gave the ok for us to go to the sea, so the three of us can go」

「Is that so? That’s good」
「Yesっ! Thank you very much. Also……She said it’s ok for Mitsuru-san to buy my swimsuit as well」

「Is that right? Then should we go buy it in the morning?」

After saying that much, she looked like there she still had something to say but was struggling, so I helped her.

「It feels like you want to say something else. What is it?」
「Well…About that night……That is……」

(Aa, the incident in the hallway?)

「Hmm? That day? Which day? Could you be talking about the day you moved in?」

Nami looked straight at me with a red face and continued.

「Well, do you find me disdainful?」
「Huh? Why would you ask that??」

「I mean, doing it in such a place……uh…」
「Ahaha, it’s fine. I don’t think like that at all. If I had gone to the bathroom a bit earlier, I think our places might have been switched.」

I said that while laughing and her face seemed to relax a little.

「Besides, it would be more strange if someone of our age would be calm after hearing such a voice. So don’t worry, I don’t think you’re disdainful. It’s pretty normal.」
「Is that so? I’m relieved……Also, I have one more thing to ask」

「Yeah, anything」
「My underwear…Uh, it’s about……when Mitsuru-san did that

(Geっ! Just when I let my guard down, she comes out and asks such a question)

「Wha, what are you talking about? Haha, hahahahahahaha……」
「Well, you did that knowing it was my underwear, right? I heard that you thought it was big sister’s.」

(This is a hard question……Should I answer honestly?……or should I just gloss over it?)

「Well…That’s a hard thing to answer」
「I’m sorry…But I want to hear the truth」

「Nami-chan! In this world, there are a lot of things that are better left unsaid」
「I don’t want to think you mistook them for my sister’s……」

(That is, of course, when she thinks about her panties being mistakenly sniffed, she wouldn’t like it・・・That’s because it was her’s after all)

「Well…What should I say?」
「You actually knew it was mine, right? You knew, and you still did it for me, right?」

(Huh? Just now……wasn’t her phrasing a bit off?)

「For you???」

「I… already know」

(Wha, what is that???What does she know??? Could it be she knows about my hobby????!!!!)

「That day I hid my underwear at the very bottom. My sister’s was right at the top…In other words, unless you searched for it at the bottom, there’s no way my underwear would appear…It’s also obvious which is which when you compare mine with my sister’s」

(Wha, wha, what?!!! So she knew it was hers and saw through everything???)

「Fufufu…Ahaha、Aっhaっhaっhaっa~!! This is quite a surprise. Your powers of deduction are quite impressive. Now that you know the truth what do you plan on doing?」

In defiance, I blurted out a line right out of a villain’s speech.

「Emm…I’m sorry. I don’t know who you’re trying to imitate」
「Iya, you really don’t have to point that out……」

「Is that so? Then…If you did it knowing it was mine…」
「……If I did? Uhh…Will you feel disdain for me?」

「No! That’s not it! I…I’d be a bit glad」

(Ha? Really??)

Nami once again turned red.

「I was wondering if you’re thinking of me as a girl …instead of a little sister」

「Well, that’s right. Nami-chan is cute after all, and your style is good. Since you’re so charming I would be lying if I said I don’t see you as a woman.」

「Is that true??? I’m glad……」

(G, glad?? What’s up with this development?)

「Umm…If you want to do it……with my panties again, next time, please tell me beforehand」
「Haa? Eeeeeee??? Why is that?」

「Well……It would be embarrassing if it’s dirty…That is, I’ll give you a clean pair.」

(Waitっ! It’s exciting because it’s dirty you know? Isn’t it meaningless if it’s clean????)

「Well…How do I say this…I’m thankful but…could I get a used pair? One that you just took off??」
「Ehh??? Are washed ones no good?」

「No no no, that would just smell like detergent!! There’s no meaning to it if it doesn’t smell like Nami-chan’s special place!」

Hearing that, Nami’s face turned even redder.

(This is bad! I got excited and blurted out something stupid)

「Th, there’s no meaning…if it’s not like that?」
「Yeah. If possible I’d prefer the ones that are freshly taken off」

(Oi, my mouth!! What are you saying……but I guess it’s not my mouth’s fault. It’s my brain’s)

「Freshly taken off??」
「For example, you’re wearing a mini-skirt now, right?? You could take your panties off before me and give them to me」

「Thっ!!! That’s!」
「If you do that they’ll have your smell on them and I’ll be able to tell you’ve been wearing them! Also, if possible, I want ones that you have worn for more than half a day. If you’ve only been wearing them for 3 minutes it’s the same as if they’re washed, right?」

「…I, I understand…But, it will be hard to get ones that aren’t dirty after wearing them for half a day」
「No no no, don’t worry whether they’re dirty or not. It’s even better if they are.」

「That’s no goodっっ!!!!」
「I guess it is~、Ahahahaha……」

Saying that Nami also started laughing.

「Ahaっ…We’re having a really strange conversation, aren’t we?」
「That’s true. But having fun like this is better than being all nervous.」

「Yesっ I agree……Umm…Doesn’t it bother you if the panties are dirty?」
「Eh? More than just not bothering me, it’s more exciting if they are」

「Is that so?… I understand. It’s embarrassing, but I’ll do my best to meet Mitsuru-san’s demands」

(Wh, what will you do your best to do??)

「P, please do so!」

In my head, a certain RPG’s fanfare resounded-

【You have unlocked the rights to smell Nami’s panties!!】

「Then there’s……」
「Eh? There’s still more???」

「If you can……Could you let it out on my panties?」
「Huh??? But if I do that Sae-san will…」

「Ah, don’t mind that. I’ll wash them myself. Um, I’m just a bit curious」

(I see… She’s a middle schooler after all. So she’s interested in sperm…Umi was also very interested and she looked very happy when she saw me let it out.)

「Well, it’s fine then. It’s better for me as well」
「If you could……I would like you to show me……」

「Huhh? Ehhhh???? ? What do you want me to show you?」

「I mean……Umi and big sister……they both saw it, right? Mitsuru-san’s…That hard thing」

「Aっ! I’m sorry…What am I saying……Please forget I said anything」

(I see, so she’s vexed because she’s the only one who hasn’t seen it…I guess??)

「Hmm, Ok」
「Eh?? Is it ok??」

「In exchange, you’ll have to take off the panties you’ve worn for more than half a day in front of me and I’ll show you how I use it, how it comes out and everything」

(Masturbating live in front of a middle schooler…That’s badっ・…It’s become hard)

「*Gulp*っ…I understand. Then, it’s a promise!」
「Yeah, it’s a promise」

Saying so, Nami-chan returned happily.

(I feel like I got a far better deal but…Nami-chan seems happy with it so it should be fine.)

Even so, this was a really unexpected development.

Nami-chan really opened up…Is it because I helped her with her studies? Even talking about dirty things!… Anyhow, I’m beyond happy.

After that Umi came to my room when I was preparing to sleep.

As soon as she got in, she started talking with a discontented expression.

「Onii~ You’ll buy Nami-nee’s swimsuit as well??」
「Yeah, it would be unfair if I don’t, wouldn’t it?」

「Ehーーー??? How boring!」

Umi had a very unsatisfied expression.

「Could it be, you also plan on buying a perverted swimsuit??」
「Well, if she says she wants one」

「That’s no goodっ!! Absolutely no goodっ! That’s our secret!」
「Umm…I said if she wants to. That won’t happen with her personality」

「……You’re too naiveっ」
「Eh? Why?? Isn’t Nami-chan a late bloomer?」

「Despite her appearance, even she’s hiding perverted books」
(Do you search everyone’s rooms?)

「Huuh, is that so? Quite unexpected…But didn’t you say that you want me to get along with everyone?」
「I did but…But when I see Onii get along with Nami-nee I get strangely annoyed~」

「That’s right! You, your attitude is way too frank. If you act like that Sae-san will notice in no time at all」
「Eh~? Is that so? Isn’t it fine as long as Onii doesn’t get along with Nami-nee」

「Oi, you haven’t changed much from your original story」
「But……I don’t want to」

「It would be fine even if you aren’t so jealous!」
「Whaっ!!! Are you stupid? Why would I be jelous!」

(This girl…Are you a light novel heroine?)

「Well anyway, if I only get along with you it will look strange, wouldn’t it?」

I embraced Umi and our lips meet.

「Also, it’s only Umi who gets to do things like this, so talking for a bit shouldn’t be a problem?」

I pat Umi’s hair and she happily came closer.

「Hey, Onii…Take them off」

I got naked and sat down with my upper-body up. Umi also took off her clothes and took position between my legs.

Umi laid down on the bed and rested her chin on one hand, while she played with my meat pole with the other.

「Ehehe, Good evening~ Long time no see」
Umi happily greeted my meat pole.

「Hey, Onii…Teach me how to do it with my mouth」
「Ah, ok then…But, instead of doing it all of a sudden, how about we do it gradually?」

「Eh? Why?」
「That way you will also have the joy of learning and I’ll also be happy」

「What’s that about?」

Umi didn’t know this, but I wanted to do it. I wanted to know the joy of molding a pure girl according to my own preferences.

「Taking it all at once is several times harder so it’s better to get used to it gradualy」
「Ok, I got it」

「Then first」

While stroking my meat pole, I had her take only the tip in her mouth.

With the glans in her mouth, I had her lick around. From the tip of the urethra, I had her carefully lick the places that felt good on the head.

My meat pole completely filled Umi’s small mouth.

Umi’s tongue felt much better than I had expected!

「Ehehe, Onii’s weakness is this vein on the back, right?……And, under the head.」
「Ahhh Umi…This feels really good…」

Then she crawled her tongue tracing the back of the head. I felt a shiver of pleasure. Umi, enjoying my reactions, slowly crept her tongue up to the glans and rapidly licked the entrance to my urethra with the tip of her tongue.

「Nっ!Onii? Perverted juice came out」
It appeared as though Umi judged my taste spreading in her mouth to be precum.

「Lately, I have started to like this flavor…Ngngu…*Lick*Lick*」
「Ugh…Is that so?… Then what about cum?」

「*Suck*Suck*…The taste is probably…ok. But I sill have to get used to drinking it…Ngungu」
「Is that so?…Ugh…That’s it!… It feels good!……It seems like you’ll eventually become a cum loving little girl」

「Ehehe, yeah! I love Onii’s taste」

At some point, Umi started touching her own crotch.

「Nっ……No good……I also started feeling good」

「Shall I give you a hand?」
「No…Not yet…It’s too embarrassing…A bit more」

「Then, be sure to show me clearly where you’re touching yourself」
「Eh???? That’s no good……It’s embarassing」

「When you did it while being seen, did it feel good?」
「……It did」

「There are quite a few girls who like being looked at when they masturbate, you know.」
「That’s a lie~」

「It’s true. They say it feels good to be watched, so it’s pretty normal」

I turned Umi around and we got in the 69 position. As I lay down, Umi’s place came into view.

「Ok then, touch it」
「This…If perverted juice drips on Onii’s face…」

「Ahaha, it’s fine so don’t worry and touch it」

Before my eyes, Umi’s pretty pink slit was spread. Her still small clit became bigger. The entrance to her slit opened a bit and perverted drool started flowing out.

「Aaa…No good…Onii……This feels good♡」
「Your perverted pussy is in full view」

「Don’t…say things like that」
Even while saying that, the hand with which she was touching herself grew faster.

「Umi, say「My pussy feels good」」
「I can’t…say something like that」

「If you say it you’ll feel even better. Say it」
「U, Umi’s……pussy……feels good」

「See, your perverted juice is coming out. It felt good, right?」
「Uu…Don’t ask me such things~」

「Next, say「Please look at Umi’s pussy」」
「P, please…look at…Umi’s pussy♡…Nっ!」

More and more perverted juices flew out and Umi’s hand was becoming faster and faster.

「Aaaa…no good…weird…It’s so good. My pussy feels good」
「See, just as I told you, right? Say it more. It will feel better and better」

「Aaaaa…No gooood~ Amazing. Umi’s pussy feels amazing~ This feels good♡……Onii…Look at Umi’s pussy~」

「Ok then, when you’re about to cum, say「My pussy is cumming」」
「Yes…u, understood……But I’m already cumming~ cumming……cuuuumiiiing Umi’s pussy is……cummiiingっっ!!!!」

*Shiver*っ!With her body trembling, Umi climaxed.

「Haa haa haa…Amazing…It felt so good~ Onii~」
「Yeah, it looked like it felt good」

Umi’s place that just climaxed, had its entrance opening as if ready to accept my meat pole at any time. Seeing that, my excitement also grew.

「Ah‥…Umi, I’m also…about to cum」
「Yes, it’s fine……Let out a lot……ngungu」

Umi started servicing my meat-pole again.

「Amazing……Onii…Lot’s of juices are coming out」
「Yeah. It’s because I saw Umi’s perverted place. It was very pretty and dirty」

「Yes…I was embarrassed but I also felt good」
「Ugh!! It’s coming……It’s coming out……Uuuuuuu」

Without moving, Umi accepted all of my cum in her mouth.


After I finished cumming, with her mouth full, Umi started smiling.

「*Gulp*っ…Nっ…Ehe, I drank it」
「Yeah, thank you. Now, make sure to suck out the part that’s left in the urethra.」


Umi put her mouth at the end of the urethra and sucked out all that was left in it.

After that, she started licking my meat-pole clean.

I pat Umi’s head and she started smiling widely.

「So, so, how was it? Did it feel good??」
「Yes, it felt very good. You’re very cute」

「Ehehe, Nami-nee wouldn’t do this for you, right」
「Yes, it’s just Umi…So don’t be too jelous」

「Ee~? I’m not jelousっ! But‥…I understand~」

For a little while, we continued making out, but Umi became sleepy and returned to her room.

Right about now, dad should be right in the middle of comforting Sae-san……
(It seems it would be better if I don’t go to the toilet tonight……)
While thinking that I fell asleep.